Corner of My Eye

Pairing: Ichinose TokiyaxIttoki Otoya

Disclaimer: Uta no Prince-sama is not mine, obviously.

Chapter One: Corner of My Eye

"You've been spacing out a lot recently, Tokiya," a petite blonde-haired guy remarked.

"And there he is, spacing out again," a blue-haired guy with a beauty mark said. "He's been like that for weeks."

"I am not, Masato." Tokiya replied flatly to the blue-haired guy. He was working on a project that Ringo-sensei assigned to them, creating lyrics, but not a single word had been written on the blank sheet. Masato and Syo –the blonde haired guy– looked at him worriedly.

"It's okay, Ichinose-kun," A tall guy with glasses replied, "You can take your time."

"But he can't rest in peace if you keep on weeping, Tokiya," a brunette with a low tone responded. "You should move on already."

"I am not weeping, Jinguji."

Even though he replied coolly as if nothing happened, but everyone knew that he was suffering. The dark circles around his eyes weren't covered at all, and yet he still acted like nothing happened.

"Ichi-" Before the tall glasses guy finished his line, the petite blonde tugged at his shirt.

"Leave him for now, Natsuki," Syo said. He dragged Natsuki out the music room, and Masato followed them afterwards. With a last worried look, Ren left as well, leaving Tokiya all alone.

Tokiya let out a deep sigh. "I know you are there."

No answer.

"Everyone, except me didn't seem to be able to see you," said Tokiya again.

Still, no answer.

"I want to look at you more closely, but you never allowed me again. Not after your death."

Tokiya clenched the pencil he used to write the lyrics, breaking it to two.

"You are angry at me, don't you? Just shout at me. Blame me. I am ready."

Silence enveloped the room, only the faint sound of the air conditioner was heard. Losing his temper, Tokiya turned his head to the direction of the blackboard.

"See? You disappear. You are that angry, huh?" Tokiya ran his fingers on his dark blue hair, leaving it messy. "I don't mean to take Nanami from you…"

Only silence replied his mumbles.


o*The Corner of My Eye*o

"Syo-kun, do you think Tokiya would manage to move on?"

Syo didn't reply Natsuki's question, he seemed to be in a deep thought. Realizing that, Natsuki let silence enveloped both of them.

"I never thought that he would leave us this soon," Syo opened his mouth. "It's too sudden."

"I never did too," Natsuki agreed. "He was so cheery that no one realizes it."

"How about Tokiya? He should see some of the symptoms, as they slept in the same room," said Syo.

"Who knows," Natsuki said, his voice low, indicating how serious he was.

Both of them again fell to silence.

"Let's go back to the dorm. We will get scolded if we didn't turn in our lyrics," Syo said.

"Will Tokiya be okay?"

Syo hesitated to answer, but then walked faster, his lips muttering something.

"He has to. For Otoya."

To be continued.

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