Final Act Acknowledged

720 A.D.- the war with the Tuffles begins.

Extracts from the accounts of a Saiyan warrior in the primitive caves of the country of Saiya, from the tribe of Corrn:

Day One: We have succeeded bringing four of our tribes here. Two more will come tomorrow. Within three days all the tribes of the country Saiya will unite and we will begin to wage our war against the Tuffles. Next week, we begin our attack. Planet Plant will be ours soon.

Day Two: There is some controversy over who will be the leader of the six tribes once the Tuffles are conquered. It is likely that King Celre will rule once this is all over. He comes from the largest of the tribes, and by far one of the most experienced, he is the favorite of the older fighters, and more or less everyone who was once under his leadership. I personally don't approve of him, but nonetheless, if he is to be King, I must keep my thoughts to myself.

Day Three: King Celre has just spent four hours fighting the leaders of the other three tribes, including my own King, Corrn. Until the two other tribes arrive, he is the leader, and King, but no one dares to call him King of the Saiyans just yet. Rumor has it that one of the Kings that is coming tomorrow is as experienced, if not more than King Celre. I have yet to catch his name, but I will soon know. Tomorrow, they will fight for leadership.

Day Four: Unfortunately, only one of the two missing tribes came today. The people said that the other King, King Vegeta, ran into a group of Tuffles, around 30,000 of them, and his tribe, being the smallest of all six, had no more than twenty-seven odd members to it. King Celre laughed, and said even the wisest of fighters could not contend with 30,000 Tuffles with only twenty-seven men, (to be precise, only sixteen are men, but unlike many other tribes, his women can fight as well. Some of the females are good enough that Primate forbid it, they allow mating because their females will not weaken the bloodline. Who has fighters like that?) Things about the man have been said, some terrible things. They say he is no older than twenty-five, far too young for a King! And above all, they say his maidservant is to be his future mate! How absurd!

Day Five: Unbelievable! King Vegeta arrived today and quickly disposed of King Celre! He is an expert fighter, never-mind he is even younger than I. Just by looking at the way his Tribes follows his plans, I am sure that we will defeat the Tuffles quickly, and rise to an extraordinary empire! No doubt, he even has a scientist, Bardock, who, given the right equipment, could make us some glorious technology! The boy is only twelve, and still learning, but most everyone is ecstatic to meet with the Arcosians, form nearby Arcos after the war is over. King Vegeta has said that we would need to find other planets if we wanted to continue fighting. I'm not sure what he means, but he and his people seem to know what they are doing, that most everyone trusts him. All are such talented fighters! It will be an honor just to stand next to them in battle! I have not found his young maidservant yet, but no matter, I'm sure she will appear someday.


The sun rose once again on Plant, however the extremely odd tilt kept it from rising fully, leaving the sky a hashish red-purple. Indeed, the nights were ruby and the morning's violet, but the weary people of the planet never acknowledged the beauty of such a place. The Tuffles kept to their homes, the Saiyans to their caves, and all was never at peace.

But on this particular day, the restlessness of the people stretched beyond ordinary hate for each other. Today the Saiyan tribes planned to attack, and the unsuspecting Tuffles bustled about their cities, unaware of the ten-year war, about to cause their downfall…

"It is impossible for a Saiyan to pretend to be a Tuffle. The shortest of Saiyans would be a full head taller than the tallest of our own!" One of leaders of the Tuffle scientists raged. "It can't be done! Call off the special security from the streets and allow the scouters to hike around the city! No Saiyan could reach the city unnoticed! We must be armed with weapons, not those silly spy gadgets!" The man glared at the Head of the ruffles, who, before him had a grand total of thirty-five miniature pieces of technology gathered from the scientist at his right.

"Dr. Granite disagrees." The leader stated calmly, "He says he has heard of one Saiyan female with straight black hair, and only of average Tuffle height! If this woman exists,"

"If she exists! Besides, she's one in 50,000! She would not be coming on her own. The Saiyan females don't even fight!" The doctor, Dr. Topaz was his name, argued.

"As much as I hate to say it sir, I must agree with Dr. Topaz, the Saiyan girl is only twenty, and even for one of their males, at that age, she could be handled easily by half of the army in these parts. Forget that she's a girl, the Saiyans only use the females to breed." The old scientist spat the word out with distaste. Being female fifty years ago in a Tuffle civilization was much like the way it was now in the Saiyan society.

