Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z - I do now own the Mafia - I do not own Nameks or Saiyans - which makes me a little sad, but OH WELL. I hope you enjoy :)

Warnings: This story is centered around Piccolo/Gohan.


"You know what this will mean, don't you? You'll be on their list. You, your wife, and your kids…no one will be safe."

He swallowed hard, staring at the paper sitting in front of him, unable to look at the man across the table from him. The darkness that hung in the rafters of the old fishery creaked and left silver cobwebs fluttering across newspaper taped windows. "But you promised us protection?"

"You'll get it. Just keep a low profile. I got my men coming at the end of the week to pick you and your family up. But I just want you to know what you're getting yourself into. We need your testimony, but it'll cost you – you'll have to move. You'll have to change your names, never speak to anyone you know again. No letters to your dear old mom or that brother of yours. Especially him. If you want out, you are going to have to do it and be dead to them."

He shifted in his seat, looking up finally at the man across the table. The man wore a pinstriped suit and he crossed his arms over his broad chest, all three of his eyes peering out from under his hat, the brim shadowing his face. The two agents behind him kept guard, peeking out through holes in the newspapers to make certain they weren't noticed. Tugging at his collar and wishing he hadn't gotten dressed up for this, he nodded and took the pen in hand, his heart hammering. "I know; and they'll understand. It's the right thing to do."

"Then sign the papers."

Squaring his shoulders, he nodded, firm and resolute and with a quick hiss of the pen upon paper, Son Goku signed his agreement with the Feds to try and put an end to the Saiyan Mafia family once and for all.

It was the right thing to do.

Author's Notes:

I was talking with my good friend, Spacefille (who was also the driving force in encouraging me to write this), and we got to talking about how interesting Piccolo is around only Gohan. Well, one thing led to another, and it dawned on us, that if Piccolo hatched from an egg only about four years before he actually fought Goku in that tournament, that means that he and Gohan are actually very close in age and to us, it was a revelation that that was why Piccolo ended up bonding so closely to Gohan - he himself was a kid who had to grow up fast, and Gohan gave him that opportunity to finally make a friend without the little squirt even trying. It was fascinating! That was just the start. Eventually I got to this point where I was writing Mafia fiction AU Dragon Ball Z :) heh I hope you like~