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Naruto walked through the gates that lead into the Second Division barracks. He looked around and saw a bunch of people, dressed in black, all training. Each had a mask on so he couldn't tell what any of them looked like. He continued on until he walked into someone, knocking over the food in the mans hands "Oh, sorry" apologised Naruto.

The man looked at Naruto and sneered, "What are you doing here?" he asked in a snobby kind of way. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man in front of him. The man was large, nearly the size of an Akamichi Naruto noted. He was wearing a black robe and had a purple collar and a lot of jewellery.

"Soi-Fong asked that I meet her in her office once I'm out of Fourth Squad's Division"

"That's Captain Soi-Fong to you!" shouted the man.

"And who are you?" asked Naruto, resting his hands on his swords hilts.

Somehow the man never noticed as he spoke "My name is Lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda. Second in command of Second Division" he said with an arrogant smirk that angered Naruto.

Just as Naruto was about to say something, a voice sounded out from behind him "What are you doing, Lieutenant Omaeda?" He turned and both him and Naruto saw Soi-Fong looked annoyed at the Lieutenant.

"C-Captain!" he shouted in surprise before saluting.

"Hey Soi-Fong" Naruto greeted with a wave and a smile. Soi-Fong contemplated on hurting Naruto for that but let it slide...for now.

"Naruto, I believe I asked to see you in my office once you left Fourth Division. What took you?"

"This guy here stopped me," answered Naruto, pointing to the large Lieutenant.

Soi-Fong narrowed her eyes before smirking as an idea formed "Omaeda, I believe that I told you not to distract important guests. This here is the Shinobi from another world and Head Captain has ordered that he be placed in my Division. Because you have disrespected our guest, I believe that a punishment is in order"

Omaeda paled at the word 'punishment' He gulped "P-Punishment?"

"That's right," said Soi-Fong looking completely serious although she was laughing maniacally in her head "Because you have disrespected our guest, he shall go against you in a fight. And if you lose, then he will take your place as Lieutenant"

"What?!" he shouted in outrage.

"Is there a problem?" she asked with a smirk.

Omaeda growled before looking at Naruto, who had a smirk 'This person taking my place as Lieutenant?! Impossible! I can easily defeat him and teach him his place!' He then took on an arrogant smug look "Fine, I'll fight"

"Good" said Soi-Fong, pleased at what was happening.

A few minutes later and everybody was surrounding a sparring ring with both Naruto and Omaeda inside it. The Captain was also on the side with a smirk, knowing that Naruto would win "Ready to lose, peasant?" asked Omaeda. Naruto didn't say anything as he stood still with his arms crossed, like Gaara did. Omaeda growled at the lack of response but got his sword ready.

"Begin!" shouted Soi-Fong.

Omaeda grinned as he grabbed his sword and shouted "Smash, Gegetsuburi!" His sword then changed into a chain and spike ball. Without another word he threw his weapon at Naruto, expecting it to hit and end the match. He was not expecting for Naruto to simply move his head out of the way and for the weapon to miss.

Suddenly, Naruto smirked and grabbed the chain. He yanked on it and Omaeda was thrown forward towards him. Luckily the large Lieutenant used his speed to disappear and reappear where he first stood, with Gegetsuburi in hand 'For someone his size, his speed is impressive. Not as fast as Gai-Sensei or Lee, but still fast' he then smirked 'But I'm faster'

'It must have been a fluke' thought Omaeda with sweat on his forehead 'There's no possible way that a commoner could have dodged my attack!' He then smiled, trying to be confident "Nice move, but it won't be enough to beat me" Naruto smirked, unnerving Omaeda, before closing his eyes and kept them closed. Soi-Fong could have sworn she saw steam coming out of Omaeda's head "Don't you dare mock me!" he shouted before using Shunpo to appear in front of Naruto.

"Too slow" whispered Naruto, making Omaeda widen his eyes as the blond had whispered the words from behind. What he couldn't see though was that Naruto had both of his swords drawn, which he was sheathing. Everyone stayed silent and no one moved, not even Soi-Fong as she stared wide eyed at what happened. Naruto sheathed his swords, opened his eyes, and looked directly at Soi-Fong. He raised his right hand and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, Omaeda had tears appear all over his robes and shallow cuts along his skin. He gasped before falling over unconscious. It was then that everyone noticed that his Lieutenant badge was missing and that Naruto was wearing it on his left arm "I win" he said simply.

Everyone stayed silent until Soi-Fong appeared in front of Naruto with her hand out stretched "Congratulations, Lieutenant Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze"

Naruto took the hand and they both shook whilst their heads were bowed "Thank you, Captain Soi-Fong" he replied with respect.

An hour later and we find Naruto standing in front of the entire Second Squad. Soi-Fong stood at the window in her office, watching happily 'It's about time someone other than I train the squad' she thought.

"Everybody!" shouted Naruto with authority in his voice "This will be our first time training together and I only have a few words for all of you..." He said and they listened "...I hope you can all keep up"

None of them could keep the shiver going up their spines at his words or the sight of his insane grin 'Were going to die!' they all mentally screamed. If one were to listen carefully, they would have heard laughter coming from the Captains office.

"Let's start off with something simple," continued Naruto and they all sighed in relief, thinking that he's go easy on them "I want all of you to hide"

They all grew confused and one Soul Reaper raised their hand "Why?" the person asked.

Orange marks appeared around Naruto's eyes and his pupils changed into that of a toads. He grinned when he saw their shocked looks "Because, when I am in this form I can sense the entire Seireitei. No matter what you cannot hide from me but I am going to make it where it will be difficult for Captain Soi-Fong to find you. I shall use these..." he said presenting a blunt shuriken "...I shall throw this and it will hit you. Don't worry, it's blunt so it will bounce off you. The point is to last as long as you can. You can move places and mask your presence. I don't care as long as you can hide. Do you all understand?" he asked.

