Chapter 1: End and Beginning

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Chpt 1: The End and a New Beginning

Chaos: that's all that the Kyubi Jinchuriki, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, saw around him. The army of undead shinobi and the seemingly endless Zetsu soldiers kept causing mass destruction for the Shinobi Alliance. Naruto was in his Kyubi Chakra Mode facing off against the man responsible for all the horror: Tobi. It made the blonde's blood boil at the fact that a man who did not care what or who he was called would do all of this. All of Naruto's friends were either dead or dying, and the 40 year old Kyubi host was at his wits end. He and the Alliance believed that the war ended 20 years ago when Tobi seemingly died! The fact that everyone let their guards down over the past two decades was not missed by the No-Named psychopath. What confused the blonde was how the Zetsu forces were remade to their originally endless numbers. Tobi saw his confusion and started to laugh insanely. He then stared at the Jinchuriki and said, "I've been biding my time for 20 years just for this day: the day where my 'Moon-Eye Plan' becomes a reality! And there isn't a thing you can do about it, boy!"

"How the fuck are you still alive, teme?" Naruto roared.

"Don't you understand? With the power of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan I have reached immortality at its greatest. I cannot die by such simple means as a Rasengan through the heart." He then cackled madly again and yelled, "This is the end for you, Namikaze!" he then held out his left hand and a familiar chirping sound came from it. "I'm glad that I witnessed this attack from Sasuke; the Chidori! But let me add my own little flare to it." His EMS started to spin while gazing at the Chidori and the flames of Ameterasu mixed with it. The lightening and black flame synched together perfectly and Tobi stated, in a deathly calm voice, "Mangekyou Chidori."

Naruto cursed and said, "This is for everyone I loved; especially my godparents, parents, and neechan! I still need to destroy you for instigating my parents' deaths, having Kurama sealed inside me, starting this war, and killing Anko-nee, you psychotic bastard!" The Cloak's "arms" started to form a dark sphere in Naruto's right hand and Naruto was soon holding his Biju Rasengan in all its destructive glory. He also made a seal-less Shadow Clone that had mental orders for what Naruto called his final trump card. He then said in pure determination, "Let's end this, Tobi. It's time for you to die."

Tobi said nothing and paid the Shadow Clone no mind. Why would he when the clone just needed a single hit to dispel. Both men charged, their jutsu at full power, and thrust their techniques at each other. With a roar, both jutsu clashed and met at a standstill. However, while that was happening, the Naruto clone went through a long series of handsigns, and it prepared for the technique that his father used to stop Kurama's rampage: the Shiki Fuiin.

Little did Tobi know, the "clone" was actually the real Naruto who substituted with it the moment he made the clone. This was all part of Naruto's trump card. As soon as the two jutsu in the power struggle cancelled each other out, Naruto would use the Shiki Fuiin on Tobi to end the war. Tobi may have an immortal body, but Naruto believed that no one can have their soul be out of the Shinigami's reach. Naruto saw the end of the clash right when he finished the last handsign. He then rushed at Tobi while the clone dispelled itself to create a smokescreen. When he reached the madman, Naruto gripped his shoulders and used the last of Kurama's chakra to give him the strength to not let go.

Tobi's eyes widened when he saw the purple face of the Shinigami and he grew fearful. He had no idea that this brat was able to perform such a feat. The entity of death took the dagger it had out of its mouth and stabbed the blade right through both the Namikaze and the Nameless Madman. Naruto merely smiled through the pain and said, "Your time is up, teme. I hope you enjoy your stay in Shinigami-sama's stomach!"

Tobi began to feel his soul being ripped away from him. He desperately tried to stop it, but it kept pulling away. His final words before his soul was completely ripped away were, "Damn you, Namikaze! My plan is ruined all because of you! Damn you!" And with that last, enraged cry, Tobi, the catalyst for the 4th Shinobi War, had finally been defeated. Naruto then collapsed from the pain and loss of chakra. He believed that he performed his "last" act as a shinobi perfectly; however, the Shinigami had other plans.

