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On top of Sokyoku Hill stood Aizen holding Captain Komamura's Zanpakuto "It's been quite a while since I've seen your face. What's brought about the change in heart Sajin?" asked Aizen "Has something happened?"

"Aizen" started Sajin "How dare you stand there and smile like that" he growled, "You betrayed everybody, everyone of us! You will not be forgiven!" He looked slightly to Aizen's right and looked at Tosen "Nor will you Kaname!" he shouted.

Snarling Sajin brought his fist back and threw it with his Shikai following. As the giant fist slammed into the ground a large dust cloud gathered with Aizen and Sajin jumping out. Aizen landed next to Kaname with a smile that angered Komamura "Kaname! If you've got an explanation then I need to hear it now!" As Kaname said nothing it seemed to anger the animal Captain more "That's it? Nothing? Too bad Kaname" he said. Sajin then released a massive amount of spiritual pressure that didn't seem to faze them "Bankai!" Aizen's smile seemed to grow slightly as he suddenly appeared in front of Sajin 'Impossible! He should be...' looking up he saw another Aizen next to Kaname 'By Kaname's side!'

Looking back down Sajin saw Aizen prepare a Kido "Hado #90, Kurohitsugi" A dark box seemed to trap Sajin as it enveloped him in darkness then it seemed to explode on the inside. It dispersed revealing Sajin with multiple wounds as he fell to the ground unconscious.

Ichigo watched from the distance in shock and fear 'This battle between two Captains...I can't believe...I can be so helpless' he thought staring at the aftermath of the battle.

Aizen looked at Komamura's unconscious form saying, "Kyoka Suigetsu's complete hypnosis is flawless. But even if there were a flaw it would be impossible to escape it"

Gin Ichimaru walked forward "So that's unspoken Hado 90. Pretty scary stuff" he said "I take it you mastered that little attack when I wasn't looking"

"No it was a failure. What you saw was one third of it's destructive potential" Aizen looked at Gin and saw him holding a terrified Rukia "#90 is difficult to control" walking forward he grabbed her collar "Now then...Oh sorry" he said remembering Ichigo "I still haven't finished explaining things to you haven't I?"

"Ichigo!" called a voice. Looking Ichigo saw it was the Quincy, Uryu running with the rest of his friends.

"No!" shouted Ichigo stopping them "Go away!" They were all shocked at this.

Looking around Orihime saw Rukia being held by Aizen "Rukia!" she shouted.

Gin stepped forward blocking their view from Aizen "Oh no, no. You shouldn't be moving," he said releasing his spiritual pressure which Uryu and Orihime to their knees.

"Orihime, Uryu" said Chad still standing.

"Damn" said Ganju "What incredible spiritual pressure!"

Aizen seemed amused by this as he looked at Rukia "Now then Rukia Kuchiki. After I found you in the world of the living do you know what the first thing I did was? I went in and eliminated the Central 46" he said shocking Rukia "I imagine you heard a different story from Isane" he said dragging her "She probably told you that Sosuke Aizen faked his death and hid himself. Afterwards he slaughtered Central 46 but that's not how it happened at all" he continued walking as he talked "I killed them as soon as I discovered you and used my Kyoka Suigetsu on the entire Central Underground Assembly Hall. To simplify matters I made it look as if Central 46 were still alive and holding meetings.

In order to do that one of us stayed in the underground Assembly Hall at all times. Since then we have taken over the functions of Central 46 and we have been issuing all of their orders. To make sure of your arrest I had those members of Squad 6 take you in. To separate you from the human's I ordered the return and destruction of your Gigai. Too evaporate your soul and take the Hogyaku I decided the simplest way was to have you executed with the Sokyoku. The only time we weren't in the Underground Assembly Hall was the few hours surrounding the Captain meetings.

After that I pretended to die and hid underground because I knew your Ryoka friends might save you I knew the execution might fail" Stopping in the middle of the hill Aizen reached into his Captains haori and pulled out a small devise. Pressing the button six strange green pillars appeared from the ground scaring Rukia. Then Aizen's left hand suddenly turned green as he plunged it into Rukia's chest. Pulling it out he had a small orb in his hand as Rukia fell to the ground with a hole in her chest "How fascinating" said Aizen staring at the orb "I didn't expect it to be so small" his arm then changed from green back to his skin colour "The Hogyaku" the hole in Rukia's chest seemed to heal itself as she stared blankly at the ground "And no permanent harm to the soul, what an astounding technique" he said putting the Hogyaku in his haori.