"Yes sir!" they shouted in unison, already liking their new Lieutenant. Of course they were terrified of him but they also liked him.

"Good" he said with a nod "Now...hide!" he shouted. At that second the entire squad disappeared "Did you enjoy that?" he asked as Soi-Fong appeared beside him.

"Very much so" she replied with a smirk "So when are you going to start finding them?"

"I already have," he said with a smile. When he saw her confused look, he explained, "After you asked me to train the Squad I sent out clones all over the Seireitei. Each are you using Sage Mode so they can all sense everyone hiding" The orange markings disappeared from Naruto's eyes as they turned back to normal "Now, how about teaching me on how to unlock Shikai?"

"You don't want training on using a sword?" she asked back.

"No. When I was growing up, there were two people who helped me out. Their names were Yugao and Hayate. They were both the greatest sword wielders in the entire village. So whenever they were assigned to look after me, they started teaching me how to use a sword"

"Wait, you got training? Was this before the academy?"

"Yeah. A few Jonin taught me a lot of things"

"Then why act like an idiot?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

Naruto scowled "Because the council would have seen that the demon was gaining too much power and probably try and stop me" He shook his head "Enough about that, Shikai training?"

"Fine" said Soi-Fong after a moment "To unlock your Shikai, you must first learn your Zanpakuto's name. It is not as simple as it sounds. Most people train for hours on end until they hear their Zanpakuto speak to them, others meditate for days, and most learn it in a life or death situation"

Naruto nodded "That makes sense" he said before sitting down and placing both swords onto his lap. He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing as he began to concentrate on his Zanpakuto.

Soi-Fong said nothing as she thought 'He's meditating? Not a lot of people go for that and he didn't seem the type that would go for it. I'd better leave him alone, to not distract him' Soi-Fong then shunpoed back into her office and got back to the enemy that seemed to be in every dimension.


Another hour went by and Naruto never moved. He was glad that Jiraiya taught him meditation and patience otherwise he'd be ripping his own hair out. Suddenly he felt a small tug on the back of his mind. Thinking that it might have something to do with his Zanpakuto, Naruto concentrated on it until he sensed that his surroundings were different.

Opening his eyes he saw that he was now in a sewer like place. At first he was confused at where he was until he remembered, "I'm in my mind," he muttered as he looked at the depressing place. He shook his head and sighed "That village really did mess me up" Having nothing better to do Naruto started to follow the pipes, knowing where it will lead.

After what seemed like hours, but was actually a few minutes, Naruto found himself in a large room with a cage opposite him. It had a piece of paper on it with the kanji for 'Seal' but what shocked Naruto was the fact that the paper was ripped in half and that there was nothing in the cage "Calm down" said a voice from behind. Naruto looked to see a fox that went up to his waist in height.


"Yes, it is me. And before you ask, the reason I am small and not in the cage is because most of my chakra was sent into your Zanpakuto" explained the Nine-Tails.

"Ok. Wait, I already know your name so I can just leave now" said Naruto with a relieved look.

"You don't know my name. Kyuubi was what you humans came up with because I had nine tails. I tell you, no imagination in that name at all" he grumbled the last part.

Naruto sweat dropped at the sight but didn't say anything. Once the fox was done Naruto asked "If Kyuubi isn't your name, what is it then?"

Kyuubi smiled "It's..."

"I'm sorry, could you say that again? I didn't hear it"

"Then you are not ready to hear it. You will in due time and I am willing to bet soon as well. But until then I will help train you as a Shinobi"

"But I am already getting training" said Naruto with a confused look.

"No, that Captain is going to train you to become a Soul Reaper. I will continue your training as a Shinobi" Naruto nodded and Kyuubi then finished "Now leave and go see your mate"

"Mate? What mate?" Naruto then was suddenly thrown out of his mindscape and into the real world.

Naruto opened his eyes before blinking. He sighed 'Kyuubi...if that's not your name then what is it?' he thought as he stood and stretched after placing his swords in their now usual place.

Soi-Fong then appeared in front of him and asked, "So, how did it go?"

He shrugged and scratched the back of his head "Well it turns out the Kyuubi put most of his chakra into my Zanpakuto and that Kyuubi isn't his actual name"

"I told you it wouldn't be easy," she said with a (I told you so) tone.

"Well he did say that I would hear his name soon so I guess I just have to wait and see, or hear in this case" He looked at her "So how long was I out?"

It was Soi-Fongs turn to shrug "Only a couple of hours"

Naruto nodded before creating a single clone. The clone then dispelled itself and every other clone in the Seireitei knew what to do. Naruto turned to Soi-Fong and saw her questioning look "I made a clone and made it think 'Create a clone and dispel so I can see how the Squad is doing' I'm thankful that I numbered each clone so that they will dispel once a minute and not all at once"

An hour later and the entire squad entered the barracks. Naruto and Soi-Fong had to bite their tongues just to keep in their chuckles. Every single person had bruises all over their body and some even walked with limps. Naruto stepped forward and looked serious but only Soi-Fong could see the amusement in his eyes "I thank you all for doing your best on this training! I want you to know that we will be doing this once a week and every other day I shall be working on your strengths and speeds! I shall also be training you all individually!" to prove his point he created so many clones that they formed a circle around the entire squad.

Both Naruto and Soi-Fong could have sworn they heard someone say "So THAT'S how he kept finding us. You all owe me money!"

Naruto chuckled darkly "Let's see how all you survive the first week"

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