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A few words:

In Shattered Souls it was pointed out I may have made Ron too competent. I was tending to agree until I considered what they could be facing in the future. Cybertronic technology scavenged and utilized by villains. The possibilities that come to mind are absolutely terrifying. Cybertronic golf balls anyone? Actually I will need a way to tone down his physical capabilities somewhat. Tai Shing Pek Kwar on top of comet powers might be a bit too much. I want to try and keep him, along with Kim and Shego, at roughly the same level of physical ability so they all play an important role in fights.

The view points in this story will still be largely that of Ron and Shego. At least that is what I plan for it to be. Though the view points of other characters will be shown. Some of those view points will be dark. That is the main problem I have had so far with trying to start this story. The graphic nature of the violence I want to show. How to show the nature of the violence without going overboard with it.

The theme of this story will still be that of nightmares, though not those of Ron and Shego.

Timeline: Roughly three years after the end of Shattered Souls.

The Awakening, First Mutilation,... The Lorwardian Gift

Global Justice did not kill. That was one of it's most strict rules. The reason for it was simple. Never, not in all of human history, had any system of justice been perfect. There had always been those few that were innocent. Still, there had to be some way to ensure that those who would kill never could. For that reason the most secure prison facility in the world had been constructed. Not once in the nearly forty years of its existence had anyone escaped. Built by Global Justice and run by Global Justice it was escape proof. But it wasn't just human justice that was always flawed.

The chamber was immense. Nearly two kilometers below the surface of the earth it was not only dark but hot. Fatally so. The temperature was over eighty degrees Celsius. It would burn human skin in less than a second. Within the chamber there were points of intense cold. That was were the prisoners slept. Each one was kept in a cell that consisted of an array of machines. Some were radiators that kept the cells at thirty degrees Celsius below zero. Some generated an electromagnetic field that kept the water in the cells liquid. Suspended in such cold the prisoners were dead. There was no heart beat. No flow of blood in their veins. No electrical activity in their brains. But should Global Justice determine it had been wrong. That a prisoner was innocent. Then they could be removed and returned to life. The cold preserved them intact. The electromagnetic field meant no ice formed to damage the cells. Suspended animation.

It was escape proof. The prisoners were dead. So how could they escape? And should they not be dead? Then there was the heat to survive. Then there was the two kilometer climb to the surface. A way well guarded by Global Justice. Should someone try to rescue a prisoner they would have to get through two kilometers of solid rock. Global Justice would detect that. It was perfect.

Except it did not take into account an alien invasion that had destroyed nearly fifty power plants. One of them in Middleton. In the larger scheme of things it wasn't important. Those plants were connected to a national grid, and that grid to an international one. There should have been no loss power. But in Middleton they had rushed the construction of a new one gigawatt nuclear power plant. It was to replace the one that had been destroyed three years earlier. It worked perfect. It came on-line with no problem. The engineers ran through checklist after checklist and everything was normal. So they connected to the main grid. That is where things went wrong.

The controllers for the grid did not take into account the new power. A computer error kept the power flowing from the national grid and called for full output from the newly constructed power plant. It was something the transmission line couldn't handle. It sent a surge of power throughout the Middleton grid. For six days there was no power in the city. That had been eight days ago.

Each cell required immense power and over the years a lot of cells had been added. While the Middleton Global Justice base had its own power supply the cells far below it required more. And the surge of power had damaged some of the sensors within the prison facility.

One of the cells slowly warmed, driven by the extreme heat outside. So did the body within in. With very short blonde hair and blue eyes the child, that Global Justice had condemned to this place seven years ago, appeared to be nothing more than an ordinary fourteen year old girl. If she had been she would have died. As it was her DNA wasn't entirely human. Her heart restarted of its own accord. Her lungs expanded and she began to breathe.

For a while she remained asleep. It took her body a time to recover and during that time she dreamed.

The girl struggled desperately. She wanted the stillness again. She didn't know how long it had last, just that it had been good. That in the stillness, that absence of life, she had been at peace. Then, despite her struggles, the memories of her first kill came to her and the nightmare began.

