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Jacinda Rhenser POV

This is the third day of training and I'm still stuck with the careers. They don't bother with proper training, still claiming that they're 'incredible at everything'. We just stand there, and occasionally go to a station, one that's fairly pointless, that no one is at, and discuss tactics. There tactics are basically the same as any other career group in any other game.

"Okay guys," Saffra, who seemed to be the leader of us fearsome foursome, whispers. "We seem to be lacking in numbers this year." I swear she's said that about thirty times in the last two days. "We have one district one, I tried to speak to Xeno earlier but he didn't want anything to do with us." No surprise's there, the mysterious Xeno seemed to be, according to the other tributes rumours, an empty threat, or maybe he's a ninja, that was the best one I'd heard yet, even I didn't know anything about the person from my district. "Also, I don't think we particularly want Crystal, let's face it, she hasn't had the training for a career, making her a weak link. So that leaves us four, we need to assess what we're going to do, and who we're going to try and wipe out at the bloodbath."

"I have an idea," I pipe up, causing the others to look at me, expressions of surprise mask their faces, considering I barely spoke, they seem to think it's a miracle whenever I do. "We want to try and wipe out the biggest apparent threats first off, for example, I think Xeno can't exactly… Walk the walk, I think he just appears threatening, I don't think he'll be a hard kill, where as we have the alliance." I point over to where Pryce Alexander and Seth Parker are tying knots.

"Them? They haven't shown any promise since they got here…" Kassius says.

"I think that's what they're doing on purpose, plus, look at their builds, there not exactly scrawny, despite that they're not from rich districts." The others nod, encouraging me to go on. "In fact, we want to split any alliance we can, the more people that are together the harder it is to beat them."

I hated talking like a bloodthirsty creature, but if I wanted to win, for Opal, I know I have to be determined, even kill, if it comes down to it.

"Okay, that's not a bad idea." Saffra states, and I feel slightly proud, she never seemed to accept any idea other than hers. "So the possible alliances at the moment, Travis, you try and get one of the girls from that alliance." She subtly gestures towards the station where Avis, Eilonwy and Charlize were chatting, they seemed to have grown close since the very first training session, and none of them were exactly bad at any of the stations I'd seen them at, they even excelled in some of them. "Kassius, you're to try to split up them…" This time she gestures towards the other girl alliance, consisting of Erica, Terra and Crystal. "Jacinda, you're to go after the supposedly strongest alliance, Seth and Pryce. I'll protect anything in the cornucopia, making sure that I kill any stragglers."

"Sounds good to me," Travis says, seeming slightly smug with his choice of people.

"Well then, now that's established, if we get them or not, an hour after chasing, we return to the cornucopia to set up camp, and when it grows dark. We hunt." Saffra ends our tactic meeting with that and we all return to whatever we were doing before, which once again was generally standing around.

I hate that I have to stick with the careers, Travis seems okay, but the rest of them aren't exactly the nicest of people. The others seem so much more deserving, it's so unfortunate, I'm sure both Kassius and Saffra were great people before the games, but the games have turned them big headed, it seems as if they think they're superior.

My tactic for the games is to stay with the strongest, I am strong myself, but I need to stay with other strong people, even if we'll end up killing each other, which I am not afraid to do with these people, but the longer I stay with them the more I probability I can win.

Thalia Lucas POV

I was pretty much sorted for the games, I didn't want to appear big headed, and I really wasn't, I'd never really had training and getting used to all of it is quite difficult. I had acted quite shy but I'm still hoping to score myself an alliance, which I can quickly dispose of when the numbers are low. My plan was to just get a weapon, and survive until the odds were more in my favour, when there were fewer tributes. I may be quite awkward around new people but I'm not afraid to be ruthless if it means I can make it through these games.

I don't want to give anything away, but I have been making the most of these sessions, and I still am, trying to squeeze as many stations in as I can, learning so many new things. I look at the den I just constructed fondly, it turned out brilliantly compared to my previous one. Next, traps! I've tried this one before, but I was so bad at it that I wanted to return to it when I could. Which is now, for the second time in three days I sit, trying to knot cord around branches, making the appropriate traps.

I'd covered almost every station, except the weapons stations, which I wanted to save till private training which was the next few days. My knowledge was building and that, at least, was some kind of comfort, I know how to survive the natural parts of these games, it's just a case of surviving the people.

Nathon Rowe POV

I read through what I already know about berries, skimming through the pages. Luckily, as I spent practically every day out in the 'wild' I learnt a lot about trees, bushes, terrain and berries, also some knowledge about animals. None of this seems apparently useful until you're in this kind of situation, preparing for your death or victory.

