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Santana knows there aren't any precious seconds to waste, as if she'd want to with Brittany gazing up at her the way she is.

Like there's nothing else worth looking at in this whole entire world.

Lust filled twilight blue eyes, a pink flush on pale cheeks, and a mesmerizingly heaving chest.

Santana can feel the underside of the dildo rub against her stomach as she shifts closer to Brittany and slowly brings their lips together. Brittany groans when Santana's free hand traces down the curve of her collarbone and grazes across the swells of her breasts and the tips of her sensitive nipples, her other hand dropping away from Brittany's scalp to follow the same path a few seconds later.

As Santana rocks subtly into Brittany, she manages to keep their mouths fused together as her hands ghost over the curve of Brittany's breasts and down the grooves of her ribs. Brittany's fingers dig into Santana's hips when she feels agile hands cup her breasts and thumbs flick across her nipples. She bites down on Santana's bottom lip at the feeling, earning a whimpered moan in return.

Brittany's right hand shifts away from Santana's hip and smoothes down the length of a toned tan thigh, blunt nails scratching against the surface every few inches. Santana's back arches at Brittany's actions, causing the toy between them to push at such an angle that the back of it bumps Brittany's clit and she breaks from the kiss to hiss in pleasure.

"Ugh San."

Full lips curve into a smile before they graze across the hard line of Brittany's jaw, nipping at the pale skin as her tongue pokes out to skirt along the ledge until those same lips reach the lobe of Brittany's ear and Santana takes it between her teeth. Brittany groans again, her whole body flushed with arousal, her heart ramming against her chest. The tips of her fingertips dip inwards to run up the inside of Santana's thigh, finally drawing a stuttered moan from those perfect lips as Brittany's fingers dance closer to the warm heat that rests between Santana's legs.

Suddenly Brittany's concentration is thrown off as she feels a tugging on the harness. She glances down between what very little space rests between her and Santana and her eyes droop in bliss as she sees how Santana's left hand has wrapped around the shaft of the dildo and is slowly stroking it up and down to the point that each time she presses down, the toy presses into Brittany, again and again and again.

Something about the sight of Santana handling the toy between her legs like that shoots another spike of arousal through Brittany's body and her hips involuntarily cant upwards in motion with Santana's strokes.

Brown eyes snap to hooded blue, and Santana takes in the way Brittany's lips are slightly parted, her mouth gapping in pleasure and she licks her own lips before leaning in and capturing Brittany's.

"You like that Britt-Britt?" Santana husks seductively as their lips part for a second. Brittany manages a nod before Santana's lips are enveloping hers again and a wet tongue is tracing across the plumpest part of her bottom lip before diving into her already parted mouth. Brittany moans into the kiss as one of Santana's hands still expertly massages breasts and pinches nipples and her dominant hand continues to stroke the length of the dildo, her hand twisting in perfect rhythm to ensure maximum pressure.

When Santana slows down her strokes, Brittany almost groans into her mouth in frustration but Santana's tongue is licking at the roof of her mouth before drawing out and lips are pecking the tip of her nose. Santana shifts further forward on Brittany's lap, having to momentarily release the dildo to do so. When she's resettled her hand traces back down Brittany's shoulder, bicep, across her elbow and teasingly slow down her forearm before stopping at the wrist of Brittany's hand whose progress remains halted.

With a little bit of encouragement, Santana coaxes Brittany's fingers to continue their path, and Brittany doesn't need much to understand what Santana's asking for. Her fingers trail the junction of Santana's thigh before they glide across the area just above where she wants them most to the other junction. Santana's head tilts back in ecstasy and Brittany takes that opportunity to fit her lips to the exposed column of Santana's invitingly tan neck.

Her other hand shifts up from Santana's hip, running across the definition of her abs as they twitch and flex beneath Brittany's fingertips. Her other fingers do a slow walk across Santana's heat, just barely skimming the surface but causing the woman in her arms to buck her hips towards the touch. Both of Santana's hands fall to Brittany's breasts and squeeze in tandem with Brittany's increasingly teasing ministrations.

"San, that feels good baby." Brittany whispers against Santana's neck resting her forehead against her girlfriend's shoulder as the sensations filtering through her body slowly coast her higher and higher. When Santana pinches her nipples extra hard and rocks into her hips again, Brittany's had enough of the teasing (not really but she figures it's probably about time they got to the real pleasing.)

Her hand shifts to just below Santana's navel, the tips of her fingers drumming a beat against the twitching skin there. Santana gasps at the action and quickly reaches down between their bodies and takes the dildo in her hand again. Her eyelids flutter open and she stares deeply into Brittany's eyes.

