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Chapter 1: Playing Pocky

It was a warm summer evening. Roderich was sitting in front of his piano, hands outstretched playing gracefully. Today, he was playing a complicated piece of Ludwig Van Beethoven. He loved how the sound resonated through the room. Suddenly there was a creak of a door opening. He decided to ignore this sound and continue playing.

"Specs! 'Been forever!" the newcomer said.

The violet-eyed man kept playing. He knew who this person was and he didn't like the idea of having him near. The albino nuzzled the austrian's neck. Rodrich shoved him quickly to the side and glared at him. The silver-haired man grinned mischievously. Oh, how he loved to bother the Austrian.

"What do you want?" Austria asked annoyed.

"I want you to play with me." Prussia said grinning.

"Play what?" the Austrian raised his eyebrows in a questioning look.

"Pocky." The albino said, taking a rectangular-shaped box from his pocket.

The brunette almost grinned; he knew the albino loved chocolate.

'Wait a minute. Why the hell am I grinning?!' he thought angrily.

"I don't have time for your games." He said, giving the amber-eyed man a pointed glare.

"If you win, I'll stay away from you for a week." He said.

The Austrian thought about it. He would love to get rid of the Prussian forever but, he knew it would never happen. The offer did seem good enough though. He would be able to play in peace if the albino went away.

"Fine but, what if you win?" he asked.

Gilbert smiled and ran a forefinger across the brunette's chin.

"I'll get my reward from you."

The Austrian didn't care ask what this meant.

"Shall we start then?" Prussia asked.

Austria nodded. Gilbert opened the box and took out a long-shaped biscuit half covered on chocolate. He put one end onto his mouth and leaned forward to Rodrich's mouth. He pocked his bottom lip. The Austrian jumped and pushed him.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?!" Roderich shouted at Gilbert.

"You have to put the other half inside your mouth. The point is to bite the biscuit until one gets to the other's territory." He explained matter-of-factly.

The Austrian glared at him then opened his mouth. Prussia put the biscuit inside the other man's mouth and began one end. The Austrian jumped as he realized was happening. He began chewing his end. Prussia reached the middle of his end. Austria realized that if this continued the other man's lips would meet his. He gave a final bite and backed away. Gilbert grinned and ate what was left.

"I won." He said smiling widely.

The Austrian turned on his bench. He folded his arms in front of his chest, crossed his legs and looked directly into the beautiful amber eyes of the other man.

"What do you want from me?" he asked.

Prussia thought how sexy Roderich looked when he gave his full attention to him. He stepped forward and placed both of his hands on the side of Austria, pinning him against the piano.

"I want you." He said before slamming his lips to the other man's bright ones.

Startled, Austria placed both of his hands on the other man's shoulder blades and tried to push him. It was in vain, Prussia's body was stronger and well built. He began panicking.

'What if someone saw us?' he thought in horror.

Austria felt something hot slither inside his mouth. He realized it was Prussia's tongue. He tried to push him even harder. The Prussian was enjoying this. He loved how Roderich's mouth fit his perfectly. Prussia unbuttoned Austria's vest. He finally took it out and began unbuttoning the Austrian's white shirt. He hated the fact that Austria wore too many clothes. Prussia was finally able to open the Austrian's shirt revealing a slightly toned stomach. Gilbert leaned forward and nibbled the Austrian's neck. Austria shivered and tried desperately to push him away.

"No! Stop it!" Austria yelled.

Roderich heard a creak behind him. He snapped his head backwards, what he saw made his heart stop beating for several seconds. Germany stood in front of the door with a shocked face.

"No this isn't what it seems like!" Austria said desperately.

"West could you leave? You are interrupting us." Prussia said.

Germany hesitated for a moment then turned around, closed the door and left. Austria turned around outraged by what the albino had just done. He pushed him with all his might. The albino was caught off-guard, falling backwards hitting his head. Austria got up adjusted his shirt and glared at Prussia.

"Look what you have done! What the hell were you thinking of?! What will Germany think of me now?! Why don't you go and mess with other people? Why does it always have to be me?! I-I…" Austria struggled to find the appropriate words.

"You?" Prussia asked weakly.


There was a moment of silence.

"Is that what you really think Roderich?" Prussia said with a hint of pain in his voice.

"I well… err…" Austria stammered.

'What was the point of trying to tolerate him? Who cares if he disappears? It's better for me if he does.' Roderich thought. He remembered all Prussia had done to him and used all his hatred.

"I hate you. I don't want you near me." Austria answered with pure hatred in his voice.

Prussia got up from the floor and stared directly into Austria's eyes. Austria had told the albino many times that he hated him but this time Gilbert knew he had gone too far. He knew he had messed it. The tone in which Austria had told him hurt him deeply.

