Title: Emails and Strangers
Author: SomewhereBeyondReality
Rating: K
Summary: "This is me opening online contact if you want someone to talk to or rant to, share your internal insanity with or laugh at..." Chandler and Monica meet online and are surprised at the connection they have with their new anonymous friend. Set during Season 4.
Disclaimer: Hi David Crane here, glad you're checking out my fanfic, reviews mean a lot to me!
A/N: I know this has been done before but it's such a fun idea I wanted to try. Set in Season 4 after Kathy and Chandler broke up, and the girls and guys switched apartments.




Ok, that exclamation point makes me sound unnecessarily excited, like a toddler eating ice cream or something. Let's try again:


No, now I sound like my old neighbour. Hmmm, ancient, grumpy guy wasn't what I was going for. One more time:


Yeah that works, friendly but not overbearing, and the comma leads into more, so I don't sound aloof.

Oh god, have I wasted half a page pondering over a comma? (Of course I do that in my head all the time, but I usually refrain from voicing or 'typing' my internal monologues.) Still, I told myself I'd be honest in this email, so that's what I'll be. Just be glad I spared you the argument over what greeting to use (Hello, hey, hiya, greeting, good morning...It was an epic debate).

Anyway, now we're there. So:


Despite what my previous 'hi's' suggested I'm neither a small child nor old man. (I'm 28 if you really want to know). You probably don't remember me, but I was the guy you "talked" to last week in the Rembrandts chat room. You seemed really nice and funny, and gave me your email if I wanted to chat more. Honestly I've thought all week about contacting you which turned into another internal battle, because my previous experiences meeting people online have been...interesting, but you seemed so nice I'm risking it. (Along with the last of my pride with this needy, rambling email). You probably don't remember me anyway. I was the guy who said "I'll Be There for You" was my favourite song if that jogs your memory.

Anyway (again), I guess this is me opening online contact if you want someone to talk to or rant to, share your internal insanity with or laugh at.

I'll sign off now, email back if you want. You don't have to; I certainly wouldn't after that 'Hi! Hi Hi,' spiel but y'know...

From? Sincerely? Bye?