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"Beatrice, you need to get up NOW!" I hear Caleb yell from downstairs. Yeah like I really need to be up two hours before school starts, but all that is on his mind is Susan and the little club they are trying to get into together. But I get up anyway. Today is the first day of school as a Junior. I pick out a pair of black skinny jeans and a silver tank top and a white crop top. An outfit Christina picked out when we went back to school shopping four days. I like it. I leave my hair down it falls in curls that reach just past my shoulders. I also put on mascara and I put eyeliner on to make my eyes look striking.

"BEATRICE! Are you even coming?" Caleb yells. I come running down the stairs and when I reach the bottom he purses his lips and his eyes scan me.

"You know one day you could stop doing that. I know you are my older brother and you are over protective but seriously," I look into his eyes. "You aren't a robot; you don't need to scan me."

"What are you wearing?" My father says as he looks at me in shock. He disapproves of everything I say, think, and do.

My mom comes to my aid. "Hon, she is 16, she can make her own choices." I look at her with gratitude shining in my eyes.

"Beatrice, we need to go now!" Caleb says.

I roll my eyes and follow him out into his car. He drives silently to school and parks. As I get out Caleb stops me. "Hey, Beatrice," he says.


"Don't do anything stupid." He replies.

I look at him with a grin and turn away and walk toward the building. I stop at the glass doors, well summer is over and school is here to ruin it. I open the doors with a heave. I walk to the cafeteria as I have an hour to burn before school starts because Caleb had to be here early.

"TRIS!" I hear a high screech behind me. I turn and see Christina. She runs up to me and tackles me to the ground. I don't understand why she acts like she hasn't seen me in forever when I just saw her 4 days ago.

When we make it to the cafeteria I can't help but notice Christina staring at a new kid who sits a table away. "Christina," I say snapping my fingers in front of her face. "Hello? You in there?"

She shakes her head, "Sorry I was-," she starts but I interrupt her.

"You were just staring at the new kid over there." I say pointing to the table behind us. Blood rushes to her cheeks and they turn red with embarrassment.

Uriah, Marlene, Lynn, Shauna, Zeke, and a guy I haven't seen before, with dark blue eyes, all plop down at our table, with the guy with the dark blue eyes sitting right next to me. I turn to look at him and meet his eyes, we stare at each other for a while and then Zeke starts to talk.

"So…everybody this is Four. He is new here." Zeke says. "Four, this is Tris and Christina."

"Hello Christina," he says as he looks at her and then he looks back at me, "and hello Tris." His eyes looked different when they looked at me. Like he saw something he liked. I shake my head; it must have been my imagination. He wouldn't see anything he would like when he looks at me.

We finish up with breakfast and we all start to our separate first classes. Someone grabs my wrist and I turn to see that it is Four who is holding my wrist.

"Hey," he says, his eyes gleaming. "What's your first class?"

"Math." I say the word with disgust; my least favorite subject.

"Hey that is what I have first, too." He says with a smile.

"Cool." I can't help but feel a leap of joy having the same class as Four. I think I like him. I shake the thought from my head.

"Hey Tris, what do you have second period?" he asks, his eyes look hopeful.

"Uhh…French." I respond.

"Me too!" He says his smile, which also shows in his eyes, reaches from ear to ear. "Hey so you know how who you sit by in French becomes your partner for the whole year, right?" I wonder where this is going, but I ignore the thought and nod. "Will you sit next to me and be my partner?" He looks nervous.

"Definitely." I smile. Four wants me to sit by him! He could have any girl in the school to sit by him, but instead he wants me to

I stop at the bathroom to wash my hands; I spilt syrup all over them at breakfast. I smile. I'm glad Four asked to sit by him and be his partner. I think I like him, but not like as a friend, but more, definitely more.

When I walk into math, I see Four sitting in a chair near the middle of the room cheerleaders crowding all around him. I feel pang in my chest. Wait why? Am I jealous? I shake the thought away. But for some reason even though all those cheerleaders are drooling over him he doesn't look at them – he looks at me as I walk in. Why? Why would he be looking at me?

He flicks his hand to the cheerleaders as if to them that he doesn't like them. His eyes meet mine and we stare for a while. He looks at the cheerleader sitting next to him and asks her to move. She moves and sits by the other cheerleaders. "Wanna sit?" He says to move gesturing to the chair next to him. I sit down.


