Jesusssss Christ writer's block sucks. Like. A lot. It's fucking horrible. And school. UGH. I hate everything. Seriously. AND GUYS OUR STORY ENDS HERE D8 I was originally planning it to be longer, but after staring at the wall at school for ours on end I realized there wasn't much more to write. So I'll just end it here~ (I have another Lover'sDeath fic in mind that I'll get down to writing soon!) I honestly never thought this fic would get so much attention, but you guys were awesome! So, without any further ranting on my part. The final chapter of DISASTER ROAD!

We'll run where lights won't chase us

Hide where love can save us

I will never let you go

The weeks had gone by smoothly. Jack had eased into being touched again. (That might he because Daniel is practically all over him on a daily basis. Not that Jack minds.) He still would flinch, but not as often. (Daniel looked like he wanted to die when he'd dropped a plate next to Jack and the kid all but scampered away.)

Daniel had taken to smiling a lot more now. Probably because he and Jack were together now, but that might just be a wild guess.

Jack himself was like a bundle of sunshine, prancing around the small apartment in his crutches. Seriously, he might as well put flowers in his hair and roll around with a bunch of puppies.

Daniel just had to walk into the room and Jack was already beaming at him, while Merritt made gagging motions in the background.

Henley was happy for them, she said that as long as they kept it quiet, she'd support the relationship. (She said this with a suggestive wiggle of her eyebrows that had Daniel flushing madly and Jack choking on a glass of water he'd been drinking.)

Dylan sent them a congratulations card.


Daniel and Jack usually spent their days lounging on the couch watching TV, Jack resting his head on Daniel's lap. Probably drooling, because as Daniel learned, Jack drools. He figured it out when Jack fell asleep with his head on Daniel's shoulder and left a nice looking pool of drool there. Daniel enjoyed it though, a little too much, but he enjoyed it. The Jack sleeping on him not the drooling, Jesus.

It had been an exhausting ride, he had to admit. (Daniel still remembers quite clearly when Jack had opened one of his stitches by accident, it had been quite a show to sew the wound shut again since they couldn't take him to the hospital. There had been a lot of: "Jack stay still, Jesus!" "Goddamnit Jack we're trying to help!" "Fucking hell Jack did you just hiss at me?!") And now, sitting here with Jack sleeping on his lap, relaxed against the couch, feeling happier than he's ever been in a very long time, well, what more could a man ask for?


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