A Twist of Fate


Chapter Two: The First Year


When Kise Ryouta had first entered the ever-large and beautiful school grounds of Kaijou High, he could feel a shiver run down his spine.

After leaving the Generation of Miracles, he had been un-decisive about which high school he'd be going to. He had given it thought, his parents and sisters giving him heaps of suggestions. Until, one day, he received a letter in the mail.

It was a recruitment letter. To join Kaijou's basketball team. They made him sound way better than what he thought he was, and he had accepted.

So, when he walked into the brightly lit gym, he couldn't help but feel he made the right choice of coming to his school.

The only downside was being attacked by a crazy third year. He glared, and clearly told him that he didn't like the way he had spoken. The more the guy talked, the more open-minded Kise became. He still didn't fully want to accept it; it was just the way 'Kaijou's Kise' sounded in his head. It sounded right, and he loved it.

The most shocking part of join this new team was the fact that his sempai - who he thought was a man until when he introduced himself - was a women.

The loud ring of her name echoed in the gym, casting all glances to him, and then onto the boy-ish looking girl.

She frowned at the sudden attention. Kise knew by now that the others had either figured out she was a girl, by her image, her voice, or even her actions, and just simply didn't want to comment on it. But, not Kise. He hadn't exactly been paying attention at all.

"Y- You're a girl!?" He asked, still feeling shocked. The only girl he had known to be even remotely close to being on the team was Momoi. And she had been the manager.

"So what if she is?" A male with black hair with an odd greenish tint folded his arms across his chest, glaring at Kise. Kise held his hands up, still looking surprised.

"I- I'm just... I don't know." He finished lamely, letting an awkward chuckle escape.

"It's okay, Moriyama. He's still just an idiot." Yukiko muttered, waving her hand for Moriyama to stand down. The third year obeyed, but still kept his eyes on Kise, watching him.

Kise huffed, pouting at the older girl. "How mean." He whined, flinching when the third year girl gave him another harsh glare.

Yukiko turned her attention back to the new additions to the club, "Okay, we'll all just start up with some stretches to warm up our bodies." Yukiko commanded, seating herself on the ground. They all followed, and as per her instructions, began stretching.

Kise watched the third year girl quite intently. He was so interested, so focused, on this strange girl. He was still amazed at the fact that she was the captain on a team of boys. It made him wonder how she even got on the team in the first place.

'Maybe I should ask her later...' Kise thought, smiling at the thought. He studied her features. She appeared stern, almost unapproachable in a way. But then again, that was probably because of the tall third years that sat near her, looming over her short figure.

Kise bit his tongue, seeing those grey-blue eyes meet his directly. He felt as if he couldn't breathe, and settled for staring into those focused orbs. "Oi! Freshman brat!" He blinked, before releasing a breath he hadn't known he had been holding. He looked around, everyone's eyes on him. He chuckled sheepishly, "Sorry!" Kise apologized before he continued on with his stretches.

Even after they were done stretching, he still kept his gaze on Yukiko, watching the way she moved, carried herself, instructed others, and such. All qualities of being a leader. Kise smiled.


Practice ended close to two hours, Yukiko allowing them all to leave earlier, as it was only their first practice to kick of the school year.

She let a smile come onto her face as she was the only one in the girls' locker room. She felt at ease, and definately better that her first day went so well. She would have expected the new guys to treat her how the others did in her first and second year, but so far, so good.

Yukiko changed and left the girls' changing room and was greeted by Kobori, Moriyama, and Hayakawa. "Hey."

"We should go celebrate." Moriyama smirked. "By picking up girls." Yukiko nearly tripped over her own feet.

"Wh- But, I-"

"I know, I know. You're a girl, too." His smirk was replaced with a smile as he patted Yukiko's short hair.

Yukiko just scowled and elbowed him not-to-gently in the ribcage. "Don't make stupid jokes." She whispered harshly, walking away from the three.

"KASAMA-" Hayakawa went silent, the girl's hand kept him from shouting her name any further.

"Idiot, no need to shout." Yukiko muttered, taking her hand away from Hayakawa's face. The brown haired second year simply grinned, and folded his hands behind his head.

Kobori used the silence for him to ask a question that had floated into his mind. "What's there to celebrate about, anyway?" He blinked, tilting his head at Moriyama, who gave a shrug.

"Just that our first practice went so well." Moriyama replied. Yukiko came to a stop, staring at her long-time friend.

"That's what I was thinking earlier..." She murmured, smiling as well.

Moriyama raised his eyebrow. "Then, like I said, let's go pick up gir-"

"No way in hell!" She exploded, choosing to ignore Hayakawa's widened and excited gaze. Moriyama snorted, rubbing his sore arm. "Fine, boy's in your case." He stated with a huff.

"No!" Yukiko crossed her arms, ready to beat Moriyama up if necessary. Kobori waved his hands, trying to calm the situation down with a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry; I won't let any boy's near you!" Moriyama spoke up suddenly, looking skyward. The three third years just gave him a blank stare.

"Well, nice job you've done so far." Yukiko scoffed, turning her head away to hide the flush that appeared on her face. It was true, at least, Moriyama and the others had done their jobs in protecting her from bullies, for which, she was thankful for.


Oh gawd, I think I'm beginning to like Kaijou/Kasamatsu. I just read this really depressing but adorable doujinshi with Kobori, Moriyama, and Kasamatsu. TuT It was so cute *dies*

Well, now, if you'll excuse me while I go write something else that is Kaijou/Kasamatsu based... Kekeke.

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