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Amulet of Dimensions

Chapter One: Kat

Long ago legend told of a magical amulet that held the power to travel through different dimensions. It was there by called the Amulet of Dimensions. Activated by the light of a full moon the amulet would glow and send whoever to the dimension they desired. Not so long ago a young girl, a human girl did such a thing. Traveling to a world seen only in a child's imagination, where animals talked and lived in peace and in this place she met two extraordinary warriors. Yet, like all great legends it has a beginning as well as an end. This is the story of Kat and how her story began.

Ring, ring, a groan was heard as a small hand grabbed a silver flip phone. "Hello," asked a sleepy voice.

"Hey Kat, are you up?" asked a cheerful female voice.

"Hey Jane what is up?" asked the sleepy voice.

"Remember you promised to come over and rehearse with us for the big Fourth of July Celebration. It is in three days and we need to practice more," Jane reminded her.

"Oh yeah I forgot I will be right there, what time is it?" she asked sleepily.

"It is six o'clock," Jane said. Kat let out a moan as she rubbed her eyes. "You did it again didn't you? Reading that mystery book and staying up late," Jane said.

"Sorry, it was getting good I will be over in about fifteen minutes, again I am sorry," Kat said.

"It's cool see you soon," Jane said and the line went dead. Kat grabbed a clean blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Pulled her long brown hair into a pony tail and tied her tennis shoes. Then grabbed her glasses and looked in her mirror. She was about five foot two with a small belly, neither fat nor skinny and had a delicate face with brown eyes.

"Just need to grab my stuff," she said. Grabbing a black book bag she put in her camera, her phone, wallet, a notebook with pen, a lighter, her pocketknife, a flashlight with batteries and lastly a stuffed polar bear. "Mom I am going over to Jane and James house I will be home by 9, that okay," she asked.

"That is fine dear be safe and I love you," her mom answered.

"Love you too mom bye," Kat said and began to run outside down Sunny Street. Kat lived in a small country town where everyone knew everyone so it was perfectly safe. Every Fourth her and her friends would have a concert to celebrate. It was part of the big block party they all had. Within ten minutes she made it to the house. In the garage were two figures a boy and a girl. Both had blonde hair with brown eyes. The boy's hair went down to his ears and the girl's went clear down to her back in a pony tail. Each had big noses and was tall well taller than Kat. The boy was 6 foot four and the girl was five foot eight and wore high heels making her taller. Their names were James and Jane Hoffman. James was built like a football player with broad shoulders and Jane was built like a ballerina. All kids were about fifteen years old.

"Hey Kit Kat glad you could join the party," James said wearing a white t-shirt and tore up jeans with boots. Jane wore a blue vest with a skirt that covered her knees and wore a little makeup.

"Sorry I over slept the book was too good to put down, so do you want me to sing with you or just hear you play?" she asked putting her bag down.

"Yeah and then you can join in," James said. Kat stood on stage and Jane was playing her keyboard and James was on drums. They played mostly country songs for that is what they all liked to listen to and the neighborhood liked it too. They began the music and first sang "Fearless" by Taylor Swift and then they sang "Southern Voice," by Tim McGraw and finished with the "Red, White, and Blue," by Toby Keith.

"Wow we are so ready for the party," Kat said happily. It was getting dark and Kat had to get going. "I will be back tomorrow afternoon I promise to be on time and not over sleep again," she said chuckling.

"Okay see you tomorrow shug," Jane said giving her a tight bear hug.

"Oh here is some extra black cats we know you like them," James said giving Kat them and she placed them in her bag.

"Thanks dude," she said as he gave her another huge bear hug.

"Later Kit Kat, see you tomorrow," he said. Kat began to walk home and took the shortcut through the museum, today a sign in red letters said a new exhibit was to be displayed. She loved history and since Jane did too, maybe they could go. The sun had just set and a pale full moon greeted Kat with a silver glow. Unbeknown to her a dark figure was walking past her. All she could see of the person was a huge gray coat and a gray hat that covered his/her face and they wore black shades. She just shrugged for maybe they were sensitive to light or something and felt the stranger bumped into her.

"Excuse me," she said but the stranger kept walking and Kat did too till she saw something on the ground. It was a necklace of some kind with a purple star with a swirl in the middle. "Hey you dropped this!" she called to the stranger thinking it belonged to him/her. Just then the light of the moon shined on the necklace and something strange happened.

The skies darkened and lightning and thunder clashed as a swirling vortex appeared and began to suck Kat into it. "Hey drop that amulet!" the stranger said. Kat was scared and she let out a scream and prayed wherever the vortex took her it was somewhere safe. In another dimension where animals talked and lived in peace was a valley called the Valley of Peace. Near a palace called the Jade Palace stood a panda with jade eyes and an orange and black tiger with golden eyes. The panda's name was Po, also known as the Dragon Warrior a great protector of China. The tiger's name was Tigress, leader of a team known as the Furious Five who protected the Valley from evil.

"Boy it sure is a beautiful night eh Tigress?" Po asked nervously. Ever since he defeated Shen they had gotten a bit closer. Tigress was about to answer when the sky darkened and the wind picked up. "What is happening?" Po yelled over the wind.

"I don't know take cover!" Tigress yelled back. They both saw a black flash of something falling and then everything was still. Po and Tigress looked at each other and went to find what had fallen from the sky. To their surprise they found an odd looking creature that looked female. It had no fur of any kind except for some on top of her head. No claws, and her fangs were flat and this creature wore strange clothes. The only thing Po and Tigress recognized was the glasses on her face and a back pack on her shoulders. In her hand she was clutching a strange necklace.

"Is she okay?" Po asked in a worried tone for the creature whatever it was looked pretty young.

"Yes, she is alive but we must get her to Master Shifu at once," Tigress said as she carried the creature in her arms.

"What is she?" Po wondered.

"I don't know maybe Master Shifu knows," Tigress said and they took the creature to the Jade Palace. In the shadows a figure watched.

"I will get that amulet back and then I shall have my revenge," the figure hissed and disappeared into the night.

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