In Limbo

Naruto's lifeless body floated in a world surrounded by light. Gone were the clothes reminiscent of his tou-san's Hokage gear. Instead, he wore a plain white kimono with an orange obi and his Konoha headband wrapped around his neck. He wasn't alone though. Beside him, decked out in their usual clothing stood to figures. They where Jiraiya of the three San in. And on his shoulders stood the two teachers of toad Senjutsu (Sage Technique). They where surprised at seeing Naruto as such. But quickly remembered the agreement brought for from them by the shinigmi. The Shinigami himself was there as well. He had big plans for the Child of Prophecy of the Elemental Realm.

Naruto soon began to stir and woke up slowly. He saw nothing but light and felt nothing but warmth. It was strange; this was the Shinigami's stomach? Why did it feel so relaxing? He then looked to his left and saw the other three. His breath hitched in his throat when he saw the familiar faces of his teachers. Naruto's face was a mask of confusion as he slowly walked to the three. Finally he reached them still astonished at seeing such familiar faces. "This is real?" he asked, unsure of what he was feeling.

Jiraiya looked at Naruto with what was akin to pride a father would feel to his son. Their faith was well placed and he was the child of prophecy. "Ero-Sennin?" Naruto asked still unsure if this was real or not. "Its me gaki" Jiraiya said with pride in his voice at him.

Fukusaku and Ma watched him also with pride at their Naruto-chan. They jumped off Jiraiya's shoulders and landed on Naruto's shoulders. Finally alerting him to their presence. "Ma? Pa?" Naruto asked hopefully. "Naruto-chan you did it" Ma said with pride. "Atta boy" Pa said also with pride.

The Shinigami watched the reunion with a gentle smile of his own (kinda weird since he's a seriously scary looking spirit, huh?). He knew of the sacrifices that Naruto made since he was the deliverer of said sacrifices. He planned to repay those sacrifices with his offer he had, so he immediately got their attention. "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, you have proven true bravery and determination with your sacrifice. I am pleased to tell you that your actions have succeeded in ending the war and you will be repaid for all you have endured."

Naruto was shocked at that. He was gonna be repaid for everything? How was that possible? "How are you gonna repay me, Shinigami-sama?"

The Spirit smiled and said, "By offering you a chance at life again; only, it will be very different from your previous one."

"Exactly how different?" Naruto asked, his childhood taught him not trust easily. Even if it was a deity.

"Naruto will technically still be dead where he is going. The realm I am sending him to is called 'The Spirit Realm'. The one you all were born in was the 'Elemental Realm'. Naruto will actually be a Shinigami."

"How can there be more then one of you Shinigami-sama? Fukusaku asked?

"In that realm, I am known as the 'Spirit King', the King of all Spirits and Shinigami. The Shinigami in the Spirit Realm are actually soldiers and deliverers of judgment for the deceased. They wield sword with incredible power that are called 'Zanpakuto', and each one is unique to its wielder. Naruto will become a Shinigami and fight alongside the Child of Prophecy for the Spirit Realm. That is how his life will be different."

"So, where does Ero-Sennin, Ma, and Pa play a part in this?" asked Naruto.

The Spirit King smiled and said, "They will become your Zanpakuto. The both of them will each take the form a sword and will have their abilities from your world sealed away. Though be wary that they may not have the full brunt of their abilities" he finished with a warding tone. Before he continued "You should know that Zanpakuto gain power when the wielder knows its name. Unfortunately for you, your Zanpakuto will have different names that hold their abilities. The will still be Jiraiya and Fukusaku, and Ma, but they will have a secondary name for their power. Do you understand?"

Naruto nods and asks, "What else should I know about this new realm?"