"Touch me." Santana requests almost simultaneously and with a smirk, Brittany's hand twists to cup her girlfriend's drenched sex. She groans, her hips jerking up as Santana's hand reaches the base of the dildo and presses the other side directly into her aching clit. Pale fingers dip up into wet heat and glide through Santana's arousal.

Brittany leans in to press a kiss to Santana's shoulder as her fingertips bump against the woman's clit, "Mmm baby, you're still dripping."

Santana moans wantonly before pulling her bottom lip between two rows of perfectly white teeth and nodding in desired agreement.

"I'm always like that for you Britt…uh…only you."

Santana's words drive Brittany to slip her fingers through wet velvety folds until they come in contact with Santana's slit. She circles it teasingly, putting pressure at the top and slipping just the tip of her finger inside before quickly drawing it back. Santana groans in frustration and cups the back of Brittany's neck with the hand that had previously been showering attention to Brittany's breasts, staring her straight in the eyes, even if they are hooded immensely with pleasure.

"No teasing, I want you inside of me."

Brittany's heart flips at Santana's words and she feels all the arousal in her body pool directly between her legs. She's quick to acquiesce to Santana's request, fully pushing her finger inside of the warmth that awaits her and groaning at the tightness she immediately finds.

"Oh-like that-yes…"

Brittany adds a second finger as Santana's hips grind down on her fingers, taking them knuckle deep as she curls them inward and drags them across the ridged wall she can reach, earning a squeak from Santana whose movements get sloppy as she starts to bounce up and down in Brittany's lap and ride her fingers. When Brittany feels Santana's walls clench around her fingers she reaches out with her other hand and places it gently on Santana's waist, urging her girl to slow down.

Santana releases a whine as Brittany slows her to a stop and slips her fingers out, but wet digits brush against the other side of her waist and lift Santana to sit up straight on her knees before Brittany is reaching between them and aligning the tip of the dildo up with Santana's entrance. Santana pants in need as she shifts forward slightly and starts lowering herself onto the toy.

Brittany's head lulls back in pleasure at the sight of Santana's wet core taking the dildo inch by inch until her hips rest flush against pale ones. Santana's moans as the toy sinks fully inside of her and she takes a moment to adjust to the fullness. She braces her hands on Brittany's shoulders, taking comfort in the way Brittany's own hands bracket her hips before she starts to rise up just enough for the toy to slide out to the head.

She lowers slowly back onto it, letting out another squeak as the dildo reaches extra deep before continuing the rhythm. Brittany wraps her arms around Santana's back, pulling her chest closer to her face before she leans in and takes a dark nipple between her teeth. Santana is rocking back and forth in her lap, moving the dildo in and out of her in slow paced motions, her nails digging in half-crescent shapes as she holds on for the ride.

Brittany's tongue traces around the erect bud between her lips, flicking at the tip before taking it in her mouth and giving it a light suck.

"Oh-uh Britt!" Santana moans out her approval, one of her hands flying to Brittany's scalp and keeping her face on her breast as her hips continue to rock and grind downwards.

"So good, so g-good, s-so…" She chants and Brittany can tell she's getting closer. She pulls Santana's lower body harder into her as she starts to thrust upwards to meet Santana's downward motions watching the way Santana's breasts bounce with every pumping motion. Brittany welcoming the friction that the closer, harder, and faster thrusts are bringing to her clit.

"I love being inside your tight, wet pussy, ugh." Brittany murmurs next to Santana's ear and swears she feels the resistance she's pushing into become tighter. One of Santana's hands fly to her own breast as her head tips back in pleasure and she cries out Brittany's name at her release. Her body goes tense in Brittany's arms, but Brittany continues slowly thrusting her hips up into Santana a few times until the tension in her own belly finally bursts and she stumbles into her own orgasm.

As aftershocks wrack Brittany's body she still manages to assist Santana in slowly moving the dildo in and out of her until she comes down from her high and slouches all of her weight on top of Brittany's lap, breathing still slightly heavy but moderately under control.

Brittany leans in and places soft kisses up Santana's neck as her hands rubs soothing circles into her back.

"Fuck, you're always so sexy."

A lazy smile crosses Santana's lips as her eyes blink open and gaze down in adoration at Brittany. She tilts down and cups Brittany's cheeks to pull their lips together, her mouth tasting extra sweet in her body euphoric bliss. They kiss for a few long moments before Santana finally pulls back and sits up to slip the toy from between her legs, winching slightly at the loss before stepping back and slowly lowering to her knees.

