Arrested! Chapter 1:


How did this happen? Kisshu wondered. I've got the worst luck ever….


Kisshu was out stealing more food when the doors to the closed store burst open, and he spun. A bunch of humans wearing some kind of uniform ran into the store, and Kisshu sighed. "What do you want?" he asked. "I was just getting some food."

"Stealing's illegal," one of the men said.

"I'm not human; does that even apply to me?" Kisshu asked. "And if I had money, I'd buy the food, but I don't, and frankly, the store owner would just call you guys if I came in here, money or no money. I don't know what your problem is; there's so much food here no one even notices if I take a few things. We all need to eat, right?"

One of the guys took out a flashlight, and shined it directly into Kisshu's face. He brought his arm up to shield himself from the brightness- and felt something sharp hit his arm. He immediately pulled out what felt like a dart, but he was too late. Kisshu started to feel sleepy, and fought it, but to no avail. Soon he was unconscious on the floor.

When he woke up, he had a pounding headache, and looked around. To his shock, he saw that he was in some sort of prison cell.

*End Flashback*

Kisshu sighed. He had tried teleporting, but something was blocking his ability to do so. He guessed it wasn't the handcuffs; he had already broken them, and he still couldn't teleport. I guess I'll be here a while…. Kisshu thought gloomily.

Suddenly the door opened, and Kisshu looked up. To his shock, Ichigo was standing in the doorway, also in handcuffs. A gruff-looking man behind her said, "Go in."

"Since when are prisons co-ed?" Ichigo asked.

"When we only have one cell that cancels out weird powers," the guy said. "In!"

Ichigo sighed and went in as the guy looked at Kisshu. "How the hell did you break the handcuffs!?" he asked incredulously.

"What do you mean? They're just metal," Kisshu said, puzzled. "The chain was easy to snap. But I guess they're not the reason I can't teleport."

"Maybe the chain was rusty…." the guy said.

"It wasn't rusty," Kisshu said. "You're going to have to find something harder than metal if you want to keep me in handcuffs- though why you're doing that is beyond me."

The guy sighed and went over to Ichigo, then took her handcuffs off. "No point in these if your roommate can break them," he grumbled. "Now I have to go tell my supervisor that we can't keep you two in handcuffs…."

"Have fun," Kisshu said. "I'd like to see the look on his face, though…."

"Forget it," the guy said, and left, closing and locking the door behind him while muttering something about, 'too strong for his own good'.

Kisshu snickered, then turned to Ichigo and asked, "So why are you in jail?"

"Ryou was unable to brainwash me, so he went to the police and told them I stole his portal machine," Ichigo sighed. "Unfortunately, that was true, so I ended up here."

"So the other Mews are brainwashed?" Kisshu asked.

"Yes, and so are Pai, Keiichiro, and Taruto," Ichigo said gloomily. "I couldn't convince the police of that, though, so they took me here, and now I'm stuck in a jail cell with YOU."

"What's wrong with that?" Kisshu asked.

"You're a perverted stalker," Ichigo said dryly. "But I suppose it's better than rooming with some psycho girl. At least I know you- sort of."

Kisshu sighed, then asked, "Can you use telepathy?"

"Yeah, I'm not exactly sure why though," Ichigo said.

Kisshu concentrated, and then Ichigo heard him say, We need some way out of here.

You're right, but do you have any ideas? You can't teleport right now, right? Ichigo asked.

That's true, but if we could manage to get to a place where I could teleport, I think I can teleport us to my planet, Kisshu said.

You can teleport between planets? Ichigo asked.

Yeah, but I might be the only one, and it's going to leave me very weak for a while, Kisshu said. I think that's our only hope though; Tokyo isn't going to be safe if we escape.

I guess you're right, Ichigo said. How do we get to a place where you can teleport, though?

I imagine they'll have to let us out at some point, and as far as I can tell, this is the only room in this place that has a teleport canceler, Kisshu replied. I don't think teleport cancelers can cover much more than one room.

You're probably right, Ichigo said. So basically, the first chance we get, you teleport us out?

Yep, Kisshu said. I think that's the best idea.

Alright, Ichigo said.

Suddenly the door to their cell opened, and two men came in. "We're here to ask you two some questions," one of them said.

"About what?" Kisshu asked.

"Your crimes," the man said. "We'll start with Miss Momomiya."

Ichigo sighed as the man asked, "Why did you steal that machine from Mr. Shirogane?"