She was seven years old. Soon to be eight. She raced among the trees of the park where the party was to be held. She had been allowed to decide. Her parents had readily agreed. It meant they didn't have to decorate the house. Not that they would have minded. But at the park there were swings and merry-go-rounds and other rides. For food there were hotdogs and sodas not to mention chips and bars. It wasn't a bad place for her to have a small group of friend to celebrate turning eight. It was a place she loved.

She passed through the trees running. She loved to run. She was so fast. Whatever the sport at school her team always won the game. She froze. For some reason she was breathing heavily. The run didn't explain it. She watched the squirrel and she felt the need arise in her for the first time. That sense of someone else within her mind. She watched the squirrel. It was beautiful, but she was terrified. Something was wrong. She felt tears run down her face. Her inhumanly powerful muscles gave chase and the squirrel ran. She watched it run. She knew it was terrified and something in her loved that fear. It also loved her fear. She wanted to scream but something held her quiet. The chase continued.

There was no way a girl, not quite eight, could have caught the fleeing animal. The result of the chase was never in doubt. She played with it. Letting it run, terrified, for over ten minutes before she made a final leap and caught it. She fell to the ground, on her feet, the tiny creature in her hand. What am I doing, her panic filled mind cried out. She wanted to scream for her mother, for her father, for her sister. For anyone to come and help her. She couldn't. She knew in the dream her sister was close by, helping with the party, and that nearly lead to an even darker dream. One much more deeply etched in her memory. She refused that dream by letting the one she was currently having wash over her with full force.

She watched the squirrel squirm in her hands. It was so alive. So beautiful. Unbidden her left thumb pressed in and her fingernail, the ones her mother always complained were so hard to cut, sliced its flesh. What am I doing, the girl, terrified beyond reason, thought to herself. She still couldn't scream. She watched blood run from the tiny cut. Listened to the screams the animal made. The cut was tiny. Insignificant. So she made another. Then another and another. Soon the little animal, whose only sin was to be spotted by the girl, was covered in blood. Something inside the girl loved the blood. The girl tried screaming in terror. The thing inside her loved that terror too.

She turned the creature towards her and watched its eyes. Those eyes held only pain and terror. It made her sick to see it. Something else loved it. She lift the animal to her mouth. Slowly as something inside her savored the look in the creature's eyes, the frantic attempts it made to escape. The animal knew it was going to be eaten. But instead the girl licked blood from the creature and lowered it. The girl hoped that the something inside was going to let the poor animal go. She knew it was a forlorn hope as that something enjoyed the taste of the blood. The blood she wanted so desperately to spit out. Instead she swallowed. Several times more she lifted the creature to her mouth and licked its blood. Each time the poor animal frantically struggled. Each something inside her loved its fear. Loved its panic. It also loved the fear, the panic, that was coursing through the girl.

Eventually the animal ceased to struggle. It had no energy left. It was near death with glazed over eyes. It's body was starting to cool. The something inside the girl was sad at this. It wanted more. Needed more. For a while though it would be satisfied with what it had. The terror of the girl. Her fear. It was so sweet. The memory of this moment would be burned into her mind and it knew each time she slept the girl would feel the fear it so desperately craved.

The girl dropped the dying creature. The sight of it, the remembered feeling of its frantic struggles in her hands, the taste of blood, the sick joy that something inside her had felt made her throw up. The girl, desperately afraid, wept. For the first time in her life she felt alone. Always before she could run to her sister with her problems, or her father or her mother. She knew she could never tell them about this. She was afraid to. And something inside her wouldn't allow it.

It was the first time she killed, but not that last. Eventually she would be discovered. The look on the faces of her family when that moment came was something she would never forget. Nor would she ever forget what she had done to that family just four years later. Their screams were etched into her memory.

The girl, just two days shy of being eight, fled the site of the dying squirrel and raced back to the party. She acted normal. Inside she screamed.

