Me: Hi, I hope you enjoy my new story

Bladers: We won't

Me: I don't care now someone do the disclaimer

Ginga: Vulpix does not own MFB or it's characters, but she does own Fire and Kyo

Me: *I suddenly shot up and shouted* talking mushroom

?: Are you okay?

Me: Yeah I think so *I turned around to find Kyo, Fire (my ocs) and Yu* What in the name of Ryo is going on here?

Kyo: It would appear that you and all the MFB character as well as Fire and myself are trapped on this island in the middle of nowhere.

Me: So let me guess we need to find and posible toreture all of the MFB characters in order to find a way home

Kyo: More or less

Yu: *Hides behind Fire* you're not going to torture me are you?

Me: *Grins evilly* Maybe, maybe not

Fire: Well then lets get started *smirks evilly*

Yu: Why is she smirking?

Me: If I had to guess I would asume she is thinking about beating the crap out of Ryuga when we find him *starts looking for the others*

5 minutes later

Yu: Are we there yet?

Kyo: For the fifthtenth time, No! Now stop asking

Yu: NEVER *sticks out tongue*

Kyo: I'm going to ~

Fire: Don't even think about it

Kyo: Vulpix you're going to ~

Me: If you value your life you will not finish that sentance

Kyo: O_O

Me: *Smiles* Good

Fire: *Starts walking again then trips over something* WTF?!

Me: Looks like you've fallen for Ryuga *points to an unconcious Ryuga not to far from a Jgglepuff (Pokemon)drawing on an unconcious Jack's face*

Fire: *anger voice with a frying pan in a her hand* Vulpix I'm going to ~

Me: Before you finish that sentance, what kind of flowers do you want at your funeral?

Fire: O_O

Kyo: What's a Jigglepuff doing here? *pointing out the Jigglepuff that had just finished drawing glasses on Jack*

Jugglepuff: *Disappears into thin air*

Me: Werid

Fire: Darn, it forgot to Ryuga's face *takes paint from Jack's pocket and starts face painting Ryuga's face*

Ryuga: *Wakes-up and sees Fire* What are you doing?

Fire: *Smiles* Nothing *trying not to laugh*

Me, Kyo & Yu: *rolling on the ground laughing at Ryuga's newly painted face*

Ryuga: *Turns to me* what did she do?

Me: Nothing Pikachu

Ryuga: What *grabs compact from Jack's pocket only to see Pikachu's face* I'm going to kill you, Fire

Fire: *Shrugs*

Me: Yu grab Jack so we can torture him when he wakes up

Yu: *Drags Jack by his hair over pointed rock, broken glass, and a puddle of acid* wow Jack is a really heavy sleeper

Me, Fire and Kyo: *Nod in agreement*

?: Just wait until the snoring kicks in then you'll want to send him down a waterfall that falls into a volcano

?: You'll never know who I am

Fire: Actually they'll know next chapter

Me: BTW I will allow authors and one of their ocs for each chapter however I will need to know who you and your oc fan girl/boy over.

Bladers: Bye