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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Before the Apocalypse

A police chase was happening in King County, Georgia. Two police cars and a motorcycle cop arrive. One of the cars stayed behind with the motorcycle cop while the other stop in the middle of the road and two Sheriff's Deputy stepped out and laid out road spikes to stop the car with the criminals that they are after. After they were done they regrouped with the others. They got out with their guns ready if something goes wrong.

"Sound like they chasing those idiots every down back road we got." Lambert said.

"Maybe we'll get one of those video shows like "World's Craziest Police Chases" what do you think?" Leon asked.

"What I think Leon is you need to stay focus. And make sure you got a round in the chamber and your safety off." Rick said.

Then Leon does what Rick said.

It was quiet for the moment until Shane said, "Would be kinda cool getting one of them shows."

Two more police cars chasing after another car arrived and then the car with the criminals inside drive right through the road spike, blowing out all four tires and then it flip 7 times that the car is now destroyed.

After seeing that all Shane could said was, "Holy shit."

They then move closer to check when suddenly the car door opened and one of the criminals came out with a SIG-Sauer P228 handgun in his hand.

"Gun, gun, gun!" One of the cop said.

"Put it down!" Rick shout.

But the criminal then opened fire on them and turn his attention to where Rick was and got him in the hip before the others killed him. Then the other criminal came out with a Mossberg 590 "Compact Cruiser" with door breaching brake shotgun and fired at Shane and Michael. They fired back at him which then he was killed also just like his comrade.

"Rick!" Both Shane and Michael shouted his name to see if he was ok.

"I'm alright!" Rick shouted as he checks his Python to see how many bullets he have left as both Shane and Michael came to check on him as Rick stands up breathing heavy and is unharmed.

"We saw you get tagged man scared the hell out of us." Said Shane

"Me too. Son of bitch shot me. Can you believe that?" Said Rick.

"Did it catch you in your vest?" Asked Shane.

"Yeah." Said Rick.

Unknown to them a third criminal crawled out of the car.

"Shane, Mikey, you both do not tell Lori that happen ever." Said Rick.

"Rick lookout!" Shouted Michael but it was too late as the third criminal shot Rick in the back. Then both he and Shane shot the criminal dead. Then Shane went to check on Rick.

"No no no no no no. He's hit! Leon, you get that ambulance out here you tell them theirs an officer down and you do it now!" Shane shouted.

"Ok, look at me, you stay with me ok?" Shane Said to Rick while putting pressure on Rick's wound to stop the bleeding as the other cops come to check on him.

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