Sighing, the King of the Tuffles gave in. "Fine, we must ignore the young female and watch for their army. No spy from the Saiyans is likely to be sent. Arm the troops; post them all along the south side of the cities. When the Saiyans attack, we'll be there."

Outside the door, a raven-haired girl smirked and hurried back to where the Saiyan army was waiting.

A Saiyan warrior lifted his head at the sound of running feet, "Sire, I think one of the Tuffles is coming this way." Standing beside the knelt warrior, King Vegeta smirked.

"That's no Tuffle, it's one of our females. I wanted to make sure I knew where the Tuffles were." Seeing the look of horror on the warrior's face, he chuckled, "don't worry, I usually don't approve of espionage, this is only a one time deal." Immediately the warrior relaxed. Nobody wanted a coward King, and that's all spying meant.

Soon, the whole of the army was watching the approaching girl. All except the King's original tribe, who were fully aware of who the Saiyan was, and were quite uninterested in her.

Running up the side of the hill, the girl stood straight up, and despite the speed and distance she had just completed running at, didn't pant. "They're on the south. And they aren't expecting me anymore. It's been decided amongst their leaders I am too weak to cause any harm." To this final comment, all twenty-seven of the King's old tribe snorted. The girl was strong all right. Even the newly acclaimed king found it amusing.

"Shows how much the Tuffles know. Head back to the cave Rosi, we might need your "weak" being later. But for now, it's needed in the Pre-Ring." Rosi's eyes widened. The Pre-Ring was where the Saiyan children practiced their fighting "skills". All those screaming brats! He knows I hate them! (A/N: Just think of Pre-School and the great joy it would be to teach.) Rosi left, grumbling something unrecognizable, and the Saiyans advanced.

And so, the ten-year war began…

727 A.D.- the first Full Moon in eight years on Planet Plant is seen – the Saiyans begin to defeat the Tuffles

Extracts form the accounts of a Saiyan warrior in the war campsites of the country of Saiya, from the leadership of Vegeta:

Day One thousand, eight hundred ninety-four: I must say, the queen is not someone you want to mess with. A band of Tuffles snuck up to the Pre-Ring today, and did she ever take them out. She's not officially queen yet, but that doesn't stop anybody from calling her that. King Vegeta has made it quite clear she will be. Nobody doubts him; he hasn't done anything worth arguing over yet. He either is a perfect strategist, or knows how to cover up whatever mistakes he makes. I'm not sure which of the two, but either way, he's a better king than Corrn, and most defiantly Celre. He's been holding back our next attack for some reason or another. Apparently Bardock told him something. I swear that boy is a fair fighter for his age, and one hec of a scientist. But we're all still skeptical of what he has planned. Everybody wants to know why we haven't attacked in three months. We're just training. The King just smirks, waves his hand, and tells us to continue training. Says we'll know why soon. Some warriors are planning a rebellion, I don't see how they plan on taking the King out, but that's their business, not mine.

Day One thousand, eight hundred ninety-five: The King announced that we would be attacking next thousandth. A few dim-witted warriors like Nappa had to ask what that meant. Bardock yelled at them and told him it meant the two-thousandth day of our war. After questioning the boy when that was he got so frustrated that he stormed out of the camp and left his friend Toma to explain. We have five days, and I don't know how our attack is going to go.

The Truffle Army was awake and firing at the Saiyan warriors running about the city. The Saiyans killed more Tuffles than Tuffles killed Saiyans, but the fact of the matter being there were more ruffles than Saiyans, the Army held it's own. Firing from behind fallen buildings, the Tuffles used their weapons and the Saiyans the Saiyans stood in the open using their blasts. Orders were called out from every point in the Tuffles line, and the Saiyans simply did as they wished.

One of the warriors in the Tuffles Army sighed, as he saw he had made it through most of the night, and the Saiyans would be forced back soon. They always left before they could all be killed. Leaning against what was once a cement wall, he waited for him and his partner to be called away from the fight. But just as his wish was in the process of being granted, the Saiyans looked up at a sudden light in the sky. At once there was silence, neither army moved, it was as if no breath was being drawn from either side.

Moments passed and one of the Saiyans got a mean glint in his eyes. Slowly, like some contagious disease, the glint spread, until every Saiyan across the planet was gleaming in mischief, the moon was out, the full moon was out.