"I wanted to make sure I had some way of getting to the aliens' ship in case Ryou decided to kill me," Ichigo said.

"What makes you think Mr. Shirogane would kill you?" the man asked. The other man was taking notes.

"He's an evil jerk who doesn't approve of my views on the fighting between the Mews and the aliens, and he's got at least two machine guns in the basement," Ichigo said.

"And what are your views on the fighting?" the man asked.

"I believe that a better way of solving this fight is giving the aliens the means to save their planet," Ichigo said. "Ryou has enough Mew Aqua to save their planet, but all he wants is for the Mews to kill the aliens. Which is absurd, considering our youngest member is nine. We're still basically kids; I don't understand why he wants us to become murderers. The aliens are fighting to save their dying race; I see no reason why we can't form a truce. Unfortunately, Ryou doesn't see it that way."

"Why did you accuse him of brainwashing everyone?" the man asked.

"Because the machine he used didn't work on me!" Ichigo said, frustrated. "The others are all brainwashed, but apparently while stealing is against the law, brainwashing your employees is not. I honestly don't understand why you didn't arrest him; did he brainwash you too?"

"We weren't on that assignment," the man said. "All we have is the reports, which is why we're in here asking you questions. We'll talk to our supervisor about brainwashing after we question your alien friend."

"My name is Kisshu," Kisshu said grouchily. "NOT 'alien'."

"Fine," the man said. "Why did you break into that store?"

"Well, for starters, I didn't break in, I teleported," Kisshu said. "And I teleported in because we were out of food again, and I don't trust Taruto to do the shopping, since he'll grab half the candy in the store and forget the other things we need. And if I HAD money, I would use it, but since I don't, and everyone runs away screaming when they see me, I have to go food shopping at night after the store closes. I honestly don't understand why you arrest people for stealing food. Everyone needs to eat, and those stores have so much stuff it doesn't really matter if someone takes something. You humans are so greedy; only letting the people who have money get food."

The man sighed and said, "The main reason you're in here is because you were attacking Tokyo, not because you were stealing food. What was your reasoning for that?"

"The same reason Ichigo and I were taken to jail," Kisshu said. "I was under orders, and I can't disobey my orders. Well, technically I CAN- it'll just get me killed."

"And who was giving these orders?" the man asked.

"Deep Blue, our so-called 'god'," Kisshu sighed. "He's really just an evil jerk who brainwashed everyone into thinking he was a god and would save them. His real intention is to wipe out both the humans and my people. And unfortunately, if he joins with his human host, he'll most likely be able to do that, too."

"Do you know who his human host is?" the man asked.

"Yep," Kisshu said. "His name is Aoyama Masaya."

Ichigo's jaw hit the floor. Kisshu smirked and said, "Didn't you ever wonder why the most popular guy in your school would go out with a girl who's not in the popular crowd? He needed a cover, and going out with his worst enemy was the perfect way to get around unnoticed. He also probably thought if he got close enough to you and the other Mews, he'd have a better chance of wrecking your plans."

"Is this just another plot to get him out of your way?" Ichigo asked suspiciously.

"No," Kisshu said. He concentrated, then snapped his fingers, and a piece of paper appeared in his hand. "This is a page from Pai's notes," he said, handing the paper to Ichigo. She read it, her eyes growing wide.

I have discovered the identity of Deep Blue's human host, it said. It's the boy Mew Ichigo is infatuated with; Aoyama Masaya. He seems to be unaware of the power within him, but that could just be a cover. If it is a cover, he's probably just using Mew Ichigo. If it's not a cover, he may simply be attracted to the power within her. I should research this more…

The notes ended there, but in the margins it said,

Note to self: tell Kisshu about this so he won't kill the guy. Not that he won't anyways. Reckless idiot….

Ichigo was numb with shock as she handed the paper back to Kisshu. Kisshu handed the paper to the man questioning them, and came to sit next to Ichigo. "Ichigo, are you okay?" he asked. She didn't look at him, and didn't respond even when he put an arm around her shoulders.

The man questioning them looked up from the paper and asked, "What should we do about this guy?"

"Kill him; it's the only way to ensure Deep Blue doesn't get a chance to join with him," Kisshu said.

"We'll go discuss this with our supervisor," the man said. He stood up, and left with the man who had been taking notes. The door was quickly closed behind them, and Kisshu sighed.

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