'It's what I deserve after all.' Gilbert thought sadly.

He opened his mouth to speak but in an afterthought closed it, just like a goldfish. He turned around and left the room. Austria saw Prussia's eye with something that seemed like a tear. Roderich felt a painful knot form in his chest.

'What is this feeling?' he thought.

Austria sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time on that day. He rested his head on the cool piano surface. He felt somehow bored. Suddenly the albino popped into his mind. He felt his chest tighten painfully.

'Maybe because he isn't around I'm feeling this way?' he thought about it for a second. He began shaking his head frantically.

'What the hell am I thinking?! I should be celebrating the fact that he isn't here! Vendammt! Why does he always have to mess me up this way?'

Roderich remembered the last time they had met. It was about two weeks ago. He had thought of contacting the albino in that time but, he didn't know what would happen if he did. He suddenly felt guilty.

'Maybe I was a little too harsh with him?'

He sighed again. Suddenly there were sounds of footsteps. The Austrian turned his head. He found himself face-to-face with the albino. Austria grabbed the front of the albino's jacket and pressed his lips to the other man's one. He didn't know what had pushed him to do this, he just did. He pulled away and realized to his horror that the man he had mistaken the albino for was his brother, Germany. The brunette backed away immediately.

"I am sorry! I-" He couldn't finish his sentence.

There, leaning against the door was the white-head with a shocked expression plastered over his face. The German turned towards his brother.

"This isn't-"

"Please don't let me stop you." Prussia said coldly.

"No this-" Roderich began saying but, was immediately interrupted by the albino.

"Isn't what it think it is?" the red-eyed man gave a cold laugh. "I think I perfectly well know what this is about Edelstein."

Austria felt his chest tighten painfully.

'He has never called me like that before.' He thought.

"Brother this isn't what you think it is." Ludwig said in a soft yet firm voice.

Prussia didn't answer he just glared at his brother. The Austrian opened his mouth to speak but, the albino was already gone.

"What hell is with him?" The German mutter angrily.

Austria came to his senses. He got up and ran out of the room. He began shouting Prussia's name, occasionally receiving a curious look. Austria ran out of The German's huge mansion. He reached a small village. He looked around desperately. A place suddenly popped into the violet-eyed man. It was a crazy idea but, it was worth a shot. The brunette saw silver hair blowing in the distance. His heart began racing at an incredible speed. He ran nearer to the albino. Austria suddenly realized that Gilbert was standing on the edge of the cliff.

"Prussia! Prussia! Gilbert!" Austria yelled desperate to catch the albino's attention.

To Austria's horror, Prussia extended his arms letting the wind blow through his fabric.

"No, don't jump!" Austria screamed.

The brunette ran as fast as he could, he gripped Prussia's arm and pulled him backwards making him fall in top of him. Austria wrapped his arm tightly around the confused albino's chest. Prussia gasped at the touch and pulled the brunette away from him. Austria sat up and stared directly at the albino's eyes.

"You weren't thinking of throwing yourself right…?" Roderich asked after, what seemed like hours of silence.

Prussia gave Austria a quick glance then, looked and the horizon, at the sky and finally, at the Austrian's violet eyes.

"Who knows…" He said airily.

Austria grabbed the front of the albino's shirt and pulled him until they were face to face.

"I'm not going to forgive you if you leave me!" he said almost yelling.

The silver haired man stared at the brunette for a second; he raised his eyebrows in a questioning look.

"Why would you mind?" Prussia asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.


There was a moment of awkward silence.

"Because?" Prussia asked finally.


The albino sighed.

"Specs, if you are going to say something like-"

"…love you." Austria said in a barely audible voice.

Prussia froze.


"I love you." The brunette said firmer than last time.


Austria didn't dare look upwards, scared of the reaction the Prussian might have. Roderich gasped as he felt two hands lift him from the ground forcefully. Gilbert swung Roderich body on top of his shoulder. Austria struggled against Prussia's firm grip.

"Hey! Stop! Where the hell are you taking me?!" Austria yelled.

"You'll know soon." Prussia said in a lust-filled voice.

Prussia threw the Austrian to his bed. Roderich gasped in pain as his head hit the headboard.

"What do you think you are doing?! Whe-!"

The albino slammed his lips forcefully to the violet-eyed man ones. Austria gasped, allowing entrance to his mouth. Prussia slipped his tongue inside the man's hot cavern. The Prussian moved his tongue skillfully making the brunette moan in pleasure. Austria tried to push the albino but did this half heartedly, making the silver head chuckle. Prussia removed his mouth from Austria's. He leaned next to the smaller man's ear. Austria could feel Prussia's ragged breathing in his ear, which made him tremble.

