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Chapter 1 – Safety

Date: October 31st 1994

In the little village of Godric's Hollow, lived a small family of three. There was a father and mother at aged 29 with a baby boy at 15 months old. They lived in a quaint little cottage on the outskirts of the village, alongside a stream that trickled slightly through their back garden. The cottage was a three-bedroom, two bathroom house and it was perfect for the little family, as they always had a room spare for their friends when they came to visit, which was often. The house looked like any normal family home; with photos, portraits and height charts dotted around the place. The house was beautifully decorated with the lounge are being a faint rouge colour with a shimmer of gold to outline on the skirting boards. There was a pretty three piece sofa, which was a deep red and was decorated with black cushions with golden stitching. There was a large cabinet in one corner of the room, sporting many ornaments, family heirlooms, photos and many other things. There was a wooden clock on the wall, just above the overly large fire place that looked as if it could fit a fully grown adult.

Walking into this house, you would think it looked perfectly normal, until you think you see a picture moving from the corner of your eye; or take a closer look at the clock hanging on the wall to notice that it has six hands instead of the usual three; or that some of the ornaments seem to be in different positions every time you chance a glance. All of these things would make any normal person paranoid in their own home, but not this family. You see, the Potters were used to this kind of behaviour from seemingly normal inanimate objects. After all, weren't all witches and wizards alike, used to these things?

The Potters were a very cute and close-knit family. Always had their three friends around, always played with their little boy who looked the spitting image of his father, but had his mother's green eyes. The Potters were very well known in the wizarding world: Lilly being the best Healer St Mungo's has to offer, and James being Head Auror for the Ministry Of Magic. James and Lilly Potter were the loving and ever doting parents to Harry James Potter, their son. They loved him dearly, as did their friends, Remus and Sirius. Peter however, was a different story. Whenever Peter came to visit his two friends, their son would always scream which resulted in Peter glaring at the child and therefore returning the hatred that Harry seemed to possess for him. Harry was a happy boy, always smiling whenever Peter isn't around. He always wants to play with his 'Pafu' and 'Moomoo' whenever they came to visit. As Harry couldn't pronounce their actual nicknames, he said it in baby language which was perfectly understandable; Pafu being Padfoot and Sirius Black, and Moomoo being Moony and Remus Lupin.

Sirius was young Harry's Godfather and Remus was the next best thing. Sirius was the uncontrollable fun one, whereas Remus was always the more sensible but fun one. Either way, Harry loved his uncles either way and they loved him just as much.

On this particular All Hallows Eve night, Sirius Black had just entered the Potter house with the intention of spending a great night with his family. Sirius left – more like was disowned – his family when he turned 16 years old, and was immediately taken in by James' parents, Charles and Anne Potter. Lovely folks, they are! The kindest people you will ever meet, he would say if questioned about them. Yes, Sirius was very fond of the Potter Parents indeed.

At about half past seven at night, Harry was currently giggling his cute little head off as Padfoot nuzzled the child's stomach, tickling him in the process.

"Alright, Sirius, that's enough. Harry needs to eat his dinner." Lilly scolded the dog in a light-hearted way. The big black shaggy wolf-like dog gave her a wolfish grin before turning back into his human self.

"Sorry Lilly." Sirius grinned and she smiled sweetly in return. Lilly then had the unfortunate task of wrestling Harry to eat his baby food. You see, Harry wasn't exactly fond of the mush that came in little glass jars. He preferred to eat the mush that his father prepares for him using their blender at home. There is a difference! Harry knows that his father's mush is actually real food, with texture and taste. Harry pulled a face as Lilly brought the plastic baby spoon towards his tightly shut mouth.

"Come on Harry, how do you expect to grow up big and strong like Daddy without eating your food?" Lilly asked in a baby voice. Harry screwed up his face.

"Weefoo!" He said pouting. He said this at practically every meal, and they had soon translated it to mean, 'real food'. Lilly sighed.