"Its too bad" he continued whilst lifting her up "But I just dont have a use for you anymore. Kill her Gin," he said.

Gin turned and pulled out his small Zanpakuto "Well if I must" He aimed the blade at Rukia from the other side of the hill "Shoot to kill, Shinso" his blade then suddenly expanded at a great speed. It shot out towards Rukia and just before it hit she was saved by her brother, Byakuya, who took the hit for her.

"Oh no" she said at his side "Brother" The blade receded back to Gin letting blood pour out of Byakuya's wound. He fell to his knees in pain with Rukia holding on to him "Byakuya!"

Aizen slowly walked towards them about to draw his blade until he noticed something coming from the sky. Looking up he saw Jidanbo and Kukaku on his shoulder "Lets go Jidanbo!" shouted Kukaku.

"All right!" he shouted.

"Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle! Hado #63, Raikouhou!" she shouted shooting a yellow energy at Aizen. As the blast hit Aizen, Jidanbo landed on the ground with Kukaku on his shoulder.

Aizen however jumped out of the way and was about to reach for his sword until Yoruichi appeared holding it so he can't get to it. Soi-Fong appeared behind him with her Zanpakuto at his neck "This is another face i haven't seen for quite some time" said Aizen with a grin.

"Don't do it," warned Yoruichi "If you even move so much as a muscle"

Soi-Fong continued, "Then were going to cut off your head"

"Yes I can see that," said Aizen calmly.

"Kukaku!" shouted Yoruichi with a smile towards her friend.

"Hey Yoruichi!" she shouted back from Jidanbo's shoulder "I had a little free time on my hand. So since I was out, I'd thought I'd check in!"

"Well that sure was flashy," said Gin "What should I do?" he asked himself whilst knocking a piece of debris out of the way. Only Rangiku appeared behind him and held his arm up whilst her sword was at his throat.

"You shouldn't even move," she said.

"Sorry Captain Aizen!" called Gin "I got caught!"

"This is the end," said Yoruichi.

"What? Did you say something?" asked Aizen acting as if he didn't hear.

"Dont you understand Aizen? There is no place left for you," she said as people appeared surrounding them "No place you can escape to" Looking around Aizen saw it was the other captains and Lieutenants "Its over Aizen" finished Yoruichi.

"Im sorry to do this" he said with a smile "But the time has come"

Yoruichi then shouted "Soi-Fong get away from him!"

Quickly they both jumped out of the way of a blast of yellow energy surrounding Aizen. Then the sky seemed to open up to reveal multiple Meno's Grande. Then suddenly two more blasts of yellow energy appeared and shot towards Gin and Kaname surrounding them.

One of the Lieutenants was confuced "They're just gonna run away? That's it?"

"Stop!" shouted Head Captain Yamamoto "That light is a weapon with the name of 'Negacion' That's a technique the Meno's used when they are rescuing their fellow Hollow's. Once enveloped by that light it is impossible for those within and outside the barrier to interact. It is an isolated world inside the beams. All those who have fought the Meno's know of this. The moment that light fell on Sosuke Aizen it became completely impossible for us to reach him"

Soi-Fong then concentrated all of her spiritual pressure and shouted "Shunko!" and white energy seemed to surround her. She then ran at an incredible speed straight into Aizen's barrier.

"No Soi-Fong!" shouted Yoruichi.

"Stop Captain Soi-Fong!" shouted the Head Captain.

Soi-Fong just ignored them and slammed into the barrier. Somehow she managed to break through it which shocked everyone especially Aizen. Unfortunately getting through the barrier caused a lot of damage which caused her to fall unconscious "Interesting. It seems that Shunko is strong enough to penetrate the barrier but it damages the user" he looked and noticed Yoruichi was about to do the same until the Head Captain stopped her.

Captain Ukitake stepped forward saying, "You've joined with the Meno's. Why would you want to do that?"

Aizen looked at him and simply said, "I need to reach higher"

"Have you become that corrupt?"

"Your blinded by your self-righteousness. From the beginning no one has ever stood at the top, neither you, nor me, nor the gods" he then pulled off his glasses "But soon that unattainable vacancy at the top will soon be filled" Aizen then pulled his hair back as his glasses disintegrated. Looking down everybody saw his eyes look hard and evil instead of soft and good. From now on I alone will stand at the top" Everybody was shocked at all this "Goodbye Soul Reapers and goodbye Ryoka boy. Even for a human. I find you amusing" at this Aizen, Gin, Kaname, and Soi-Fong disappeared along with the Meno's closing the Garganta.

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