Brittany's eyes go wide as she watches Santana kneel before her, and she bites her lip in anticipation as tan fingers stretch out to un strap her from the harness before tugging the contraption down and off of Brittany's legs with the assistance of the taller woman lifting her ass from the edge of the bed. When the toy is discarded on the ground, Santana stands up and leans into Brittany's, running her palms the length of milky thighs as she kisses her girlfriend again.

Her lips soon break away and angle up to Brittany's ear where she whispers, "I want you to sit on my face."

Her words cause Brittany to whimper as her mind races at the images alone and her eyes snap shut. When she opens them a few seconds later, she watches as Santana struts, her immaculate body on full display, around to the other side of the bed before crawling on top of it and laying down flat on her back. It only takes Brittany a second before she's scrambling up to hover above the other woman.

Santana giggles at Brittany's eagerness, but reaches her hands out to slip around the nape of Brittany's neck and draw them into a kiss. After a few seconds, one of Santana's hands drift down to squeeze at Brittany's breast, pulling a moan from her throat. Santana continues lavishing attention to Brittany's breasts for a few minutes before her left hand slips further down Brittany's lithe body and without any sort of warning, her fingers slip through Brittany's arousal and she enters her girlfriend with one finger.

Brittany moans into her mouth, her body jerking at the welcome intrusion and Santana smiles against her lips. She pushes her finger in and drags it out equally slow a few times before fully pulling it out. A groan of protest leaves Brittany's mouth, but is muffled by Santana and doesn't last that long.

As Santana's detaches her lips from Brittany's she brings her finger, wet with Brittany's arousal, to her lips and pokes her tongue out to glide up and down the digit humming her content at the taste.

Brittany's eyes darken further.

"Mmm you taste so good." Santana declares, slipping her entire finger into her mouth and sucking before pulling it out with a wet pop, "I want more."

Brittany's heart flips in her chest, before continuing to pound away. She nods in reply and sits up to straddle Santana's stomach, both of them groaning as wet heat meets smooth warm skin. Brittany almost has half a mind to grind out her orgasm against Santana's taut abs, they're hard as rocks and it's not like she hasn't done it before.

But still, the prospect of riding Santana's pretty face is decidedly more appealing at the moment.

She lifts up on her knees a little, shifting forward and bracing herself with the headboard and she watches Santana shuffle her body a little further down the mattress. When she seems to be situated, Brittany shuffles up and stretches her knees over Santana's shoulders to place them next to her girlfriend's head, so that her center rests directly above those plump lips and talented tongue.

Both of Santana's hands inch up Brittany's thighs and splay down the length of her arms until she pulls Brittany's hands away from the headboard and tangles their fingers together, resting them on the bed next to Brittany's legs.

"You ready?" Brittany questions and Santana smiles and turns her head to press a sensual kiss to the inside of a creamy white thigh before she nods. Slowly, Brittany lowers herself to Santana's waiting mouth, instantly feeling the warmth of her girlfriend's breath as it brushes across her center. Santana's top lip bumps against her clit and causes Brittany to jerk at the contact and air out a moan. But then Santana's opening her mouth and slipping her tongue through Brittany, parting her folds and licking slowly from slit to clit before releasing her own satisfied moan.

As Brittany's hips grind down and another moaned approval of "Uhhoh" slips from her lips, she feels Santana's tongue flick against her clit before it glides down and circles around her entrance.

Brittany bites her bottom lip between her teeth, "Uh, yes San right-OH!"

She doesn't get much further than that before she feels Santana stiffen her tongue and delve into her tight core. Santana hums out her approval as her tongue pushes deeper than ever at the new angle, and she twists it inside of Brittany feeling her walls pulse around the muscle before slipping it back out.

"No, no, don't s-stop," Brittany chokes out, her eyes squeezed shut in bliss, her hips grinding down into Santana's face seeking that feeling, that friction, that pleasure. Santana waits a beat before pushing her tongue back deep inside of Brittany.

She continues to pump her tongue in and out of Brittany, and at one particular thrust her nose bumps Brittany's clit and causes the taller girl to gasp in surprise, release one of Santana's hands and fall slightly forward again catching herself on the headboard.

"Uh fuck, you're good at that." Brittany moans, "So fucking hot."

Santana smiles into her work and continues dipping into Brittany, but moves her now free hand up to cup one of her girlfriend's breasts, tweaking the nipple slightly before trailing her palm down smooth skin until she can brush her fingertips against Brittany's stomach, and her thumb shifts down to press against her clit. Brittany jerks again at the action, her head falling back as she cries out a broken moan of Santana's name.