"James! Could you-" Lilly called but was interrupted.

"Already on it!" He called back. Harry grinned in triumph as Sirius sent his Godson a smirk.

"Right little Marauder aren't you? Always getting want you want." Sirius murmured while ruffling Harry's messy mop of black hair that he inherited from his father. The 'Uncontrollable Potter Hair Syndrome' is what Sirius and Remus had dubbed it.

Soon enough Harry was fed and was playing around with Harry on the floor as Padfoot. So as Harry and Padfoot were rolling around the floor together, Lilly and James smiling at them from the sofa, one of the hands on the strange clock moved.

This clock was very special. It didn't tell time, it showed the whereabouts of a family. The six hands have six different faces on them with names going down them. The six were, James, Lilly, Remus, Sirius, Harry, Peter. On the clock, there were 8 positions; Mortal peril, Unknown, Safety, Marauders, Dead, Hogwarts, Potter's and Home (that is the position going clockwise around the clock). Home is the person on the hands specific home, Marauders was when they were all together and safety; well nobody had really found that one out yet. It just so happens that when nobody was looking, Peter's hand moved to Unknown. Usually this is nothing to worry about, but when your hand is in between Mortal Peril and Unknown, you should worry. It means that while they are in an unknown place, they could also be in mortal peril. It's very disconcerting to have your hand in the middle of two spaces.

Nobody, however, was paying the clock any notice as they were all laughing at the predicament that Sirius had just found himself in. It turns out that Harry was holding onto Padfoot's fur a little too hard, and gave a loud squeal when the dog's wet nose brushed his tiny chubby hand. It wasn't the squeal that everyone was cracked up about though, oh no, it was the change of Padfoot's fur. You see, Padfoot usually has a shaggy black coat of fur, however after little Harry's squeal of joy, he turn into a dog with a shaggy golden blonde coat of fur. As soon as Sirius noticed the colour change, he instantly transformed back to his human form, only to look into a mirror and find that he now had shaggy, just-had-sex golden blonde hair. He screamed and brandished his wand, trying to reverse what his wonderful can't-do-anything-wrong Godson had done to him. Harry of course was with his parents on this one, he was giggling it up as his watched his Pafu cry about his hair. After another hour or so, the three took Harry up to bed, kissed him on his forehead and retreated back downstairs, but not before Sirius could get in a 'Little tyke' with a fond smile.

Once downstairs, Sirius tried once again to remove the blonde hair from his head but his efforts were futile. Even Lilly had tried to remove the blonde hair, but found she couldn't and was not happy about that fact. Well, that was until she remembered who had cast the charm unknowingly in the first place and let a grin slip onto her lips. At around half past nine, Sirius finally gave up.

"You know, it doesn't look too bad Pads." James commented as he ruffled his best friend's hair.

"Really?" Sirius pouted.

"Really Siri, besides, quite a few girls love the whole roguishly handsome blonde hair blue/grey eyes thing. And let's be fair, you're not exactly bad looking either." Lilly aid while looking through a book that was lying on the side table. At these compliments James sputtered and almost lost his coffee to the carpet.

"Umm, hello?! I'm supposed to be your husband!" He said pouting. "Aren't I roguishly handsome enough for you?" He asked with a pout. Lilly sighed dramatically as Sirius snickered at her.

"Of course you are James, I was trying to boost Siri's confidence about his new and permanent hair colour. Besides, I prefer deep, deep brunettes myself." She whispered the last part in his ear, gliding one hand through his messy black mop. She giggled as James tickled her. Sirius watched the married couple and sighed, wishing that one day he'd be able to have a woman like that. At the moment, all he ever was, was a huge flirt and tease.

The three started to make quiet conversation, so as not to wake Harry and they started to discuss the prophecy that included their favourite boy.

"You know, it could just be old Trelawny getting attention again." Sirius said casually. James shook his head.

