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Katniss POV:

Oh my god! NO! He's gonna tell them about that one time... ugh I hate him so much sometimes..

"Hey Nisssssyyyy! Remember that time with that time in 2nd grade?" Cato asks.


His eyes widen but then he smirks, "You wouldn't dare"

I mull this over, Meh, it will be totally worth it. He must think my silence means I won't tell but boy is he wrong. He starts telling the story.

"So one time in, second grade, Katniss brought red kool-aid to school and we were painting that day. So later, Kat was about to drink some kool-aid and accidentally grabbed the red paint and drank it!" He say barley containing his laughter.

"Yeah, and one day I came home early from school and caught Cato shaving his legs!"

He turns red and yells in embarrassement "IT WAS A DARE!"

Many hilarious stories later, we bid each other goodnight and go to our rooms. I get in bed but can't seem to let sleep find me. A nagging little voice in the back of my head keeps telling me I've met Peeta and Finnick before, but where? And most importantly when? My head keeps asking questions but after this exhausting day, I succumb into sleep.

Next morning:

I wake up the next morning and suddenly remember the prior day's events. I realize the room is uncomfortably hot, I mean it is summer. Isn't there a pool? It would be nice to take a dip before starting the day... No more persuasion needed I grab a black bikini that Jo made me take with me. The top has thin straps that tie around my neck and back and the bottom piece ties at both of my sides. I grab a white see-through cover-up that reaches mid thigh. I grab my phone and look at the time it's 8 in the morning, I'm pretty sure no one is awake, they're all probably jet lag. I grab my white sandals before heading to the pool. I get out of my room and stride down the hall to the glass door leading to the pool. I open the door and take the cover up off and drape it and my towel on a lounge chair, put my phone on it, and put my sandals on the floor.

I feel a sudden surge of happiness and excitement take over and can't help myself, I put my music to the max and I stretch and add a bit of my gymnastic's routine in it too. Yes, I do gymnastics, I have since I was 6, but not many people know. I also dance, sing, meditate, do yoga and some other stuff... I start by stretching my arms and finally end it with a backward flip into the pool. As I'm in the air I see behind me and find 4 pairs of eyes on me... I choose to ignore them, I'm not letting them ruin my peaceful morning and dip in the pool! I glide from one end of the pool to the other and back, I do this about 10 times before deciding to just relax. Relaxing is something I haven't done in a while. I float on my back and close my eyes, letting the sun rays beam at me.

As I float I think. Mostly about Gale. I know I should feel sad but honestly I'm not, at least not how I should be. I mean, Gale was a really close friend, and I loved him but love him, love him? I don't think so. I feel kinda relieved though, it was stressful like we were always walking on eggshells around each other. Maybe I can have a few dates while here... I mean nothing too serious just a few dates with some cute Italian guys? I also think about some other stuff, like this trip, Finnick, Cato, and Peeta.

I finally decide to get out of the water so I don't end up sun-burned and prune- like. I get up and grab my towel and dry myself off. I slip on my sandals and put on my cover up before heading inside. I find everyone in the living room eating and watching T.V. I go and grab my breakfast; a bagel with jam and an apple. I sit in between Finnick and Peeta and start eating. I notice everyone has gone quiet so I look up and see everyone staring at me. I huff hating the attention "What?" I ask.

"How did you do that?" Peeta asks eyes wide.


"The stretching and stuff you did before swimming!"

"Oh um yeah, I do gymnastics, I have since i was uh about 6." I say scratching my neck nervously

I hear a chorus of 'oohs' and 'wows'

"So what're we doing today?" I ask.

"Well I thought we could all do our own thing today you know explore?, I mean if that's ok with you guys" Peeta says anxiously.

We all agree and give each other our phone numbers in case of an emergency. We head out and separate, each of us having $100 with us. I'm in this cute boutique looking at the dresses and shorts when a cute guy comes up to me. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He's tan and has a few light freckles on the bridge of his nose. He smiles and introduces himself "Hey, My names Tristan"

"Katniss" I reply softly.

"Beautiful" He say looking into my eyes. I flush and smile. "So what's a beauty like yourself doing here?"

"Oh you know, shopping"

He laughs and I soon join him once we catch our breath he says "I mean in Italy"

"Oh I'm on vacation"

"Cool, do you uhh want to grab coffee or something sometime?" He asks suddenly shy.

"Sure" I say smiling.

He smiles brightly, "Can I see your phone then?"

I hand it to him and he types something in it. He hands it back and says "See you soon, Katniss" with a wink.

I knew this was going to be interesting. I end up buying some pink shorts, white shorts, and baby blue shorts. I also buy some new converse. I step out of the store with a bag in my hand and a smile on my face. I start walking and get a phone call, I answer without looking at my phone and immediately regret it. It's Gale...

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