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Chapter 2 – First Meeting

Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2013

It was a sunny afternoon and Hermione Granger was sat outside, under her favourite oak tree by the lake, reading her favourite book, Hogwarts: A History, for what was probably the thousandth time. Hermione Granger was in her seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry and was close to turning eighteen years old, this coming November. Why was she eighteen and still at Hogwarts, you may ask? The war. It was the bloodiest war in history and it all happened during her sixth year.

During her sixth year, Hermione and her two best friends, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, set out on a task set to them by their headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. Their task was to find and destroy as many of Lord Voldemort's horcruxes as possible before the impending attack on Hogwarts, led by the Dark Lord himself. A horcrux is a form of very dark magic. One creates a horcrux when they murder an innocent; it splits the soul and traps it into a seemingly normal object. Splitting your soul in half for one horcrux is considered to be the ultimate sacrifice; Lord Voldemort however, created seven meaning that until every horcrux is destroyed, he can never truly die. Voldemort only knows of six of his horcruxes, the seventh was a mistake that even he did not know about, for when he attempted to murder Harry Potter but was destroyed, the piece of his soul left attached itself onto the nearest living thing – Harry. This ultimately meant that in the Final Battle, at just sixteen years old Harry would have to die at the wand of Lord Voldemort. That was the only sure way to destroy the horcrux inside of him.

When Harry fell, Voldemort thought that he had won; that his quest for ultimate power was complete now that he had finally killed The Chosen One, once and for all. How wrong he was. When Neville Longbottom stood up to the Dark Lord, Harry rolled himself out of Hagrid's arms and fought Voldemort 'till the very bitter end. By the end, most of Hogwarts was unrecognisable, almost half the students littered the floor of the Great Hall. Some of the Order had given their lives, to protect some of the students. Some of those who died include Aberforth Dumbledore, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Colin Creevey, Cho Chang – just to name a few. With Voldemort dead, the remaining Death Eaters rounded up and put on trial before being shipped off to Azkaban, the funerals and restoration of the ancient castle could begin. Families had their own private funerals for those lost.

Restorations on Hogwarts took up six months by which time a school year had passed, so Headmaster Dumbledore invited all sixth years, who missed out on their seventh year due to the war and restorations, back to complete their seventh year. All excepted and so the surviving seventh years, now eighteen almost nineteen, returned.

All Hogwarts students – years three and above - returned on the 29th of August instead of the usual 1st of September. This was because of the memorial service that would take place on the 30th of August for those who died during the Battle of Hogwarts.

The day was horrible, but nice at the same time. Horrible; because on the two cenotaphs placed on either side of the entrance to the Entrance Hall, were the names of all those who died – a cenotaph for the students who lost their lives, and a cenotaph for those who were not students but who helped defend their school. Nice; because the two cenotaphs had next to them memory books where several people, students and teachers alike, had put memories of the loved ones lost, into the books and the congregation watched some of them making people smile and remember those lost.

When you look at the cenotaphs and see the sheer number of names, only then do you realise the true loss of life. The three faces on the cenotaphs that were in view of the public were compact and double columned of the names of the dead. It was an incredible number of names, and it was a huge loss to the school. By the end of the service, there were several flowers at the base of both cenotaphs, all will everlasting charms on them so that they stayed fresh, and to keep their memory alive in the many years of peace to come.

The saddest part of Hermione's return to her beloved Hogwarts, was thankfully over. She herself had laid down a few flowers, but right now sitting under her oak tree, she was perfectly content, happy to have some form of normalcy back to her rather chaotic life.

As Hermione was sat there, she got thinking about something strange that had happened several years ago at her best friend's, Harry Potter, family home. It was a mystery to everyone who looked into it. The mystery was this; How could a 29 year old wizard be at the Potter's house when Voldemort attacked and yet be dead with no body to prove it. She didn't know who this guy was exactly, just that he was a friend of the Potters and that he completely vanished off the face of the Earth the night the Potters died. Another mystery was that clock that Dumbledore found, Hermione thought as she rested her hand under her chin, her elbow resting on her knee.

Hermione had always been interested in the story of Sirius Black's mysterious disappearance; some say that he was destroyed by Voldemort, others say he was never there to begin with and just died somehow, a small minority think that he was in league with Voldemort and that the Dark Lord had him hidden away in a secret location, but that's codswallop in Hermione's opinion. No, she thinks he's still out there, as does a certain Headmaster of hers. When she asked an old professor, Remus Lupin, about the disappearance of his best friend he had simply refused to talk about it.

Hermione got interested in the subject of the disappearance when she read about it in a book she found in the library in her third year, Unsolved Mysteries of the Past Century was the book that mentioned it. She was browsing in the Defence section as found it just lying there, obviously in the wrong place, so she checked it out. After reading about the one that related to her friend, Harry's, story she went to visit the one man who was interviewed and did not believe that Black was dead. That's right, she went to see Albus Dumbledore. She told him that it was for an extra credit report for History of Magic – they were doing recent events.

Dumbledore expressed his belief that Sirius Black was not dead as wizard family clocks never lie, and if he was dead then his hand on the Potter's clock would point towards Dead. As that is not the case, Albus was lead to believe that Black was still alive… somewhere.

Ever since that meeting with Dumbledore, Hermione had never been able to forget the unsolved mystery of Sirius Black. She shook her head and leaned back against the tree, chuckling slightly at the direction her thoughts seem to always go in. She looked back down at her book and continued reading for another ten minutes. It was getting close to dinner she realised as she stood up and placed her book inside her satchel, before heading up towards the castle. However, not ten steps away from the tree, she stopped as the sound of a loud thud echoed in the, otherwise silent, darkness. She whipped out her wand and spun around.

