Hey guys, well now my exams are over I thought I'd attempt fan fiction again! This time going for Hunger Games SYOT. This is my very quick brief and I apologise for it's poor quality I had no idea what to write…

It's the 37th Hunger Games, and boy was it going to be special! From what I've heard the game makers have been slaving away of this, just like any other Hunger Game I suppose… But all the same, after last year, it's going to be hard to beat. All I know is that the arena is going to be spectacular, and of course that all the Capitol are raring to watch it. Happy Hunger Games, everyone!

If you can PM your submissions and I will make a list on the next chapter and keep updating it when I get a new character submission. I need them to be detailed to be able to write a detailed story!
I'll start doing the reapings when I get the District 1 people, I'll do a district at a time for reapings so it doesn't take 24 chapters! So yes, OH and please not too many sob stories, you can if you wish (I mean, a fews cool but I don't particularly want 24 chapters that will make me cry writing, *cough* not that I'd cry at a story or anything *cough*) but I'd prefer intriguing original characters to write about! Thanks!





Physical appearance:

Personality(Negative and positive please!):



Background story(Detail):

Job(if any):





Reaction to Reaping?:

Item kept for games:

Chariot/Interview outfit(If you have any ideas):


Weapon(Pick 2 just in case):

Bloodbath? (Yes/No):

Will they make an alliance or keep to themselves(be realistic, careers are most likely too):

Well that's that, thanks guys! I will be drawing characters from a hat or whatever to decide who wins/dies/whos point of view to be writing in during the games. I won't do favoritism, I'll also do some kinda of sponsor thing to help your character, also giving your tribute a sponsor gift will mean that they have more of a chance of surviving in that chapter!

Happy hunger games!