Chapter 6: Valentine's Day Part III

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Austria took out the key to his apartment door. He slipped it inside the lock clicking it open. The wooden floor creaked as the brunette's weight was added to it. The inside of the house was dark.

'Strange, I wonder where he is…' the violet-eyed man thought as he walked towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was pitch-black the only light in the room was a ray of moonlight which was very faint itself. He searched for the switch of the light but before he could find it he felt a hand close above his mouth. He yelped and struggled against the person's grip. Suddenly he smelled something that made his body go numb. Before he knew it he hit the floor and his vision turned black.


The brunette woke up with pain in his head. He tried to clutch his head but found himself unable to. He heard a clink like the one shackles do when you move them.

"Huh?" he said aloud.

He looked up and saw his hands tied to his bead with handcuffs. His eyes widened. He immediately started struggling, turning and twisting his body against the bonds making deep red marks on his wrists.

"Help! Someone!" He yelled.

He heard a faint creak as the door was opened. Fear leapt his heart. He chewed his bottom lip. Many ideas swarm into surface in his mind. His heart began beating fast in his chest.

"Hey, Specs feeling comfortable?"

A wave of relief washed over him as he recognized the voice.

"P-Prussia! Help me some weirdo brought me here and now wants to have his way with me!" he said.

"Weirdo? I brought you here Austria." He said as he advanced towards him.

"W-What?" The brunette said blankly.

'He did this?!' He thought alarmed.

The albino laughed darkly. He ran his forefinger across the violet-eyed man's bare chest making him shiver.

'Wait. I'm not wearing clothes?!' Austria thought looking down suddenly realizing how cold it was and sure enough he was only in his boxers. He turned tomato red at this.

"I did this." The red-eyed man said making a trail of butterfly kisses on the brunette's neck.

The violet-eyed man gasped as the albino reached for his member, which immediately hardened at the touch. Prussia teased it a little then pulled away. The brunette almost groaned but bit his lip to prevent this.

"We are going to have f-u-un~" Gilbert said.

Austria's eyes widened as he realized what he meant.

"Prussia a-are you mad at me?" the violet-eyed man asked fearfully.

"Mad?" the albino said in a fake innocent voice. "Poor Innocent Austria doesn't know what he did right? Oh don't worry Brother Prussia is going to take good care of you."

The voice which the Prussian had used to say this sent chills through his spine making him give an uncontrollable shudder. Gilbert was starting to scare him. He tried to squirm away but the handcuffs didn't let him.

"Trying to escape already we haven't even started yet."

"Prussia please tell me what I did!" Austria said desperate feeling tears starting to pour from his eyes.

The albino pulled back his hand startled. His expression softened and he brushed some of the tears out of Austria's face.

"I scared you? Sorry, I won't do it again okay? But you have to tell me something…" the albino said gently feeling guilty out of the blue.

The violet-eyed man looked at him ready to answer whichever the question was.

"What were you doing all those times with Hungary were you…cheating on me?" The Prussian asked as his voice cracked.

Austria gaped at him for a second then hesitated. He couldn't just ruin the surprise.

"Take off the handcuffs and I will tell you." The brunette said testing his luck.

Prussia hesitated then nodded. He walked over to the other nation and took the handcuffs off his wrists. Austria sat up and rubbed his wrists which had red marks on them now. He got up but the red-eyed male held him back.

"Where are you going?" he asked suspiciously.

"Wait here."

Prussia took a second to think then nodded.

The albino twisted his shirt in his hands waiting impatiently for the brunette to come back.

'Vendammt what is taking him so long?' Prussia thought scowling.

Suddenly the door was clicked open and Austria came in with his hands on his back. Prussia tried to look what the Austrian was holding behind him but said man just blocked it out of sight.

"So…?" The huge-egoed male said.

Austria bit his bottom lip nervously and slowly showed him what was behind his back. It was a white box with a blood-red ribbon (Prussia's favorite color) tied to it. He held it towards the albino, his cheeks turning a faint pink.

It took the Prussian a couple of minutes to realize what was happening. When he finally snapped out of his trance-like state he inched forward his hands and took the box placing it on his nightstand.

When he was finally able to open it he just gaped at its content in awe. Inside the box there was a beautiful white-chocolate covered cake with a little heart-shaped chocolate with whipped cream on top of it. In the corner it had a little card written with a fancy handwriting (which he recognized right away as Austria's) that said; Happy Valentine's Day Gilbert. The Prussian's heart skipped a beat when he read it.

"It's beautiful." The Prussian blurted.

Austria turned tomato red.

"I-I made it." He said looking down embarrassed.

Prussia looked at him surprised.

"Mein Gott Roderich, it's awesome." The Prussian said clearly at the loss of words.

"T-This is why I was with Hungary. S-She gave me the idea to do it and I needed her help so…I swear I wasn't cheating on you. I-I just wanted it to be a surprise." Roderich said as his heart began fastening its pace by the use of his human name.

"Oh." Prussia said embarrassed now.

He had wanted to take revenge over something that didn't really happen. He had gone nuts thinking that the Austrian had cheated on him. He even had bought S&M stuff to make him pay.

Suddenly something clicked on the Prussian's mind. He placed the cake on the nightstand again and ran to his closet. He opened it and started rummaging through his things in search for something.

"Gilbert?" Austria asked curiously.

The beer-loving-idiot ignored the piano-obsessed searching desperately for the object. When he finally found it he got to his feet and walked over to the Austrian who was staring at him blankly.

"Roderich…" he said softly.


"Will you go with me on a half-year vacation trip around the world?" he asked showing the tickets to the other.

Roderich gaped at the tickets. Taking the other nation's reaction as a no the Prussian pulled the tickets back.

"I guess no…" he mumbled.

Austria jumped on top of Prussia knocking him and pinning him on the bed. He kissed him heatedly and pulled back grinning broadly.

"Yes! I love you Gilbert! You are awesome!" Roderich replied.

The albino's heart beat rapidly and he turned tomato red. Austria couldn't help but think how cute he looked.

"I love you too. Now get ready. We leave tomorrow." The Prussian said trying to keep himself cool.

Austria kissed him again and went to his room humming a song under his breath. Once Prussia made sure his lover was gone he collapsed on his pillow blushing.

"He always finds a way to make me flustered…I feel like I am losing my awesomeness…" Prussia mumbled.


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