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It was a perfect Saturday for a wedding.

It was sunny and bright, but not too hot or too cold. The breeze wasn't like a stormy gust, threatening to bowl people over. Everything had actually come together nicely- no missing wedding cakes or ruined dresses or anything else that could harm the day. Nothing dramatic was happening. All was well.

Externally, that is.

Sam picked Oliver up an hour before the wedding was supposed to kick off from his house, Marlo driving herself to the wedding. The old buddies chatted as Oliver climbed into the truck and buckled himself in, getting comfortable as Sam backed down his driveway.

The newest detective found it rather odd that Zoe wasn't joining Oliver for the wedding, or ever waving goodbye. Sam knew that Oliver had gotten the same invitation as Sam- which meant that he could bring along a plus 1. Yet, he hadn't.

Deciding that there was no time like the present to inquire about that, Sam broached the topic carefully. "So, how's Zoe and the girls? Is Izzy's hair still blue?"

Oliver chuckled weakly. "No, actually. She bleached it blonde." Sam and he exchanged looks of, "Well, it's a start," not understanding why the teenager felt the need to change her hair color constantly. "Like Peck's. She looks so grown up."

"Yeah, seems like just yesterday she was riding her bike down the sidewalk for the first time and you were running after her yelling, "Slow down!"." Sam joked.

"Yeah…" Oliver said distractedly, worrying his friend.

With a furrowed brow, Sam caught on immediately to his friend's stalling and was about to ask for the truth when Oliver blurted out, "And my divorce just got finalized."

Sam slammed on the brakes, grateful that no one was behind him on the sleepy suburban street as he turned to look at Oliver in shock. "Wha-"

"Don't act so surprised; you never did get along with Zoe." Oliver said wearily. "Not that I blame you for that. You know, in retrospect, she really hated everyone I knew. Except for Jerry. She liked Jerry."

"Everyone liked Jerry." Sam regained use of his tongue just long enough to say that, Oliver nodding in agreement. He rested his arm on top of the steering wheel as he turned to his friend. "Why didn't you tell me about this? Where are you going to be staying? When did you two decide to get divorced?"

Oliver sighed. "Drive." He stated bluntly, pointing at the road.

As a car, which had pulled out of a nearby driveway, honked behind them, Sam raised his eyebrows. "You gonna tell me about this?"

Oliver nodded as he looked, numbly, out the windshield. "Yeah, if you keep driving."

Sam returned to facing forward as the driver behind them yelled obscenities and drove around them. "Forget you!" Sam yelled as the driver drove past, putting his truck into gear a moment later and starting forward at a crawl, not wanting to do any more damage to the brakes of his truck than what had already been done.

Oliver sighed, picking up where they'd left off. "Well, we've been working on this for a few years now, buddy. You of all people should've suspected that."

A nervous laugh escaped Sam. "Wh… I suspected, but I never…" Sensing that it was not the best time to discuss that aspect, he cleared his throat. "What about the girls?"

"The girls will be fine. Zoe and I sat down and talked to them about this. They're smart girls- they know we love them even if we don't love each other anymore. And I can still see them at my mother's. Or hers. Her mother loved me, you know. She loved me a lot." Oliver said, sounding more like himself.

Nodding, Sam didn't say anything because he wasn't sure what to say.

"And as for not telling you, well, what is there to say? "Hey, my marriage is failing. Wanna get some ice cream and cry about it?" I've tried it- it's not so fun." Oliver shook his head, as if shaking away a memory. "Besides, buddy, you're not very good at those types of moments."

"What, emotional moments? I'm perfectly fine with those types of moments." Sam argued with as Oliver shook his head vehemently. "Ask anyone- I'm good with those moments."

"No, no. I've seen you during those moments. Its scary, my friend, let me tell you…" Oliver argued back.

Sam grumbled something Oliver couldn't catch under his breath before growing quiet, letting the truck cab fall into silence.

When they were five minutes from the church, though, Sam spoke again.

"You know I'm gonna be your wingman now." Sam said. "If you need something, anything, let me know."

"Yeah? Thanks, man, but I'm good. I'm doing fine. Juuuust fine. You know, I had ice cream for breakfast this morning- and I liked it." Oliver said, lightening the moment. "…And don't mention this to Noelle! I don't want to screw up her wedding day." Oliver said, crossing his arms nervously and then uncrossing them, wiping his damp palms on his pant legs. "I'm not going to be a Debbie Downer."

Sam nodded, though he and Oliver both knew the reality that would happen: Noelle would know that something was wrong without them saying, or doing, anything out of the ordinary, and there wasn't a thing they could do to shield her from the truth. She was a good friend, and she wouldn't let Oliver be sad. Not for one minute.

While Sam tried to cheer Oliver up, much to Oliver's annoyance, Andy and Traci had arrived at the church a couple of minutes early.

"Thank God the weather's supposed to be clear today because this dress is so not washable." Andy said, attempting to keep the mood light as she and Traci climbed from the car. Dressed in similar gowns, Traci's a subdued shade of harvest orange, while Andy's was a flamboyant shade of lime green, the pair looked very much like the best friends they were. To save time, and in Andy's case shield Traci from as much of the pain that the memories of her almost-wedding brought, they had gone shopping together and picked the first dresses that they looked good in.

"Yeah..." Traci said, staring up at the church. She was trying very hard not to think of Jerry, but... Well, it was impossible for any of them not to.

Andy studied her friend across the roof of the car, her eyebrows furrowed. She knew that look... "Are you ok?" Andy asked gently, ready to spring into action with tissues and kind words; her purse was packed with the former.

Traci, though, smiled and looked at Andy. "Yeah, I'm fine. This is a special day for Noelle and Frank and you know what? I am so happy for them. They need a happy-ever-after." she said, meaning every word she said. She was not about to cry over Jerry's memory; he wouldn't want her to.

Smiling at her friend's strength, Andy nodded. "Ok."

The pair gathered up their purses and wedding gifts before leaving the car, chatting casually about the menu for the reception. They had made it halfway up the walkway when Sam's truck rumbled to a stop in a parking spot behind Andy's car. Turning, Traci and Andy watched as Oliver hopped out of the truck, walking quickly past them with a tense smile and nodded as Marlo left the church and approached the tense-looking Sam.

While not surprised that the ever-somber Sam looked tense, the two women still focused their attention on him. "What's up with Oliver? He looked so… Stressed. Sad." Andy said, furrowing her eyebrows as Traci nodded beside her.

"He sure did," Traci said. "I wonder if it has anything to do with his wife." She said, very right about her suspicions.

"Yeah." Andy said, tearing her gaze away from Marlo, who was talking animatedly to Sam, who had looked over Marlo's shoulder to meet her eyes. "You know, he told me, just after I got back and we had that party to celebrate Noelle and Frank's engagement, that his attempts to reconcile with Zoe weren't going so well," she said as she looked at Traci, who raised an eyebrow at that. "Maybe they've called it off and are getting a divorce."

Traci hissed through her teeth at that point. "Oh, that's so not good if it is the reason. Oliver's gonna be devastated then."

Andy nodded. "Yeah, he will be…" She was trying not to overhear Sam and Marlo's conversation as they approached the church at that point, walking closer to Andy and Traci. "C'mon, let's go help Noelle get ready." She said, turning and hurrying into the church ahead of everyone else.

In a moment that was something she would've never done before losing Jerry, Traci turned and gave Sam a cool, "You really broke her heart, buddy," look before following after Andy.

It was impossible for Sam, and Marlo, not to catch the meaning behind the look.

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