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Katniss's POV

I sit on the plane next to a sleeping Prim, listening to music, and think about all the things that have happened this week. It is now Friday (thank GOD) and my troubles started on Monday, when I came home to find my now ex-boyfriend going at it with who I thought was my best friend. It still remember it like it it happened 5 minutes ago...


I was getting home after dinner with Rue and Jo to celebrate our 3 year anniversary as friends. We had to end the night early because Rue had a family emergency to take care of. I had told Gale I would be home at around midnight but it was now only 10. I was listening to my Ipod when I climbed the stairs, I was listening to 'Broke' by Natalia Kills. I silently opened the door and saw Gale on the couch with, Madge onto of him. They obviously didn't hear me come in because they keep going at it until I cleared my throat. Their eyes flew open and widened in shock. Gale threw Madge of him and covered himself up with a nearby towel. He started to try and explain himself 'Catnip-' I held up my hand to stop him. I inhaled and exhaled deeply, closing my eyes for a few seconds. 'No Gale don't explain,' I took a few steps back towards the door, 'I'm sorry to have bothered you, I'll come by tomorrow at 2 to get my stuff, hopefully I won't have to bother you ever again'. I said my voice hard and filled with venom. I had a hard time breathing after I closed the door behind me but I ran down the stairs, vaguely hearing Gale call after me.

I drove to Jo's house and told her everything. "That bitch! I told you not to trust her! Don't worry brainless I make sure they both get what they deserve!" She swore. I was feeling a bit better after she said that, but I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Crying really tires you out. Jo let me crash in her extra bedroom and I let sleep take me under...

End of flashback.

Tuesday I went to pick up my stuff with the help of my friends, Blight (Jo's Boyfriend), Cole, Jo, Delly, Annie and Rue. We packed everything and were done by 3:30. When we were done, I went to the kitchen and tore up all our pictures that were on the fridge of us. When I turned I saw a letter with my name on it sitting on the kitchen island. I went over and picked it up discreetly putting it in my purse. I still haven't read it and don't intend to. Anyways I moved in with Prim who lives close to both our jobs. Her apartment is renovated so everything is stainless steel and sleek. Did I mention it was my birthday on Tuesday? Yup, June 17th.

On Tuesday I wanted to do nothing and whatever I wanted goes. So we stayed in ordered Chinese and watched movies. We practically ate our body weight in junk food. It was pretty fun overall. I got a few birthday presents too. From Jo and Blight a pair of black shorty shorts with a white tank top. From Delly some silver Gladiator sandals and $50. From Cole, a new laptop. From Annie, 3 tops that were baby blue, soft yellow, and rosy pink, each skin tight and with a sweet heart neckline and no sleeves. From Clove, some 3 pair of booty shorts, and 3 pairs of skinny jeans. The shorts were 2 white and one black, the jeans were 1 black and 2 dark blue. From Rue, I got a beautiful white dress. It was a summer dress with thin spaghetti straps, a bit of a sweet heart neckline and it ended above the knees. It hugged my chest but flared a bit at the waist so it was flow-y the rest of the way down.

Prim gave me some heart shaped earrings and an outfit: A lacy strapless bra, a tight white see-through shirt, lacy underwear, black skin-tight jeans, a leather jacket and some black heels. "Next time we go out you are wearing this NO discussion!"

"Fine" I huffed.

On Wednesday I returned to work, wearing black flats, black skinny jeans, and a white tank top. My job didn't really have a dress code so almost everyone wore casual clothes. That day the office threw me a birthday party and I got around $350 and a few gift cards. Everyone seemed to be giving Madge the stink eye and the silent treatment... I guess Jo had done something afterall.

Thursday was a good day, but I have been getting texts and calls from both Madge and Gale. I have 73 messages from Gale and 42 voicemails. From Madge I have 32 messages and 12 voicemails. None of which I have read. Me and Prim had decided to have a day to ourselves so we went to the beach. It was around 5 pm and we were driving back home listening to the radio. After the song ended, there was an announcement, "Need to get away or just bored of your life? Win a once in a lifetime trip to Italy! All expense paid! 2 tickets and they could be yours! Just call 1-800-capitol. I repeat 1-800-capitol be the 20th caller and automatically with these 2 tickets!"

Prim looked at me with a sly grin "OH NO PRIM NO WAY!"

"Please it'll be fun, and it's not like we'll win! Us Everdeens hardly win anything at all!" she argued.

"Fine whatever!"


Prim called the number from both our phones and when she used my phone they congratulated me... SO I'm going to Italy, with Prim. Whoppee (Note sarcasm) That's why I'm in first class on this plane and heading to somewhere I thought I'd never go before. Italy here we go!

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