Her eyes opened from the nightmare. She looked around. Despite what would have been total darkness to a human she could see a little. With superhuman strength she pounded at the hardened plastic that surrounded her. It cracked. Just a little bit. Another hit opened the crack and the water began to pour from her cell. Without the water to hinder her blows the cell soon shattered around her. Something within her screamed in joy at the freedom. The girl though just wished for the stillness again. She had tried suicide several times. Each time that something within had stopped her.

She stepped out and felt the burning heat. Flinching back, she returned to the coolness of the cell. She looked around. Something drew her to two of the adjacent cells. The prisoners within were like her. They appeared to be just two young girls, but the something within her said they were not. She wondered if they were monsters like her. If so she didn't want to release them. Still the something inside her drove her to dash through the heat to take a closer look. The controls were simple. She turned a dial and the temperature in each cell began to rise. She dashed back to her own cell. Her skin was covered in burns.

Slowly those two awoke as well and freed themselves. They didn't speak to each other. The something inside wouldn't allow it. Within the cells they took deep breaths and cooled their bodies with the quickly vanishing water. Then they dashed out of the cells, moving at inhuman speed. The entrance to the shaft leading up was just a hundred meters away. They covered the distance in seconds. The walls of the shaft were rough. An elevator cable hung from the center. They used the walls. Hands and feet working in harmony, helping each other over the more difficult spots. The climbed the shaft at the equivalent of a slow run for a human. As they climbed the temperature dropped.

Anywhere along the way there were sensors that should have alerted Global Justice. There were dozens within each cell. There were sensors that scanned the cavern. The shaft was full of them. But critical points had been burned out by the power surge. And Global Justice was seriously understaffed. The release of twenty million war machines just after the alien invasion had seen to that. The readouts from the cells said they were all okay so they left it at that. The sensors were just a precaution and could be fixed later.

Their skin nearly burned off, yet still mobile, the three reached the main Middleton base. They tore through the guards with ease. The girls screamed in pain as they did so, but the something within each of them drove them on. It didn't mind the pain. It loved that the girls were suffering. It fed on their pain and the pain there were causing. The guards weren't killed. But bones were broken, flesh was tore. They were maimed. That was what the something within each of them wanted. Not death. Suffering. If something died too soon then that was no good. If it was dead it couldn't suffer.

Two of them fled the base. Parting ways. One though paused for a few minutes. The one that had awaken first. The person now screaming at her feet had been working at a terminal. They had had top level clearance. The girl was curious. Someone had captured them. Had imprisoned them for what felt like a long time. She hoped they could do it again. Or if not, then kill them. She found out there were four of them. Not three. The fourth one wasn't a monster. The girl despaired. And for the first time in her life felt true rage. Not rage from the something within. Rage that came from her. Someone destined for the same fate as her had escaped. Why? She cried and screamed her hate for that person. All that she had suffered, yet that person was free of the curse. The something within was curious too. How had that someone managed to control the something within them? It wasn't possible.

The girl turned and fled the base as well.

Ron sat in his seat. It was one of the few days he had actually come to class. Usually he just had Kim tape the class for him and went to work at the Middleton Global Justice base. A reading of the class notes and the textbook followed by doing the questions in the textbook was usually enough for him to ace any class he was in. Going to class was a waste of time. Unless there was a test, or a quiz. Today it had been a test.

Kim, like him, had decided in favor of joining Global Justice after college so they had most of their classes in common. He looked up briefly at the redhead sitting just in front of him. Somehow things never seemed to change. He smiled. In pre-K they had sat side-by-side. That had remained the same through all of elementary school. In Junior High he had started sitting behind her. Now in college when he came to class he still sat next to her. In all those years it had never changed. He wondered how she was doing on the test. He guessed she would get an A like she always did. That hadn't changed either. She still aced nearly everything she tried. Probably the only thing that had changed was when they had projects he did his fair share of the work. He turned back to his own paper. He had already checked his answers once but double checking wouldn't hurt. He would get a hundred, or close to it, but that wasn't due to any major effort on his part. Still double checking wouldn't hurt. Like any person he still made mistakes.

