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Corner of My Eye

Pairing: Ichinose TokiyaxIttoki Otoya

Disclaimer: Uta no Prince-sama is not mine, obviously.


"Long time no see, Otoya."

An awkward silence.

"I…" Tokiya cleared his throat. "I'm sorry. I hope you'll forgive me, but if you don't…" Tokiya sighed. "I'll be ready to accept your wrath later, when the time has come to me to go to your place."

"I want to stay here… with our friends first. I know this is unfair for you, who obviously can't join us anymore, so I won't hate you if you didn't forgive me. I hope you did though, I hate seeing your sad face."

"So… please, give me time. You can scold me all you want later, okay?" Tokiya bent down, caressing the tomb. "Be patient a little bit."

Tokiya took out a piece of paper. His lyric.

"I made this song… for you. I hope you'll like it." Tokiya nervously put the paper on the tomb, putting a stone over it to prevent it from flying.

"I… always like you." Tokiya confessed. "You may say I love you. Your death… is just unbearable for me. But…"

"I guess… time's up for me." Tokiya smiled painfully. "I realized it when it's already too late. I am such an idiot huh?"

"This is… really the end." Tokiya bent down. "Goodbye. I'll miss you, so much."

Tokiya stood and walked away, trying to prevent his tears from falling.

I love you

So much

But I guess

This is goodbye

And the end for us…

"It is really the end?" Syo asked Tokiya.

Smiling, he replied. "Yeah."

"I miss Otoya."

"Me too."

"But this is…"

"The end."

O*Corner of My Eye*O

"Ichinose's really good!"

"His song is full of emotion! Wonderful!"

"No wonder he's in the S class!"

Syo looked at Tokiya, who sang his song for Otoya.

He moved on, but he will never forget.

After all, Otoya was precious… to me, to us, and especially… to him.

Syo smiled.

You will never be forgotten, Otoya.

We all… love you.