Harry felt a gut-wrenching terror in the pit of his stomach. It was more terror than dreams of green flashing light had ever given him. It was the scared little kid feeling that had ruled his childhood. He felt familiar thick fingers pressing on the back of his head. He choked back tears as the hard flesh was pressed to his lips. His jaw glued shut and he refused to open his mouth. The press was insistent, from the back and the front. He couldn't stop the hot tears from rolling down his face as he relented and parted his lips. He squeezed his eyes closed as his face was mercilessly fucked.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hogwarts, he screamed inside his mind, Ron, Hermione, Malfoy. Malfoy, yes. think about Malfoy! Think about fighting him and the witty retorts. The hair, the eyes, the mouth. Harry felt a shock go through him, but he ignored it. Yes, Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. What's his middle name? Where does he sleep? Is he awake now? I'll be at Hogwarts soon and I can fight with him. Or just see him. I don't care! Anything but this! Harry allowed his mind to stay on the pale, blonde Slytherin instead of what was happening to him.

Even as he choked on the hot spurts that shot down his throat, he thought of Draco Malfoy. He tried to remember everything he could about the other boy as he slumped against the floor. White-blonde hair, grey eyes, pink lips, sharp tongue, haughty expression, pale skin… Harry's mind listed off as many things as he could think of about Malfoy. He had no idea what made him latch onto that particular Slytherin, but he had and now he was Harry's salvation.

The next morning, as he brushed his teeth, trying to get rid of the stale cum taste in his mouth, he thought only of Draco Malfoy. White-blonde hair, grey eyes, pink lips, his mind chanted. All day, as he hid in his room, the chant continued. All night as he awaited the heavy footsteps, the chant continued. As hot flesh was pressed inside him, the chant continued. As the pain shot through him, the chant continued.

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed. All that filled his mind was Draco Malfoy. Except for brief moments of panic or when an owl delivered a letter, all he thought of was Draco Malfoy. If he ever allowed himself to pause in the chant, he'd probably scold himself for being so foolish. He'd probably tell himself it was disgusting to think of Draco Malfoy while someone raped you. He'd probably say it was wrong of him to think of everything, right down to the curve of Draco Malfoy's ass, when he was clearly enemies with the other boy. But he never allowed a pause. In fact, he hardly allowed himself to relax at all until he was on the Hogwarts Express.

It was sort of a shock for him when he suddenly realized he was sitting in a compartment with his two best friends, who were happily chatting away. He visibly relaxed, his shoulders drooping slightly. He felt a smile break through on his face, relief filling him completely. He joined the bright conversation with his friends, glad to be free. Their blissful conversation was interrupted by a familiar haughty voice that had filled Harry's thoughts all throughout the summer.

"Enjoying yourselves?" Draco's voice called coolly from the now open compartment door.

Harry couldn't help the grin that spread across his face. There was his savior, just as he had left him, though slightly taller. Draco's eyes turned on him and his smile grew larger. His heart beat blissful flutters against his chest as his savior gave him a sneer.

"What's got you so happy, Potty?" Draco demanded.

Harry blushed a bit.

"You wouldn't understand, if I told you, Draco," Harry replied quietly.

Harry didn't allow himself to think about when Malfoy had become Draco.

"You really are weird," Draco said in response, a sneer forming on his face.

"I suppose," Harry answered, shrugging.

Draco was unsure what to say to that, apparently, as he scowled at Harry and spun around to leave.

"See you later, Draco!" Harry called out of the door.

As he turned back to his friends, they looked at him in confusion. He shrugged.

"Kill 'em with kindness, yeah?" he supplied in answer to their unasked question.

"Good point, Harry," Hermione spoke up, "And besides, isn't it about time we gave up this silly feud? A war is coming and we don't need to be making it with the wrong people. Not that I like Malfoy, but he's not exactly a threat, is he?"

Ron seemed to be considering this for a moment. He finally shrugged.

"Whatever you say, Hermione," he answered, stretching and yawning, "You're the smart one."

"Yes, I am," Hermione agreed, "And don't you forget it!"

Harry grinned at his friends, relieved that they would no longer be fighting his savior.

"I think we're about to Hogwarts," Hermione looked at her watch, "I think we better change into our robes."

The boys shuffled around, pulling out their robes. Hermione waited until the tall, awkwardly gangly boys were done retrieving their clothes. She rolled her eyes at the crumpled ball of clothes in Ron's hands.

"Honestly, Ronald," Hermione said in a stern voice, "You should take better care of your robes!"

"Whatever," Ron mumbled.

"Don't whatever me!" Hermione said in a rather shrill voice.

Harry ducked out of the compartment, closing the door behind him. He didn't want to be around for the argument. He couldn't help but smile a bit though. He was sure that it wouldn't be too long before his two best friends got together. They'd been awkwardly dancing around it for quite some time now. He was pretty sure it went back to when Ron had stood up for Hermione against Draco. When he'd cast the "eat slugs" spell. Harry had noticed a glow in Hermione's eyes when it'd happened. Which was soon squashed as Ron started puking up slugs. Still, Harry was certain that had been the moment.

Harry was thinking of all this as he went down the corridor of the train. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going or the fact that he was going. Suddenly, he smacked into something hard and went sprawling across the floor. His robes scattered everywhere and his glasses flew from his face, causing him to be temporarily blind. He winced horribly as his bruised arse hit the floor.

"Sorry, sorry," he muttered, as his hands searched for his glasses, "I was totally thinking about my friends being in love. Totally not paying attention. My fault. Give me one minute and I'll help you up. Sorry, sorry, sorry."

Finally, his fingertips touched the familiar leg of his glasses and his babblings stopped. He slipped them on and turned to the person he'd run into. His face blushed a magnificent shade of crimson as he saw Draco sprawled across the floor, trying to fix his hair. Harry stood, gathering up his robes and held a hand out to Draco, who reluctantly took it.

"So sorry, Draco," Harry murmured, "I'll be more careful next time. I'm very sorry. Are you alright?"

"Stop that!" Draco snapped at him.

Harry winced as the words hit him like a slap across the face.

"Sorry, sorry," he muttered, lowering his head and backing away.

"What's wrong with you, Potter?" Draco demanded, "Why are you acting like this?"

"Nothing, nothing's wrong," Harry mumbled, still backing away.

Draco followed him, unwilling to leave it at that.

"Something is definitely wrong, Potter," Draco said in a low voice, "You can't fool me."

"S-sorry, Dra-draco, suh-sorry," Harry stuttered, "I wasn't trying to."

"Harry Potter!" Draco snapped, "Look at me!"

Harry turned his face up, hesitantly looking into the Slytherin's eyes.

"Harry? What happened?" Draco asked in a soft voice.

Harry wanted more than anything to open his mouth and tell Draco all about that summer, but he knew he couldn't.

"Nothing," Harry whispered.

Draco's face filled with anger and his hand flew out and slapped Harry's face.

"Fine!" Draco shouted at Harry, "You acted like you wanted to be friends! Now you lie to me! So fine! Have it your way!"

Harry watched as Draco pushed passed him and stormed away. He felt his heart melting at the sight. He knew he should feel bad for lying, but he was just so happy that he talked to Draco that he didn't even care. He touched the stinging place where Draco's hand had hit and smiled. That's when he knew he was in trouble