Alice perks up a little bit as she takes pictures. I know she loves it. I ask to ride home with her and Edward gives me his approval. All the way home she doesn't give me a chance to ask one question. All she talks about is wanting to do a photo shoot. She has been talking about wanting to do a pre-baby and post baby shot. She says she has many plans. She also tells me the scrapbook she is making me is coming along nicely.

When we pull into my driveway, as soon as Alice sees Jasper on the porch, she tells me she is going home. She says she will be back in a bit. Sadly I get out of the car and head for the front door.

"She's mad at me," Jasper says helping me up the stairs.

"Why?" I ask.

"You'll find out later," he says sounding really sad.

"I hate being left out of everything," I tell him as I go inside.

"The outside world is not good for you," Jasper says catching Edward's attention.

"Is there a problem?" Edward asks as I walk away.

"No," Jasper tells him.

I go to my room to lay down for a little bit. I know I shouldn't for the fact there the three men are in the house, but I just need a minute. I close my eyes and take a couple deep breathes.

"Bella, Bella, you have to get up," I hear Edward say. I open my eyes not realizing I've fallen asleep.

"What's wrong?" I ask as I sit up.

"You need to get up and look alive. Aro and Marcus are here." That's all it takes for me to fly out of bed.

"Why?" I ask knowing the founding family never come outside the community.

"I told them you were putting away clothes. We will get in trouble if they find out you were sleeping," he says as he straightens out my dress.

"Why are they here?" I ask as I grow nervous.

"Alison and Alice are in the kitchen getting everyone drinks. Mind your manners and don't embarrass me," he says as I feel wide awake.

"I need to pee," I tell him as he nods.

"Go and then get to the living room," he says as he heads out. I pee as fast as I can and just as I am coming down the hallway, I see Alison carry a tray of drinks to the living room. I quickly jump in and help serve the drinks without saying a word.

"Your home seems to be in order," Aro says looking around the living room.

"Isabella is a great housekeeper," Edward says as I sit next to him. I look around to see Jasper touching Alice and Ray touching Alison.

"So, you are pleased with the choice we have made?" Father Marcus asks.

"Your family has out done themselves with this choice," Edward says making me smile.

"We were very pleased to hear of the conception," Aro says sitting next to his father. "Has there been any other problems other than the accident?"

"No, Sir," Edward says as I look to Alice who is smirking.

"Isabella, do you agree with your husband?" Father Marcus asks.

"Yes, Father," I say as he hums at me. I look to Edward and his face is stone cold. I'm pretty sure a mind reader couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"There has been some information from out here sent to us and we had to come investigate," Aro says as he opens his briefcase. He pulls out a folder and sits back into the couch. "Father, would you like to say something before I continue?"

"No, ask away," Marcus says sipping his drink.

"As some of you know, us, the founding family, knows everything that goes on in and out of the community," he starts to say as I hear Edward swallow thickly. "I'm going to start with Emmett," Aro says turning to my brother. "You are almost done with school. You are returning at Christmas," he says as Emmett nods. "My report shows that you have been seeing Briana Tanner, is there any intentions of requesting she be let in?"

"No Sir. I would like to stick to tradition," Emmett says.

"And you will be working with your father as well, yes?"

"If it is granted," Emmett says giving the right answer.

"We also know who you will be marrying and you will be marrying into our family, are you ready for that status?" Aro asks as my eyes goes wide.

"I would be honored, Sir," Emmett says proudly.

"Very well, keep your nose clean and we see no future problems," Aro says as Emmett smiles. "Jasper, it has been a while, but we have kept an eye on you. You were divorced eighteen months ago, yes?"

"That's correct," Jasper says.

"Maria has been banished. She has tarnished her name and will never be allowed to return," Aro says as Jasper nods, but doesn't look surprised. "We received your request to return home due to finding a bride and someone who you believe is worthy of our lifestyle."

"Yes, Sir," Jasper says as Aro hands him a stack of papers.

"This is your next steep. You have one week to get all of that done for me. Your bride is willing to join us?" Aro asks not looking at Alice. Although, Alice looks like she is going to be sick.

"She is," Jasper says with confidence.

"Very well. You will return with Edward and his family," Aro says in a final tone. "Raymond, your time has been served here and you have done extraordinary work. You may return and you will be marrying Alison?"

"Yes, Sir," Ray says as my eyes go wide.

"We frown upon the way you have lived your life," Father Marcus says speaking up. "But, like my son has said, you have done exceptional work, so we need to have your word. As long as you agree to our terms you will be allowed back with no questions asked. You and your family will be on a five year probation. Within the five years, if anything negative happens, or you can't control your wife, you will be banished. Also, you need more children. You will have to try at least one more time for a boy, but because you are older if it is another girl, we will not ask for anymore," Marcus says.

"I agree to this, Father," Ray says holding Alison's hand. She looks scared. Marcus and Aro whispered to one another for a minute and I bit my lip growing very nervous. I didn't know what they were going to say to us and I am just so nervous. I knew that they wouldn't talk to me, but I didn't want Edward to get into any trouble.

"Now, you two," Aro says taking a breath and shaking his head. "I do not like the report I got, but I let it go, but then I received a letter and pictures that I couldn't. Isabella," he says as I look to Edward. "We do not like to be lied to, so I will ask again, has there been any problems with you marriage?"

"Just one, Sir, but we worked it out," I say as a lump forms in my throat.

"I see, and the problem was?" he asks keeping eye contact with me.

"A woman called claiming she was Edward's girlfriend," I tell him as he shuffles papers.

"Who is this with you?" Aro asks passing Edward a picture. I look to see probably the most beautiful woman ever. She has long light red hair and big beautiful blue eyes. I look away knowing I would never measure up to her in the looks department.

"That's Tanya Denali, Sir. She was a friend of mine throughout the last couple of years of school," Edward says.

"She was your girlfriend?" Aro asks as my eyes fill with tears.

"In the eyes of the outside world, yes," he says as I try to blink back the tears.

"It has also been brought to our attention that you have very strong opinions about the way we do marriages. This is your time to voice it," Aro says as I hear Alice gasp. I look to her and she's glaring at her father who is paying not one bit of attention. I see Jasper grip her knee.

"I think the girls are married to young," he says knowing there is no lying to the founding families.

"At what age do you find fit?" Aro asks.

"I don't know," Edward says. "Seventeen just seems very young."

"We can dissolve your marriage..."

"No!" I say loudly as Aro's eyes go wide.

"Excuse me?" Marcus asks.

"Stop," Edward says with my face in his hand. I cast my eyes to the ground without another word. "I'm sorry for my wife."

"Do you feel you have control over her?" Marcus asks.

"Yes, Sir," Edward says. I feel sick knowing I may have messed up big time. I knew better than to talk out of turn or without being acknowledged.

"Like I was saying," Aro says as I keep my eyes on the floor. "Do you not want to be married?"

"I want it, Sir."

"But yet you speak badly of the way we do things? You could have requested for your girlfriend to join us," Aro says. This wasn't how I saw my graduation day working out.