Gradually, every Saiyan began growing, they became hairy, their eyes turned red, and in minutes there was an army of Saiyan Oozarus rampaging across the planet. Every city, every town, and every ruffle metroplex came crashing down. Fire blazed from their mouths, and their roars covered the piercing screams from the Tuffles as the weak race ran. They ran until they found another city, another fallen city. And through the course of the night, the ruffle civilization fell.

Day Two-thousand, seven hundred four: The Tuffles Army was finished today. They surrendered two weeks ago, but King Vegeta just let the army continue killing them and destroying their cities. Ever since that night three years ago, we've just been picking off what's left of them. Rosicheena is to become queen within the next year or so. King Vegeta's plans with the Planet Arcos have been made clear now. We are providing Arcos with a new home and they will give us the technology we need to go to other planets and fight. Nappa came back and reported that there was a man named Frieza who would pay us to conquer planets. King Vegeta and Rosicheena didn't like the idea at first, but the other leaders seem to have persuaded them into thinking otherwise. We'll begin working for Frieza in nine months.

731- King Vegeta marries Rosicheena; the Saiyans join the Planet Trading Organization

732- Prince Vegeta is born

"Congratulations, King Vegeta, I just received the news. Tell me, how is the young Prince?" Frieza's raspy voice called out. The entire palace cringed in disgust. They followed Frieza's orders, yes, but there was just something wrong with that voice.

"I think he has a really, really, really bad cold." One of the palace guards had commented just last week.

"He is fine, Lord Frieza, is there anything you would like to tell me?" Vegeta asked, he waited for Frieza to finish sipping his cup and give him an answer.

"No, except, I'm planning on sending Zarbon over. There's a little deal I'd like to make with you. It's kind of long-term, so you may want to consider it for a while before giving him your answer."

"What—." But before the King could so much as begin his sentence, Frieza was gone.

The King sighed. "What am I going to do? I had a bad feeling that joining the planet trade would cause trouble, but I can't imagine what he wants."

"Don't worry about it. Whatever it is, we'll figure something out." The king heard Rosicheena behind him. He turned to see his son sound asleep in his mother's arms. Rosicheena looked dazed, she had gotten very little sleep her first night as a mother. Her long, black hair, which was usually slightly curled, was in tangles. And everything else about her was simply untidy.

"I hope you're right, though for some reason I doubt it."

Arriving in a speeding pod, Zarbon alarmed most all of the "Saiyans" on duty. (Not all were of Saiyan blood, but, living on planet Vegeta, they were by all means, "Saiyans".) Hissing, the pod cracked open and out stepped a tall pale-green man, his long hair was untidily pulled back in a braid. It was matted and tangled from the journey, resting against a worn down chair that had seen almost the last of its days. The green-being, upon seeing the King Vegeta arriving, bowed and called to him:

"Greetings, from Lord Frieza," Vegeta responded with a quick nod of the head.

"Hello, Zarbon, what news from Lord Frieza?" the king questioned.

"No need to speak of it here sir," Zarbon replied glancing around at all of the workers who, at this gesture, began scattering about and squabbling about nothing in particular, just trying to avoid Zarbon's critical eye, "I think it would be best if we spoke of these matters elsewhere." Zarbon finished, returning his gaze to the king.

"Of course Zarbon, follow me, I'm sure I know of a place where we can discuss this alone."

And at that moment the king turned on his heel, headed towards the palace. Above, three stories up, two pairs of black eyes looked upon the scene, one pair in disgust, another in wonderment. Fearing their presence would be felt from the launch area, Rosicheena, and the young baby in her arms, who's fate was to be determined that day, slowly backed away.

One day before…

His cry echoed through the halls the day he was born. I was running through the halls, the noise was heard, and all of a sudden the whole palace was grinning. Then, slowly, a celebration broke out. The young Prince was wailing the entire time, often we would stop our festivities, just to listen to that sound. He never stopped crying that whole day. The King and Queen didn't step so much as a foot outside that room, they just stayed there, listening to him cry.

I have not heard the Prince cry since.

A/N: I'm not actually positive at what time in the Tuffle/Saiyan war the moon came out, but I'm guessing it was towards the end. (I'm saying the Saiyan year is 270 days; the length of an average human pregnancy, kinda like the Aztec calendar, ya know? So, it has been 1,890 days since from pt.1 of the prologue to pt.2.)

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