He thought of the last three years. Life was good. Better than good. Each morning he and Shego woke up together. They made love. He made breakfast. The breakfast was something that was usually crashed by Kim and Mark who lived in the apartment next to him and Shego. It seemed that the girl who could do everything still couldn't cook. The apartment manager had, after the third fire, forbid her to cook or risk expulsion from the building. Mark could cook somewhat but Ron guessed he figured why bother with microwaved food when there was gourmet food right next door. It was fun.

In the mornings when he went to class he walked with Kim. Another thing that had remained the same. When he went to the Middleton Global Justice base he rode with Shego.

Mark usually rode with Shego to Middleton each day. He had his own Dojo there. Along with that he was doing a correspondence course in business. On weekends he and Kim taught martial arts to Global Justice students. It was good money and allowed Kim to pay her own way through college not to mention her share of the rent. Both Kim and Mark seemed happy with the way things were progressing.

When time allowed the four of them did things together. Or sometimes it was Kim and Shego doing some girl thing with a bunch of girls while he and Mark did something together. After the first year Kim had finally learned to give him and Shego space when they needed it. Though there had been some headaches along the way, things had worked out. The two of them got along pretty well now.

He stretched and looked out the window. The breeze coming in was warm. Pleasant. Life was really good.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

He jumped. The sound of Kimmunicator beeping was a rare event now. Kim, he noticed, had jumped too. The professor was looking at them both as well the rest of the class. They had never heard of the Kimmunicator let alone hear it go off. Wade didn't usually interrupt class. In fact since they started college he had never called during class. This was bad.

Kim turned her test face down on the desk to indicate she was finished and that there was no way the beeping sound could be linked to cheating. She reached down and pulled the device from her bag. She tried to recall the last time Wade had interrupted class and failed. It worried her.

"Kim. Is Ron there?" Were the first words from the genius' mouth. Kim turned and handed the device to Ron.

"Hello Wade." Ron looked at the genius. He looked like he was worried.

"Ron. We have a problem." The super genius paused, wondering where to start. And he knew Kim was there but he had had to get hold of Ron and during class Ron kept his cellphone turned off. He didn't carry a Kimmunicator any more.

"We as in we, or as in Global Justice?" Ron asked.

"Remember three years back when we hacked into the you know whose computer system and found that data?"

"You hacked into someone's computer system?" Kim looked at Ron. Wade she knew had probably hacked into every computer in the world.

Ron tried to recall. There had been several systems he and Wade had hacked into over the years. "Which one?" He finally asked.

Wade looked at Kim. "You know the one." He said, looking back to Ron.

Kim looked around. She wondered if it was all right to talk about hacking with over thirty students listening in on the conversation. "You know Wade. This place isn't exactly private."

"I know Kim." He emphasized the word Kim.

A light went on in Ron's brain. Kim. He looked at her and back to Wade who nodded. "That system." Ron said. He thought about Kim. Altered to be a fighting machine by aliens her mother had altered her again to be human. He and Wade had hacked into Global Justice's computer systems and found out there had been three others like her.

Wade nodded. "They broke out."

"Impossible." Ron was sure of that. They had found the plans for that prison facility. Corpses couldn't break out of anything. But if they had... He gulped.

"They did." Wade told him.

Kim knew the conversation had something to do with her but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what they were talking about. Computer system? Broke out? And since when did Ron say impossible. Not any time in the last three years. Whatever it was they were trying to hide something from her. Both Ron and Wade were now obviously worried. No, she corrected herself, they were beyond worried.

"How many?" Ron asked. He tried not to look at Kim again.


"That's not good." He admitted. He was acutely aware of Kim looking at him.

"That's why Dr. Betty Director wants both you and Kim to come to the Middleton base. Shego is being called too. They want a strong force to scout the base and ensure it's secure. I still got her suit. I will have Shego deliver it when she picks you up." He looked over at Kim. "That's assuming you're willing to take the job."