"Hello?" She called into the dark. "Lumos." She muttered and her wand tip lit up with a bead of light, showing her a few feet in front of her. "Is somebody there?" She called again, before looking at the time, noticing that it was quarter to eight, almost dinner time and she was quite hungry, and after all she had been out here all day. She heard a muffled groaning coming from where she had been not five minutes ago. Cautiously, she walked back towards the tree.

"Ow, was not expecting that. Could you put your wand down please?" Came a male voice. Hermione gasped and dropped her wand arm in shock. Realising that this could be any random person, she quickly pulled it back up again. "I thought I told you to put that wand down!" The man asked once again, getting annoyed.

"And I asked who you are and I got nothing too." She replied haughtily. She heard the man move and trained her wand on the moving tall figure as he stood up and came towards the light of her wand.

"Now sweetheart, it's not very nice to point a wand at someone who just happens to appear out of thin air." The man grinned as Hermione's cheeks turned rosy. "Now, why don't you put down your wand and take me up to the castle?" He asked nicely, smiling sweetly at her.

"I will certainly not lower my wand until you tell me who you are!" Hermione shouted, causing the mystery man to back up slightly. "A-are you a Death Eater?" She asked, worried that they may have missed someone and they decided to apparate into Hogwarts to slaughter the students in their sleep. The she almost kicked herself, you can't apparate in or out of Hogwarts! Idiot, she thought as the man proceeded to cross his arms over his well-toned chest.

"If I tell you my name will you please take me up to the castle?" He asked nicely. At Hermione's nod, he sighed. "My name is Sirius Black." He said, standing tall. Hermione gasped and almost dropped her wand in shock, almost.

"That's impossible, Sirius Black was obliterated by Lord Voldemort eighteen years ago!" Hermione said, not going for the theory that Dumbledore had provided her with several years ago.

"Eighte-EIGHTEEN YEARS?! Well that's just great! I missed my Godson growing up! Oh, I hope he'll forgive me… say you wouldn't happen to know him would you?" Sirius asked after he had stopped rambling about a Godson, whatever that was about. Hermione furrowed her brows.

"What's his name?" She asked slightly lowering her wand in a less threatening way.

"Harry Potter." Sirius replied, making Hermione draw her wand once more, instantly thinking this was a trick. "Look, I don't know what your problem is, but this could all be straightened out if you just take me up to the castle and answer my questions." He sighed, rubbing his forehead. Hermione looked at him and felt kind of sorry for the man, and so proceeded to walk him up to the castle as it was getting dangerously close to dinner.

"I do know Harry, by the way. He's my best friend. Although, you'd have a hard job trying to find somebody who didn't know who Harry was, unless you were in the muggle world, of course." Hermione said. "Oh and I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger." She said holding her hand out for him to take. He gave her a charming smile that showed his pearly white teeth and gave her a little wink, to which she blushed.

As they walked in through the front doors and into the Entrance Hall, they passed the cenotaphs. "I don't remember these being here." Sirius murmured. Hermione sighed sadly as she looked at them.

"Yeah, they're new. If you are who you say you are, you've missed quite a bit." Hermione said quietly. She looked over at him to see him looking at some of the photos that were left at the bases. She walked back over to him and he looked up at her with pained bluey/grey eyes.

"What happened?" He asked as he looked into the eyes of Colin Creevey, a photo that his little brother Dennis had left there the previous day. Hermione sighed and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I don't think I'm the right person to tell you that, Sirius, but I think I know someone who can. I think it's time I take you to Professor Dumbledore." She said looking him in the eye. He nodded and swallowed, looking back at the cenotaph one last time before walking away and following Hermione up the stairs and through corridors towards Dumbledore's office. They had both stayed silent throughout their journey, until they reached the gargoyle statues that guard the Headmaster's office and chambers. "Fainting Fancies." She stated clearly, and Sirius watched in shock as the gargoyle jumped aside, letting them through. He looked at her in surprise.

"How did you know the password? I thought only the professors and Head boy and Girl knew the password." Sirius asked, amazement in his voice. Hermione looked at him and smirked a Draco Malfoy worthy smirk.

"I am Head Girl." She stated proudly before knocking on the door to the Headmaster's office.

"Come in." She heard faintly from the other side of the door. She entered the room cautiously, Sirius trailing behind her. "Ahh, Miss Granger, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Albus smiled at the girl he considered a granddaughter.

"Professor Dumbledore, we have an unexpected visitor." She replied moving out of the way so that Sirius was in Dumbledore's direct line of sight. Albus gasped. "He says that he's –"

"Sirius Black!" Dumbledore cried with joy. "So this is 'Safety'? It makes sense." Dumbledore thought.

"Well, at least someone believes me. It's good to see you Albus." Sirius replied, walking forward and shaking the man's hand. They continued to catch up, leaving Hermione stood in a state of shock. Sirius Black was indeed alive. Harry's got a Godfather, meaning he never has to live with the Dursley's anymore! Hermione slumped down into a chair, waiting for the two men to finish their catch up session, until Sirius asked the ultimate question, "I asked Hermione this but she wouldn't tell me – said it wasn't her place and that I should ask you so; what happened to make there be two full cenotaphs in the Entrance Hall?" He deadpanned.

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