"I love you."

Austria felt his pants tighten around his lower region painfully. The albino certainly knew how turn him on. Gilbert made a trail of kisses from the corner of Roderich's lips till the hollow of the brunette's neck. He slipped his hand inside the other man's shirt, exploring every inch of skin available. He took the shirt off from Roderich's body, exposing his bright skin. Gilbert couldn't contain himself; he bit the shoulder blade of the other man, receiving a moan of pleasure in response. Prussia snaked his hands to the front of Austria's chest reaching for one of the pink buds. He fondled with it playfully, receiving a groan of eagerness from the brunette. Gilbert turned Roderich around, laid him on the bed and kissed the side of the Austrian's neck. Prussia moved lower and reached for one of the brunette's bud, he traced circles around it playfully then engulfed it completely inside his mouth. Austria gasped and covered his mouth trying to stop the noises he was making. Prussia let the pink bud with a faint pop. He removed Austria's hand from where it was. He leaned to the other man's ear.

"Don't cover your mouth. It turns me on." Prussia whispered seductively.

Austria's cheeks turned scarlet. Gilbert smiled and return to the untouched bud, he sucked it and slightly bit it. He locked his lips to Austria's, kissing him passionately. Roderich stretched his hands and removed the silver haired man's shirt. Gilbert pulled away to breath. Austria stared at Prussia body. The red-eyed male was well built, his stomach was toned and his face was well-kept. Austria couldn't help but stare at it. Prussia noticed this and smiled.

"You can touch it you know." He said cockily.

Prussia felt a pair of determined hands on his shoulder. Austria flipped their positions. Prussia gasped as he realized what was happening. Austria stared at him lustfully for a second. He locked his lips to Prussia's in a mesmerizing kiss. Gilbert could feel the heat that eradicated from the other man's body. Austria pulled away and proceeded to plant rough kisses all over the silver head's body. Austria slipped his hands inside Prussia's pants. Austria took out Prussia's length out of his restraining space. Roderich was captivated by the Prussian's beauty. How could a man be so beautiful? Gilbert could feel the brunette's stare; he felt his body heat rise drastically. Roderich realized he had been staring too much. He gave a quick glance at the albino and then engulfed him completely. He bobbed his head up and down, using his hands to pump the albino's length at the same time. Gilbert moaned at the feeling, he could feel himself reaching his climax. He grabbed the back of the violet-eyed man and flipped their positions. He locked his lips to the brunette and slowly inserted a finger inside the other man's entrance.

"No…Ah…what…stop…mnn…ahh!" Austria said trying to stop half-heartedly the albino.

Prussia ran his tongue across the other nation's ear.

"Shhh…It's going to hurt a little but it will be pleasurable later." He whispered seductively.

Honestly speaking the Austrian was scared but, he didn't want to admit it. Prussia slipped a second finger. Austria twitched and gave an uncontrollable shudder. He could feel the pain in every fiber of his body. Prussia waited for the other man to adjust to the feeling of his fingers. When he considered it was okay he pulled his fingers in and out in a soft motion, he moved his fingers in a scissoring movement stretching him fully. He then inserted a third finger. Austria twitched twice as before, he began panting heavily. When Prussia thought it was enough he pulled out his fingers, with the rest of the lube he coated his length. He positioned himself in front of the brunette. He pushed his length inside in a swift motion. Austria shuddered; he felt his eyes cloud with tears.

"Prussia! It hurts! P-Pull it out!" Austria yelled.

"Just…relax…ah!" Prussia couldn't move. The Austrian was tight.

After a minute or so the Austrian felt pleasure instead of pain. Prussia felt it was time and began moving in an out in a slow pace. Austria wrapped his arms around the albino's neck.


The albino did as he was told to. He moved in a faster pace. Austria could feel sweat trickling down his chin.

'Where is it? Vendammt! Whe-' Prussia's thoughts were interrupted by a scream of pleasure.

'Found it!' Prussia grinned.

He hit the same spot making Austria scream out his name.

"Prussia! AH! THERE!"

"Call me Gilbert."

"G-Gilbert! AH…AHHH!" Austria screamed louder.

The sound of moans screams and skin slapping against skin filled the room. The brunette and the albino could feel themselves reaching their climax. Prussia hit the sweet spot one last time, making both of them cum at the same time. They waited a second waiting for their breathing to even. Prussia pulled himself out of the brunette and collapsed next to him. They gazed at each other then embraced tightly.

"I love you." Prussia said kissing the top of Austria's head.

"I love you too." Austria said.

Both of them fell asleep in the same position.

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