A Breath of Fresh Sebastian

AN: SebbyCiel fluff, anyone? I'm going to write cute things and pretend that my life does not in fact currently suck and blow :D

The club itself was on the small side, and while Ciel found the pounding music somewhat of a nuisance, the place had relatively cheap drinks, and he hadn't been out for awhile because of midterms. Maybe if he socialized just a tiny bit, Alois would stop threatening to sign him up for online dating.

He noted the rainbow flag with irritation, but not surprise. While he would like to think that Alois would simply take him to a gay bar for the atmosphere, he knew it was just another little dig at the fact that Ciel was supposedly in the closet.

Honestly, watch a short little snippet on redtube of two guys doing things, and you're gay. It was curiousity, nothing more. Why the hell did Alois feel the need to browse his history anyways? Honestly, he should have the little twat arrested for spying. It was embarrassing enough to succumb to the need to look at such trash anyways, without your almost friend judging your tastes.

That's what Alois was, although he claimed to be Ciel's closest and most trusted friend, he was more or less a person that came into his tiny studio apartment a few times a week in order to eat his food and tell him how to live his life. Granted, seeing as Ciel had very few friends, he learned to tolerate the people who were willing to put up with his sometimes foul moods. He knew he was arrogant and cynical at times, and not the easiest friend really to spend time with. Soma, Lizzie, and Alois were all obnoxious, but if they wanted to crash on his couch and eat pizza while he tried to finish his schoolwork, he was hard pressed to complain. A small part of him sometimes enjoyed the company, but he'd be damned if he ever let them know it!

"See? It's tiny in here, but look at the crowd? The sound system is really good too." Alois spun in a rather gay circle, spinning his rather gay clothes around with a flourish and smiling a rather gay smile.

"You…. You're gay."

"Pot calling the kettle black." Alois clucked his tongue at his joke and darted further into the labyrinth on all things rainbow and Ciel started after him.

Ciel manuvered through the maze of laser lights and drunken dancers and tried to find his stupid almost friend, so that maybe he could land a nice punch on that stupid blonde head, but alas, Alois was rather short and all the people seemed to hide him quite nicely.

Ciel scowled violently when he realized that he had just called Alois short when his friend was in fact a few good inches taller than him, but he was distracted by a smell.

Why on earth would a club allow its patrons to smoke on the dance floor? A lot of restaurants even banned it altogether or at least made an area for it. Ciel noted grimly that a lot of the swaying and grinding dancers had cigarettes in hand, and in one instance he even spotted an Asian man and his rather scantily clad girlfriend swaying gently while he was holding onto what could only be a crack pipe.

Just what the hell kind of place did Alois take him to? His anger was cut short by a tickle in his throat, which while minor to other people, was a slight concern to Ciel. He had to deal with not only the embarrassment of being 5'5" as a twenty two year man, but the privilege of having lungs that were riddled with asthma. He fumbled in his pockets for his inhaler, but did not find it. He glanced around and saw it lying on the dance floor, obviously from falling out of his pocket. Damn these skinny jeans Alois had forced upon him, pockets were too damn small to hold anything!

He would just have to go and get it then. He turned in the direction of the inhaler and the next comical, but ultimately damning moment happened in slow motion.

One of the taller drag queens, who looked rather comical (who wears glasses with chains, who wears that much red?) stomped his foot to the beat and brought one stiletto clad foot crashing down on the inhaler.

Rushing over to see the damage, he notes the cracked plastic, the precious medicine leaking out onto the grimy floor, and Ciel knows he's screwed. The inhaler is useless now, he doesn't have another one, and the smoke is really starting to get to him. He can feel an attack coming on, and the thought of being without his inhaler in a smoke filled club starts to make him panic. Trying to relax, because panic with make his chest muscle clench up more, he makes his way into the bathroom in the hopes that cold water will help.

A man with a cold expression and golden eyes is smoking a cigarette by the sink and he raises his eyes above his glasses at Ciel when the young man yells at him to take his cancer stick and leave. Once alone, Ciel clamors to the sink and splashes water on his face. His breath starts to come in loud coughs, and then harsh little wheezes, and he wonders if maybe someone else here in the club tonight that has asthma and maybe they'll let him borrow one of theirs. As soon as he gets up to look for a savior, his lungs protest from the movement, and he slumps facedown into the cracked tile.

With every struggled gasp, he feels the panic he was trying to avoid sinking in, and he wonders if he's really going to die, a straight man in a gay bar, because a drag queen in silly glasses stepped on his inhaler.

Well, maybe he was bicurious, but that didn't matter as his lungs heaved and his palms started to sweat, and the dirty men's room started to fade from sight as everything went black.

Before he fully lost consciousness, he felt a hand groping at his wallet in his jeans, and he is reminded again of how cruel the world is that a pickpocket will steal from someone more of less choking on their own spit. The pickpocket addresses him from above a haze of panic and pain.

"I am not a thief, I assure you, but I'm assuming the ambulance will need your name at the very least. Please allow me to check your ID. I'm sure they'll be here for you shortly."

The British accent is somewhat charming and with that observation, Ciel feels consciousness leave him.

AN: Le gasp! Haha asthma pun. I'm going to hell aren't I? XD