I think, of course, my strength is axe, and luckily, no one else can use them, I'd seen Savoy give it a shot, but he got real angry when he missed the target, in fact, that kid always seems angry.

"Nathon?" A voice says quietly behind me, I turn to see Pryce, the District Three boy lurking on the station opposite, "Stay there, but, how do you feel about joining an alliance?"

"With whom?" I hadn't really thought about alliances, but I'm not gonna say no if it's going to help me. I'm not afraid to form a bond with people, I'm just afraid of mistrusting them.

"Me, Seth, and we're going to recruit someone else, we're thinking Thalia, District Eight."

This seems like a good alliance to be in, Pryce is strong, he's shown his skills at some of the stations and he knows what he is doing. Seth has appeared to be smart throughout this, not giving away much, and Thalia seemed determined, strong minded, they seemed like as good an alliance as any of the others. Thinking through it an alliance was a lot better than nothing, especially with the strong alliances that had already formed.

"Okay, I'm in, do we have any plans?"

"Survive." He says grimly and chuckles a little. "No, well, obviously surviving is probably a good plan, look, we think we'll get Thalia then figure something out."

"Alright, want me to speak to her?" I volunteer, wanting to appear loyal or whatever I need to be.

"Sure thing, I last saw her at the trap station." With that I get up, no one's even nearby, everyone at their preferred stations, I walk round them till I find Thalia and I sit with her, she stares at me a little nervously.

"Hi," She says shyly. I smile and lean over, helping her with her trap.

"Fancy being in an alliance?" I get straight to the point, while our heads are almost touching so no one else can hear.

"Depends, who's in it?"

"Pryce, Seth and me."

"Well, I suppose it could be worse. I'm in."

"Awesome, follow me." I grab her wrist and we walk towards the station that Pryce was speaking to me at, we got there and no one was to be seen.

"Psst. Over here." Seth called, poking his head round from behind the fire making station. We walked over to find him and Pryce sat on a ledge which encircled the entire room, hidden behind the station no one should be able to hear us. Hopefully at least.

"Right, we need to get straight to the point." Pryce starts, we all remain silent, waiting for him go on. "Here's the tactic, two of us, most likely Nathon and Thalia, as people don't actually know you're in this alliance, run into the cornucopia, collecting some weapons to get us started in the arena, preferably knives, we can throw them and use them for more practical things. If you can get water, get it, defend each other when you can. Me and Seth will decide the best direction to go and start heading that way, watch what direction we go in and we'll meet you 10 minutes from the cornucopia, hopefully leading off anyone nearby."

"Sounds good to me." Seth says, thinking about it I think this is the first time I've heard him talk, he's quiet but he doesn't seem it.

"And me," I say and Thalia nods.

"Right then, carry on with training, and see you in the arena…"

Xavier Venture POV

I stick to myself when I can. I can't think of how people would react to me trying to be in an alliance. People have avoided me as much as I've avoided them. It's crushing to know that because of your family you've been put at a disadvantage in the games. It sucks.

I've figured out my weapon, sickles. I've realised that I'm quite good at throwing, yet less good at hands on weapons, such as swords. I had practiced with them the whole of the first day, in front of everyone, hoping someone might just notice my skill. No one seems interested and I don't particularly blame them.

I'm working at the climbing station, which has a ton of trees and bars to hop from. When Arianna approaches me.

I didn't know a lot about her, she was one of the youngest tribute, taking aside the Avis girl and maybe Javed. She hadn't spoken to anyone from what I'd seen.

"How can I help?" I'm swinging upside down off a tree at this point, my legs hooked around the branch, kind of appearing like a bat.

"Um.. No, never mind." She turns to walk away.

"Wait, come back." She reluctantly turns back to face me. "Have you got an alliance?" She shakes her head. "Want to be in one, no offence, but I know I seem like a bad option, but you can't do any better, people view you as weak from your age and how shy you are, but they underestimate you. I've seen you practicing with knives, and a slingshot for that matter, you're pretty good, and you have a good advantage as no one sees you as a threat, they aren't bothering to keep an eye on you. What do you say?"

She seems to take a life time to decide, but she nods slowly, frowning a little.

"Okay, but, don't stab me in the back." She blurts out in one big rush. I chuckle and swing back up to sit on the branch and she clambers up to join me.

"How about a plan?" I propose, and she looks strained in thought for a moment.

"I suggest we stay out of peoples way. You realise people will want you dead, just because of your background."

"I know," I agree with reluctance, people will target me weak or strong.

"So maybe grab something nearby, try and get hold of a knife. Then we can go find water, get out of the Cornucopia as quick as possible?"

She was a pretty smart kid, I'll admit it.