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Megamind sat down with his afternoon espresso, fingers automatically moving in the direction of the remote control. He adjusted their path and reached for the sugar bowl instead, telling himself he wasn't going to watch the news today. He'd told himself the same thing yesterday, but then he had. He'd said it the day before as well. But then he'd found himself staring at Roxanne on the screens without even realizing he'd turned them to channel eight.

Watching the news had proven to be a habit he couldn't quite shake. And why should he, he argued with himself. Keeping up with current events was very useful. Kept an aspiring Overlord on the edge, finger on the pulse of the city he had vowed to rule someday. And it wasn't like she'd know if he was watching or not. Or care probably. Not watching wasn't going to punish her in any way.

He stirred morosely, dragging his spoon through the fragrant black liquid… then with a scowl he grabbed the remote, pressed the buttons, and tossed it to one side of the console. As the bank of monitors tuned in to the KMCP signal, he calmly added another heaping spoonful of sweetener to his cup.

Espresso. A dark drink for a dark mind. Liquid energy. Complexity tinged with bitterness. Just like me. He took a sip and made a face, then felt his considerable ears perk.

"… over to I-75 later tonight."

What? A stand-in? He pouted. She must be out working on her other story. Scowling, he leaned forward, eyes looking this way and that, unable to decide whether to reach for more sugar or the remote.

"Thanks, Erin. And speaking of the snow, let's go over to our own Dale Condor in the weather center and get the lowdown on what's happening. Dale?"

"Well, Pat, I wish I had better news for you, but it just doesn't look good for Metro City."

Settling back down, Megamind decided it might be worth listening after all.

Moving to stand in front of a green screen map crowded with symbols and arrows, the meteorologist proceeded to try to explain for the umpteenth time that week something he himself didn't really quite understand. Just when winter ought to be starting to lose its grip, that menace of Metro City had struck. And the change he was somehow sustaining in the local atmospheric conditions over the city had precipitated a major shift in the usual weather pattern of the lakeside town and surrounding area. It was affecting nearly a quarter of the state in fact. "And thanks to this artificial disruption, it looks as though Mother Nature is about to ramp things up even more."

He proceeded to warn the viewing audience of impending calamity in the form of blizzard conditions forming over the lake. Moisture laden air was rapidly being sucked their way due to the continually falling barometric pressure and, greatly intensified by the effects of whatever mysterious machinations Megamind had in place, it was ready to wreak wintery havoc the likes of which had not been seen in the Metro area since the Great Blizzard of '78.

Smugly satisfied by the prediction of doom, Megamind smiled down at his coffee cup, treating himself to an extra, self-congratulatory spoonful of sweetness. That was a welcome bit of good news. Things were shaping up even better than expected.

"Erin, any sign of the impending storm out there yet?"

The view shifted to the unfamiliar reporter standing next to a busy highway where road conditions were clearly hazardous. Cars and trucks crept along narrow channels in the snow past yet another pileup. Holding the edge of her hood closer to her cheek and lifting her microphone higher, the young woman's eyes narrowed against a sudden gust of frigid air as well as the hard glint of the white crystalline ground. "Nothing specific yet, Pat. Although it does feel like the temperature has dropped even further just in the time we've been standing here."

The sun went behind a cloud as flakes began to fall around her again. Erin shuffled a little, trying not to let it be obvious that she was moving her feet to keep them from freezing solid. She would remember next time that they weren't in the shot anyway, and she could forego the snazzy little boots she had on for something less fashionable but with better insulation. She wished she hadn't bothered worrying about how she looked at all. Her carefully brushed and sprayed hair had to be covered by her hood and what did show was being blown to bits and covered in flakes. Her face felt frozen, the carefully applied makeup waxy on her cold skin. She regretted the decision to wear her favorite red wool peacoat, no matter how sharp it looked on camera. Next time she wouldn't let her vanity stop her from choosing something better suited to the weather.

"Is there any word yet on who this 'Ice Queen' is?"

Erin shook her head, raising her voice to be heard as a heavy truck passed. "So far the police have no leads. No one's been able to unravel that mystery. And honestly, no one even seems to know if the Ice Queen is really a who to begin with."

The blue alien scowled in the dimness of his Lair, watching the dark liquid swirl around his spoon. Oh, she's a who.

"Experts have revealed that the handwriting seen around town in blue paint is certainly Megamind's," Erin was explaining. "And while no one is quite sure why he keeps attributing the damages to being 'courtesy of the Ice Queen', I certainly hope he doesn't really think the people of this city are stupid enough to believe there's anyone behind all of this mess besides him." That's how Roxanne did it, always standing up to the wicked villain as bold as brass.

"Oh, of course not. We're not quite as gullible as he'd like to think we are!" the anchor insisted fearlessly from behind his desk. "But I think we can all have hope that this will be over soon anyway considering that we have you standing in for Roxanne Ritchi this afternoon." He cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow. "And we all know what that means."

"Yes, Pat," the field reporter agreed with a rueful smile, "I'm afraid so."

Although she harbored no ill will toward Roxanne, the junior journalist had given an excited fist pump upon hearing that she would be the plucky lady's replacement for the afternoon. For one thing, it gave her some coveted time in front of the camera. And for another, it meant the showdown was near at hand and hopefully with it, the end of the extraordinary cold snap Megamind had cast upon the city right when they'd all been looking forward to the arrival of spring.

"Well, I'll be the first to wish her good luck! Glad it's not me!" Pat the news anchor chuckled comfortably from the warmth of the station, giving his desk a mild slap. "My sympathies to her for having to be out in this cruel weather and with its cruel master as well." There were times he was actually a little jealous of all the attention the perky newshound garnered, but this was definitely not one of them.

Erin the stand-in reporter blinked against the white flakes now building up on her eyelashes. "Well, Pat, I'm sure Metro Man will do his best to wrap things up a.s.a.p. this time. I bet not even he wants to stay out in this!" One fat mitten gestured toward the snowy scene behind her shivering, ruby-red form.

Megamind sat frozen, spoon forgotten as it hovered over his coffee. Even being called the master of the weather hadn't really registered. What did they mean? He didn't have Roxanne. And she wasn't at work? So where was she?

ART: "The News"

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