Why do all these cheerleaders keep bothering me? Haven't they noticed that I don't want anything to do with them? And then I see her, she is even better then Zeke described to me over the summer. And her outfit. It isn't extravagant but it hugs what curves she has. And her eyes I saw them in the cafeteria and it's like I can't get enough of them. And then she sees me and our eyes meet and stay there…staring at each other. Then I notice that she can't sit anywhere near me. All these cheerleaders are surrounding me. I look over at Lilia who is next to me. I ask her if she can move and she does but with a grunt. "Wanna sit?" I look at her hopefully. She sits down next to me without a word and I can't help but smile at her. The math bell rings and I look forward. I can't help myself but I start daydreaming… about her. I think that I sit there daydreaming for a while because I see snapping fingers in front of me and hear the faint whisper "Four, Four."

"Huh? What? Oh sorry." She smiles at me making a fool of myself. The bell rings and I get up. "What do you have next, Tris?"

"French, remember?"

"Oh yeah sorry." Nice one, Tobias, now she thinks you don't listen to her when she is talking. She smiles sweetly at me. I wonder what she is thinking. We walk to French and sit down next to each other. Lauren, who happens to be a cheerleader, sits down behind me and glares at Tris.

The teacher, Mr. Stevens, starts writing the pairs down on a piece of paper so we never change who our partner is. He also writes them on the chalkboard for the students who are new in French. That's when Lauren gets angry.

"WHAT? But I am supposed to be with Four! I mean he obviously has a crush on me." WHAT NOW? Since when did I get a crush on Lauren?

"Lauren, please sit down and calm down. If you wanted to be partners with Four then you should have sat by him. You know the rules. You are a senior and you have been taking French since your freshman year." She grunts with anger and sits down.

I look at the board to make sure I'm with Tris. I am and Uriah is with Marlene that's good for him he likes her. Zeke is with Shauna. Lauren is with Eric. "Ugh I'm with him?" Lauren says with disgust as she points to Eric. I shake my head; that girl won't shut up. I turn to Tris.

"So…when do you want to our project?"

"Whenever, you choose." Tris says as she shrugs her shoulders.

"I'll text you."


He just said he would text me but how does he have my number? Maybe Zeke gave it to him. That would be something he would do. I walk to history with Four close by me. Does he like me? Nah, no more than a friend. I look over at him and my eyes meet his. We just stare for a while. His eyes are truly mesmerizing. Then the bell rings and brings us back to earth. We run to history. We are late and Mr. Max, who gets called by his first name instead of his last, is the meanest teacher in this entire school. We make it in and Mr. Max glares at us. Uh oh.

"What were you two doing? Why are you late? Beatrice I expected better from you. I mean you are the Caleb Prior's sister. And more importantly why are you two together?"

"Uh well, sir, uh…" I start why can't I talk oh yeah that's right

because I can feel Four touching my back. His fingerprints leaving

their mark on my skin. I shiver.

"Well we were on our way when someone tripped Tris and she

dropped all her books and I helped her up and grabbed her books and

one of her books seemed to have disappeared and we were looking for

it when the bell rang. But then we saw it and I went and picked it up

for her and handed it to her and we made our way here." He says and

has no problem lying.

"You two better not be late again." He says glaring at us as if he

suspects something is going on between us. He tells us to go sit down

and Four removes his hand from my back leaving a cold spot there

instead. Why can he do that? I sit down and he slides in next to me.

Uriah turns around, "Hey Trissy." He says.

"Hi," I say ignoring the nickname.

"Why do I hear talking?" Mr. Max shouts.

I see Four grin; uh oh. "Well, Mr. Max, because you have ears." I

smirk and suppress a laugh.

"Four. Get. Up. Here. Now." He says quietly. It's better when he

shouts that way you know that is all he is going to do to you. Four gets

up and walks up there. His posture never changing but staying as

straight as a pole.

Mr. Max grabs the collar of Four's shirt and punches him in the jaw – one, two, three times – Four clenches his jaw so he doesn't cry out from pain. Can Max do this? I don't care if he can or can't. I find myself standing up and running towards the front of the room. I wiggle in the space between them so I form a barrier. "Beatrice this is none of your concern. Go sit down." Mr. Max says.

"No." Wait when did I decide to say that?

"What did you say young lady?"

"I said no." He punches me in the nose. I feel a warm liquid run down my neck. I kick him in the groin so he bends over and lets go of Four. Four then punches him like five times. He grabs my hand and drags me out of the room with him. Wait where are we going? He takes me into a janitor's closet.

"Why did stand up for me? You got hurt from it." He says as he plants his hand on my cheek, close to my nose. His fingers ever so delicate.

I sigh. "Because I couldn't just sit there and watch."

"Why?" He says.

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