The Spirit King then explained the Soul Society, its individual squads, its duties, wholes, hollows, and Shinigami abilities such as Shunpo and Kido. Naruto and his companions absorbed this information like sponges and agreed to this offer from the Shinigami. But then, the Shinigami dropped the bomb on them. "Naruto, you should know that when a person with high reiatsu dies, their spirit form takes on the age when their spirit was at its strongest. Do you know what age this was for you?" Naruto thought about it long and hard but shook his head in the negative. "Remember when you vowed to stop crying and actually try to make people see you for you?"

Naruto vaugely remembered when he made that promise. But it was so long ago and he was surprised at the age he made that promise. "You mean to tell me that my spirit form will be that of my 7yr old self?" Himself and his recently turned Zanpakuto spirits were shocked at that. Naruto's heart was strongest at age 7? "I have to become a kid again?"

"Not exactly. You will look like a kid, but you will still have all of your knowledge, wisdom, experience, and memories. Most souls look much younger than they actually are. You are no exception, my young Jinchuriki. Speaking of which; Kurama will be coming with you and be sealed in you again." The four souls nodded at that though they were somewhat surprised at that. Kurama played a big part in the effort to end the war and that at least warranted his freedom. Undeterred the Shinigami continued "He will act like a secondary reiatsu source, but a 'hollow-like' reiatsu source. If you are able to tame him again, you will be able to regain your Jinchuriki powers you had when you were alive. However, he will not awaken until you have awakened both of your Zanpakuto powers and are beginning to achieve bankai. Understood?"

Naruto nodded eagerly and said, "Let's get started already!" The Spirit King merely chuckled and spread his energy around the small pseudo family and, in a flash of light, all that remained was a 7 year old Naruto and 3 swords. One of them was a katana with the other two being Tanto. They all had black sheathes but that was where the similarities ended. The katana had a blue hilt with a circle pattern going up it and a silver guard shaped like the konoha leaf insignia. The tanto's where similar in regards. They both had a red handle with a triangular pattern going up it. The guards where both a bronze color but one was squared shaped with the other being circular. These swords were the Zanpakuto of Jiraiya and Ma, and Pa respectably. Naruto was dressed in a black shirt with an orange Uzumaki spiral on the back. He wore cargo shorts that went past his knees and had some sneakers with a check on the side aka Nikes. To honor the memory of Anko, he wore a beige trench coat. And as always the ever present necklace of the shodai. He checked himself out before giving the Spirit King a smile and a nod. He then strapped Ma and Pa's tanto form to his waist and strapped Jiraiya's sword form across his back. "Alright, Shinigami-sama, I'm ready to go." he said with some excitement.

The entity of death nodded and opened up a portal to the Spirit Realm, or more specifically, Karakura Town. "You will begin your new life in this city in the world of the living. Good luck Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and don't make me regret this" he finished in a demonic tone.

Naruto shivered at this and hastily said "You won't Shinigami-sama. and thank you for this Shinigami-sama. Thank you for this second chance." He then thought of what it would be like if he had his precious people with him. And grew depressed at the thought. 'It would nice for them to be here.' He thought.

Even though they were now his Zanpakuto, he felt as if his teachers tried to console him after that thought; it felt as if they placed comforting hands on his shoulders. It also felt like Anko was going to beat him in the dirt for being depressed. Their comforting presence and that natural instinct of wrathful women helped raise his spirits up a little.

The Spirit King shook his head as if reading his thoughts "Unfortunately, Naruto, I was only allowed to bring the five of you according to Kami-sama's orders. I'm sorry."

Naruto nodded his head solemnly and said, "Well, at least I still have their memories. I will keep those in my heart always." And with that, he stepped through the portal and headed off to start his new life.

The King of the Spirit Realm watched his newest Avatar of Death head off to face his new life. Smiling at the determination the blonde showed, he said to himself, "Good luck, Child of Prophecy. I look forward to what you and the other Prophecy Child will soon accomplish in your new life."


And that is the end of the first chapter of the rewrite of the story. I will be keeping a lot of the plot used by pain17ification. But will make noticeable changes. So thanks again Pain for letting me take the story. Ja Ne