Her tongue twists deeper into Brittany as Santana's thumb continues to rub tight circles on her girlfriend's clit. She feels Brittany's legs tighten around her head and the grip that Brittany has on her hand gets tighter as do the walls that start to clench around Santana's tongue. Brittany's grinds down once more and Santana plunges her tongue in as deep as she can to send Brittany tumbling into a stutter gasping mess of moans as her orgasm washes over her.

Moaning at the taste of Brittany's orgasm rushing into her mouth, Santana slips her tongue out but gives Brittany's pulsing center languid licks until Brittany is pushing against her shoulder and mumbling 'okay, okay' way too sensitive for her to continue. A pale leg lifts up from one side and Santana rolls out from under Brittany only to turn around and face her girlfriend as she uncoordinatedly shifts to lie down herself. Santana giggles and shifts closer to Brittany, wrapping her arm around a slim waist and pressing a kiss to her shoulder.

"You okay babe?"

Brittany's eyes, still hazy with pleasure turn to Santana and she leans in to press a kiss to her mouth, moaning at the taste of herself on that skilled tongue and pressing closer until every part of their body that can be tangled up, is tangled up.

When she pulls back from the kiss, Brittany releases a content sigh, "So fucking good. You're amazing at that."

Santana smirks and shrugs her shoulder as best she can in her position.

"Eh, I do what I can."

"And so modest."

Brown eyes flash to Brittany, "I didn't hear you humbling yourself earlier."

Brittany rolls her eyes good-naturedly but concedes, "Fine, we're both exceptionally good at pleasing each other."

"Damn straight," Santana returns, and then turns to press a sweet kiss to Brittany's temple, "But in all honesty, I really enjoy taking care of you."

Brittany just smiles, "I know, me too baby. Me too."


Morning seems to come a lot quicker than Santana was hoping, though she probably should have expected it considering her and Brittany spent half their night fucking and then making love before passing out in an exhausted heap.

As her eyes blink open she stretches out, patting the bed next to her and finding it empty. Quickly she jerks up and looks around the bed for Brittany, not finding her girlfriend anyway. Only when she hears a soft chuckle does she glance over to the bathroom doorway and find bright beautiful blue eyes regarding her in interest and humor. Santana sighs in relief and settles back in the bed.

"Did you really think I'd leave?"

Santana winces at Brittany's words. It's not like she'd really had those thoughts per se, it's just she can't help thinking that someday Brittany might wake up and realize she could do better.

"Stop thinking like that." Brittany suddenly admonishes from the side of the bed, having crept closer without Santana even realizing. A frown pulls across Santana's lips as she glances up at her girlfriend, admiring the way she's not at all shy about her body and just letting everything be free.


"How did you know I was thinking something bad?"

Brittany giggles and slides onto the bed, scooting over until she can cup Santana's cheek and draw those big gorgeous brown eyes towards her.

"Because silly, I love you and I know you. You get this look on your face every time you have this thought that…" she hesitates, turning her eyes away briefly before gazing back at Santana, "That I'm going to leave you or choose someone else over you."

It hurts a little to be reminded of that, but at the same time "Not to spoil our amazing time so far Britt, but it's hard for me to get over that."

Brittany nods at her, a pained look at her face, "I know, I can't apologize enough Santana but I can remind you each and every day that it is you I chose and always will. You're it for me, forever and always."

Santana gnaws on her lip, "You've always been it for me Britt."

A beaming smile covers Brittany's face and she tilts in to kiss Santana, when she pulls back she takes Santana's hand in her own.

"I know, but now I want everyone else to know. I want everyone to know that I'm yours and you're mine."

Santana's eyes go wide and her mouth gaps, "Britt, babe…?" she starts but ends up trailing off as Brittany suddenly presents a velvet box before her eyes. Santana's hand flies to her mouth in astonishment.

"I meant what I said yesterday that I'm going to take care of you now. I'm going to love you and protect you, and fight for you and hug you when you get to drunk and you just want to cry, or run my fingers through your hair when you're feeling under the weather," Santana smiles at that and leans in to peck Brittany's lips, "I'm going to hold your hand for the world to see, and squeeze your pinkie when you need me to. I'm never going to give up on us Santana, and you're always going to be number one to me."

"You're number one to me too Britt-Britt." Santana chokes out and Brittany smiles in return. She pops the lid open on the box and holds it up for Santana to see.

"So in other words, will you be my wife Santana Lopez, and allow me to cherish you forever?"

Brittany barely gets the last syllable out before Santana is hug tackling her to the bed and peppering her face with kisses.

"God Brittany, yes. Yes a million times!" She squeals and Brittany laughs in return holding her tightly, then more softly Santana whispers, "Always you, only you."

Brittany presses a kiss to Santana's tear stained cheek, her thumb coming up to brush the track away.

"Good, because it was only ever you, for me."