Remus had a hard day today, it was right after the full moon, so he was terribly tired, and people were taunting him again. Most days he was alright with it, but it just got to him today. He walked back to Gryffindor common rooms and lay on the couch with a book and started reading, until Sirius took it away to get his attention. "Hi Sirius..."

"Mooney, listen!"

"Yes Padfoot?" he said tiredly.

Sirius was hyper. "Me and Prongs have a new plan to lead on to give Snivillus hell!"

"That's great," he sighed, "Now can I have my book back?" he yawned.

"And we want you to help us!" he went on, ignoring Lupin's inturruption

"When?" Remus sighed, " 'Cause if it's tonight, I don't wanna..."

Sirius' face fell. "What? Why?"

"I'm tired, Padfoot..." he said, "And it was a bad day, you know, with the moon and all..."

"Oh come on! if we could recover you can too! You put on quite a fight last night, Mooney old pal." Sirius grinned

Remus smiled a bit, "I'm over that, it was just a bad day today," he said, putting emphasis on today. "It was just not a good day..."

He frowned, and sat down. "What's wrong?"

"Well you know, just everyone was making fun of me, like usual... It got to me today."

Sirius growled. "how are they making fun of you? they don't even know!"

"It's fine, Sirius..." he said quietly. "They know something is wrong with me... I'm not normal." Sirius rolled his eyes. "What? It's true... I'm...not like everybody else."he muttered. Sirius put a comforting arm around Lupin. Remus put his head on Sirius's shoulder, "Why can't I be normal...?"

"Normal is overrated" he whispered

"But being odd isn't fun either, Padfoot..."

"Doesn't matter, point is, you have people who are here for you." he said firmly.

"Like you?" he asked, looking up at him. He grinned. "Thanks Padfoot," he whispered, kissing his cheek.