"Nahh, it's more than that. You should've seen Dumbledore's face when he was telling us. Plus, when he cast the Fidelius charm with Peter, I've never seen him more determined to get a spell right." James said, caressing his mug of coffee, eyebrows creased.

"I just hope that we made the right decision in Secret keeper. I mean it has been over a year now and there's been nothing but still, can't help the worry." Lilly sighed, rubbing her brow.

"Ehh, we can trust Peter. We've been through enough with him." James said with a small hesitant smile. Conversation moved onto lighter topics and soon they were in full blown conversation about the Order and the missions that people have been sent on recently.

Around half past eleven, just as they were all about to turn in, they heard the squeak of the front garden gate making them all stop in their tracks. James moved hesitantly towards the window and peered out. Where there was usually a ball of light from a street lamp was darkness. Sheer and utter darkness. James backed away from the window with a look of pure horror on his face as he turned his head towards the enchanted clock. All hands except for Peter and Remus were pointing to Home/Potter's and Mortal Peril. It was his worst fears come true; their so-called best mate and fellow marauder had betrayed them to the evil scum that roams this earth.

"Sirius, he doesn't know you're here so become Padfoot! Lilly go protect Harry! Sirius, if anything happens to Lilly and Harry and you're still alive, rip the bastard's head off!" James said in a deadly tone. Lilly was instantly running up the stairs while James made his way to the front door in order to protect and hold off this monster for as long as possible. Sirius stayed in the lounge, the room Voldemort had to pass through to get to the stairs leading up to the second floor, as Padfoot[A/N: I know that's not true but its essential for my story!]. James then hears an eerie knock on the front door and opens the door with a stupefy at the ready. Voldemort easily blocked it.

"Foolish boy! You think you can defeat Lord Voldemort?!" Voldemort cackled.

"Nope, but I can bloody well try!" James replied. "Reducto! Flippendo! Stupefy!" James chorused, one by one. Yet one by one, the spells were deflected. James was panting at this point.

"My turn." Voldemort said. "Crucio! Parva secat! Faming pilos!" Voldemort screeched, casting them off one by one. James had never heard of these spells before, but felt the effects of them as he felt tiny cuts appear over his chest, like paper cuts, and they were stinging. He also felt his hair being singed. James cried out in utter agony but leapt forward and punched Voldemort on the jaw, flicking his head to the side. Voldemort gave a low feral growl. "Enough of this! AVADA KEDAVRA!" He yelled and Sirius saw the flash of green light and heard the thump of his best friend's body hitting the floor and let a tear crawl down his fury face. Sirius jumped behind a sofa as Voldemort made his way through the lounge and up the stairs. Waiting a few minutes before he changed into human form, Sirius jumped into action.

He felt in his pockets for his wand and saw it lying precariously on the sofa arm. He pocketed immediately and then took hold of the sharpest thing in the house, the wooden clock. The bottom of the clock met at a sharp point and the maker had said that the point could penetrate through dragon skin it was that sharp. Nobody would suspect it though. Grabbing hole of the clock he made his way up the stairs in silence. Well, that was until he heard a scream.

"NO! Not my Harry! PLEASE! I'll do anything! Not my-"

"Avada Kedavra!" Lilly's voice was cut off as the green light hit her. Just as Voldemort had said the two curse words, Sirius had appeared behind him and stabbed him in the back with the clock. Blood spurted from the monster as he pulled the tip out of Voldemort's back. Harry was screaming as Voldemort turned onto Sirius. Sirius unconsciously placed his hand on the clock to point to Safety thinking, If this position has a meaning let it show itself to me now please! Sirius was now standing protectively in front of his Godson.

"You want to get to Harry you'll have to go through me!" Sirius screamed in rage. "You're a fucking evil little bastard who needs to die! How dare you kill my best friend and his wife!" Sirius ranted as Voldemort just chuckled a low menacing chuckle before pointing his wand at Sirius.

"Evanesces in aeterno tempore et sustinebo!" Voldemort chanted before a silver and gold light shot out of his want and smashed into Sirius' chest. Sirius gasped and then felt a pull at his navel as his disappeared from view. Voldemort then turned to the crying child on the bed before him.

