Hellos, I bring you here...a new fanfic! A little now you see me for Ya'll. My fav pairing from that shit quickly became JackxDaniel, or LoversDeath. However you want to address it as. This might be a multy-chapter but I don't know yet. Well. I shall let you read now.~

WARNINGS: This is a MalexMale relationship! Don't like? What's wrong with you. Do like? Go ahead! There might be a future rape, trauma, and crying boys. LAUNGUAGE. And Jack. May be rated M in the future.

Anyways, enjoy!

Disaster road

If heaven's grief,

brings hell's rain, then

I'd trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday.

Pain was a constant thing in Jack Wilder's life, this time was no different. His head ached, as well as pretty much his whole body, his shoulder bled from where he'd been stabbed, his breath was coming out in harsh gasps, so he probably had a broken rib or two, and he was pretty sure one of his legs was broken. Cards were scattered around the concrete floor, some splattered with blood from when he tried to defend himself. Heh, so much for that. He thought bitterly. Being in an alley, he knew it would probably be a while before he was found but he was currently in too much pain to care, taking deep breaths he struggled to push himself off the ground to a sitting position. He rested his back against the alley wall his breathing having escalated to wheezing as he struggled to keep himself conscious.

He knew he had to get out of there, but his body wouldn't cooperate. He was beginning to feel numb. He wasn't a fan of reading, but in the few books he'd read he knew that probably wasn't a good thing. His mind was foggy, and his growing headache wasn't helping out the situation. As the darkness began to cloud his vision he was completely sure he wasn't going to see the light of tomorrow.

The only light that was on in the small apartment was the one in the room which Daniel Atlas shared with Jack. Daniel had been reading when Jack went out and had barely paid any mind to the young man. Now, being 2:35 in the fucking morning, the 'control freak' was beginning to wonder where the hell the kid went. He refused to admit he was getting worried about him. Jack went out every now and then, so it was kind of normal by this time. Yet, Jack never stayed out this late. Daniel shook his head and turned off the lamp. Jack had probably found something interesting and just decided to stick around. Yeah. That was probably it.

If only he believed it himself.

The call came at 5:55 in the morning. Startling Daniel out of his pleasant dreams, he practically jumped a few feet in the air at the annoying ringtone on his phone. With a loud grumble and a few curses he reached out and grabbed the phone off the nightstand before hitting the answer button with a very annoyed 'Hello?' There was a pause. "I assume you are the one known as Daniel" The person on the other line asked. Daniel felt as if something was suddenly very, very wrong. "Depends on whose asking." He answered quietly, eyebrows furrowed. "I'm calling on behalf of a man named Jack Wilder. Who as transferred into the hospital earlier today." Daniel's body went cold. Jack was in the hospital? "What happened?" He asked quickly, now completely awake, he jumped out of bed and began to get dressed. "He was found in an alley, probably random gang violence, but he was badly beaten." Random gang violence? As if, he was a horsemen for God's sake. He could easily escape a random gang. Hell, he could escape anyone."How bad?" Daniel's voice was shaky, even to his own ears, he admits he was a soft spot for Jack. The kid always trying for his attention, so yeah. He had a soft spot for him, but that was all he was willing to admit. "He had two broken ribs, a stab wound to the shoulder, and a broken leg. They wheeled him out of surgery a few minutes ago and that's when I received the information for your number." This didn't sounds good, this didn't sound goo at all. "What hospital?" Was all he could choke out. "Mount Sinai." Came the quick reply. "I'll be there in a few minutes." With that he hung up.

He ran out of his room and to the room in which Henley slept, almost kicking down the door. "Wake up he roared, Jack is in the hospital!" He saw the information register on her sleepy face before she leaped into action. Waking Merritt wasn't very hard, for the man had already been half awake after all the noise Daniel made. Both magicians were dressed in a matter of seconds as Daniel filled them in on the situation. Henley put a and to her mouth in shock, while Merritt stood n stunned silence. The three quickly ran out of the apartment and towards the small car they owned.

The ride to the hospital was long and tense, Daniel had a white knuckle grip on the steering wheel and he was going at speeds that would make his grand father roll in his grave. Merritt didn't even speak on the way, which freaked Daniel out more than it should have.

The car sped through the crowded streets of New York, earning many annoyed honks from other drivers, but the three horsemen didn't care, the only thing only thing on their mind was to get to their youngest member who was currently unconscious on a hospital bed.

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