We have been home for two years and I am very happy. I was nervous as hell when we stood in front of the founding family. My heart was racing and I just couldn't calm myself down. I am so happy we never have to go through that again. The worst part of all, Faye woke up and started to cry. I thought I was going to cry. I swear I still have nightmares of that day.

We stood in front of the table. Father Marcus, Aro, and the other members were there. Edward rubbed my back the whole time and if he was nervous, you could never tell. I stood there and softly rocked my daughter, praying she would stay asleep. It felt like the men talked for hours. I kept my head down and my mouth shut. I think just as they were finishing up and going to make their decision, Faye started to cry. I was quick to move her hoping she would find a comfy spot, but nothing worked. She kept trying to nudge me away and she kept looking for her daddy. Just as I was going to plead with Edward to help me, Aro let out a loud laugh. I was so scared that I was going to have a meltdown in front of the most important family in the community.

"I'm sorry," Edward said to the founding family as he rubbed our daughter's head trying to sooth her. We both knew she wasn't going to stop 'til she had her daddy.

"Daddy's little girl?" Aro asked as I took a big breath hoping to not cry.

"Yes, she is fine if I'm not around," Edward said. I glanced at him to see he had a tint of red to his cheeks. I had never seen him blush. "My wife is able to calm her, she just..." Edward was cut off by Father Marcus holding up his hand.

"Get your girl," Father Marcus said with a chuckle of his own. Once Faye was settled on his shoulder, she was right back to sleep. I felt the tears in my eyes as I heard more chuckles. "Aro was the same way as a child, and his daughter was the same with him," Father says as I let out the biggest breath.

Needless to say, we were found worthy. I clung to my husband when they said we could return. I couldn't stop hugging and kissing him. It was one of the more happy days in my life. We went to our car and once we were all buckled, we headed off. I wanted to go to my parents, but Edward said we were going to see his first. He knew that visit would be quick and he knew I was going to want to stay as long as I could with mine.

His parents were odd. I wasn't sure how to explain them. Mr. Cullen was very intimidating. He was very quiet and very reserved. He did hold Faye and he did smile, so I knew he wasn't as cold as he looked. Mrs. Cullen gushed over her granddaughter. She and I had some good conversation. She was very sweet and I did see a lot of both of his parents in Edward.

Going from the Cullen's to the Swan's was like night and day. My mom had a whole meal ready. As soon as we were through the door, there were hugs, kisses, and tears. My house growing up was usually loud with talking, laughter, and love. I was glad Edward has let us have some fun times in our home. Faye loved music and loved to dance. Edward would get mad if it was too loud, but that seemed to only happen on his bad days. Faye's giggle was the cutest and it melted Edward every time. I loved being a mom.

Once we were home, I felt that everything just fell into place for me. I felt that I was a worthy wife along with being a worthy mother. Edward had even said that he felt being home was what was missing in our life and I couldn't agree more. He and I were even talking more. He was talking to me like I was his friend. Once he started talking, I felt more knowledgeable of what he wanted from me. I had told him that was all I had ever wanted and when he saw that it truly did help me, he just kept talking. I know that he will always rule our house and family, but I felt that we were more equals.

We had yet to get pregnant again, but we were trying like crazy. I loved being intimate with my husband. Our bedroom times never slowed and that was another thing that made me very happy. We somehow became so in-tuned with one another and I couldn't ask for more.

Alison was pregnant. She was about four months along and she was scared as hell. She never thought she would have another child. She and my mom had become very good friends. I was happy that Alison took to our way of life so well. Ray seemed to be at peace and he was working for our small police department.

Alice still lived with them for a few more weeks. She was almost done with her classes and she was accepting our life. She felt the same way as my parents. As long as you act a certain way in public, then it was all good. I agreed partly, but I knew I would never speak to Edward the way I knew she would talk to Jasper. I felt that Alice had calmed down and I knew Aro had not spoken to Ray since their arrival. The only time Alice and Jasper have seen each other has been at other weddings. They aren't allowed to speak to one another, but I have seen the little looks they have giving each other. I knew they were ready to get married and I knew they were going to great together.

Emmett came back two months after me and I had never seen my mother cry the way she did. She was so happy to see him, but I understood. He was married less than a month after his return. I was right and he was married to Rosalie Volturi. I loved her! She was amazing and perfect for my brother. They had a little boy, Liam, and Faye just loves him. Rose and I have gotten to spend a lot of time together, sine they have been back, and we have had so much fun. Rose said before that Edward was scarier than her father, which made me laugh. I told Edward and he had to show Rose that he wasn't scary. I loved having dinners with the families.

My family and Emmett's family got together all the time. Alice still came over whenever she could, but she was taking extra classes so she was busy. They order her six month more of classes because she fail two of them. We went to the Cullen's for dinner as many Saturdays as we could. Esme was an amazing cook and I have learned so much from her. I have even showed my mom the different meal ideas Esme had shown me. We went to my parents on Sundays. That was the best, in my opinion, because everyone was there. The house was crowded and crazy, just the way I liked. Edward was always ready to go home by the end of the evening. Faye would even look relieved when we would leave, which made me laugh. She was such a daddy's girl.

As I think of the last couple of years I smile, because I am happy and I am right where I am meant to be.

~The End~

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