Harry sat there screaming for Pafu, Mamma and Dada who would never come to him. Harry cried his little heart out as Voldemort raised his wand smiling manically at the 15month old child.

"Goodbye, Harry Potter. Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort screamed, wand pointed at Harry. Harry cried as a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt etched it's way onto his forehead, as Voldemort's curse backfired, hitting him squarely in his chest and obliterating him.


Harry sat there for what felt like hours, screaming his heart of for his lost ones until finally someone showed up. He had black oily hair and started hugging Lilly and crying for the loss of his friend. Remus then appeared and found the crying man and the screaming Harry.

"Severus, did you see Sirius on your way here?" Remus cried, fat tears streaming down his face. Severus shook his head. "He was here though! With them! Not all my friends! Please no!" Remus screamed as he slid down the wall. He didn't think that Sirius would be here for this night. A sniffling cry shot Remus out of his thoughts and he launched himself towards the crying toddler.

"Moomoo! Mamma, Pafu, gone!" Harry cried snuggling into Remus' shirt, his tiny body racking with heart wrenching sobs. Severus finally stood up from his position on the floor, a little more composed than what he had been.

"We need to inform Dumbledore." He sniffled and Remus nodded.

"No need." Came the sullen voice of one Albus Dumbledore. Albus walked into the nursery with a torn face as he looked down at Lilly's lifeless body and then up at Harry who was still snuggled in Remus' arms. Harry's sobs seem to have calmed down now so they all assumed he had fallen asleep. "Remus, didn't you say that Sirius was going to be here?" Albus asked quietly while Remus nodded, feeling the tears brim his eyes. "Is there a body?" Albus asked solemnly.

"No. He completely obliterated him!" Remus cried holding Harry as close to him as would physically allow.

"Wait, isn't that the family clock?" Albus asked as he saw the blood ridden clock lying close to the foot of the bed. Albus bent down and picked it up. He let out a sob at seeing Lilly and James pointing to the Dead position. It confused him, however when he didn't find Sirius in the Dead position, but rather in the Safety position. He let out a gasp. "Remus, do you have any idea where Safety on this clock means?" He asked looking over his half-moon spectacles. Remus shook his head and Albus nodded. "We should go, the Aurors will be here any minute to retrieve their bodies. I must fetch Harry to his Aunt's house." Albus said looking towards Remus, who clutched the sleeping boy tighter to his chest.

"He can stay with me!" Remus nearly shouted, but refrained. Albus looked at Remus with pity filled eyes.

"Remus, my boy, you know the laws on werewolves and while I would condone it immediately without a second thought, the Minister and Department of Magical Creatures wouldn't. He has to go to his Aunt's, it's the best place for him." Dumbledore looked as old as it said on his birth certificate at the moment as Remus unwillingly gave harry over to his old Headmaster. Remus gave the boy a chaste kiss on his forehead.

"I promise you cub, I'm going to be there for you when you come into this crazy world of magic. I wish I could be there for you now, but I can't be. I will always love you Harry." Remus said, allowing a few tears to drop onto Harry's blanket. "What about Pettigrew? And what is that scar?!" Remus asked and Dumbledore sighed.

"Aurors are out already searching for him. As for the scar, that is a scar that appears when touched by a dark curse. I seem to believe that as Voldemort's wand is lying on the floor, Harry survived the attack and Voldemort is no more. Harry will be famous. Just because of his scar. It'll be good for him to grow up outside of magic. It's what's best for him Remus." Albus said and Remus nodded in unwilling agreement. After that, Albus Dumbledore proceeded to apparate Harry to number 4 Privet Drive where he shall remain until his eleventh birthday.

Remus stood in the bedroom until the aurors arrived and told them of what happened. They all bowed their heads for a moment of silence, after speaking the words, "To Harry, The Boy-Who-Lived."

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