The first time I laid eyes on Finny I started to feel uncomfortable. Not like he was going to hurt me, or like we shouldn't be friends. But I got this fluttering feeling in my stomach when I saw him in a shirt that conforms to his body quite nicely.

"Hi, you must be my new roommate," he said in a southernly accented voice.

'Yeah, I'm Gene, Gene Forrister,' was all I could muster in reply.

"Well I'm glad to meet you Gene," he said as he wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace.

Unable to think of what to do I stood there like a dummy feeling my cheeks flourish into a violent pink. When he finally stood back I saw he also had acquired color in his face.

Unsure of what that meant I decided to unpack my small amount if belongings and push my feelings (which I weren't sure of) into the back of my mind for now.

The sun is down now and I know I need to go to sleep for classes tomorrow, but my mind is too cluttered. I'm listening Finny's breathing as he's sleeping and ugh. I just want to crawl into his bed with him. I know this is wrong, but I just can't stop myself. What would he think if he knew?

Would he ask for a new roommate?

Would he hate me?!

Would he feel the same..?

UGH! I'm getting nowhere with this. Maybe if I just.. Wake him up-

"Gene? Are you awake, I can't sleep."

Speak of the devilishly handsome boy.

'Yeah Phineas, I'm awake. Are you okay?'

"No.. I mean.. Gene, I have to tell you something."

I heard the squeak of the bedsprings and then felt his body on my bed. I started to feel a part of me lengthen and did what I could to hide it. I just wanted him to come a little closer..

"I can understand it if you want a new roommate when I tell you this. But. But I think I like you Gene. And not like a pal likes another pal. I like you-"

I couldn't hear anymore. I had to express my feelings In the only way I could. So I sat up and put my lips against his. Hard. My eyes fluttered open for a second and then I broke from his mouth. By the moons light from our window I saw the look in his eyes. Exasperated shock. I'm starting to think I did something wrong.

"Gene. I've never done anything like this in my life, but I think this should be our little secret. I also think I want to spend the night here."

Finny pressed his soft lips on mine as he started to get under the covers. Neither of us wear shirts to bed so its just his athletic body against my lanky one. And I've never felt so great. Our kisses deepened and I had to stop myself before straddling him.

'Finny, we should get some sleep, and save this for the weekend.'

"Gene you are absolutely no fun but I suppose you're right. Night roomie."

He put his head on my chest and I folded my arms around his toned body. As I fell asleep, our breathing in sync, I couldn't help but think this was just right for me.

*~ end of chapter one~*