"I want to know more." Kim told them. She didn't like the way Ron and Wade looked at each other.

"That's up to Dr. Betty Director." Wade told her.

Kim sighed. "Fine. If that's what it takes to find out what you two are talking about." She knew she wasn't going to like it.

Shego felt like cursing. Sure she had taken the job to track down the Diablo dolls willingly. But she had been lied to. Dr. Betty Director had told her the tracking device Drakken had come up with had a range of ten kilometers. It did. Sort of. When they were activated and were fifteen foot tall fighting machines. When it came to the dolls themselves the device had a range of five meters. And the dolls didn't just lie still and wait for some Global Justice agent to come and collect them. No. They were in the hands of children. Children who moved around the city and around the country. An area once cleared would a day later be infected. It was a never ending battle. It wasn't as thought people were reasonable and turned them in for a ten dollar reward from Bueno Nacho. No. They kept the dolls for some weird reason. Told they were a choking hazard for children they not only let their children keep the dolls, they insisted their children be allowed to keep them.

On top of that they had competition in finding the dolls. Villains the world over were scouring the globe looking for them. When they found them they used the technology the way villains always used technology. For evil. The devices they came up with put Dr. Drakken's toys to shame.

She looked at the display in her hand. Sixteen million and three hundred thousand of the dolls had been recovered. Those were the easy pickings. The sensible people who had turned in the dolls. The few they had confiscated from the hands of children. Those lying around on the ground hidden somewhere. The rest. God only knew where they were. Some had been dumped in the garbage. Good luck finding those. They could be under five meters or more of garbage by now and be impossible to find. Some were in the hands of children who had then lost them in areas already searched. Some were in the hands of children who planned on keeping them. Some were in the hands of villains. They couldn't even rule out the oceans. Wade had run the figures. An estimated one hundred and twenty thousand would have been lost overboard by children playing with them in boats. Or lost there by some other means. How were they supposed to find those?

Shego fumed. A large part of Global Justice's manpower had been tied down for the last three years trying to find those dolls. There were other major threats it could have been better spent on. Like the Lorwardians. Studying their technology and developing defenses. Not that the public knew that. The Lorwardian invasion had been explained as just another attack by some insane villain. They didn't know about the true danger out there.

She turned and watched Melissa, one of the agents she had been assigned, try and talk a mother into letting her child give up the doll he had.

"It hasn't hurt him yet." The mother claimed.

"It could. It's choking hazard." Melissa tried to be reasonable.

"That's silly. I don't see how it could be a choking hazard."

"The parts can fall off." Melissa lied.

"It's still safe. It won't hurt him. He's a smart boy."

"There's a ten dollar reward for turning it in."

"You can't buy a decent toy for that." The mother pointed out.

"For crying out loud." Shego screamed. The agents around her scattered. She lit her fists and ordered. "Drop the doll or I'll fry you both. How about it? You get to live and we get the freaking doll."

The woman and boy were sensible. The boy dropped the doll. The two of them took off running.

"Well. That saved us ten dollars." Melissa commented. "Though I'm not sure it falls within Global Justice guidelines."

"I don't care." Shego said.

"Me either." Melissa admitted. "Let's just say they were cooperative and gave us the doll."


Ten thousand agents to cover a globe of a half billion square kilometers. It was insane. Fifty thousand square kilometers per agent. It was impossible. But they had to recover the technology. So far over a thousand of the robots had activated. Shego herself had been responsible for handling over a hundred of those. With the hovercraft she could get to the site of such incidences quickly. With her enhanced reflexes it was safe for her to attack them. A normal person? Well Global Justice had had over two thousand injuries so far from the robots. Thankfully Drakken had programmed them to subdue attackers nonlethally. But still some of the injuries were serious. A normal human didn't take a fireball to the chest without needing time in the hospital. Minor burns mostly. The fireballs were composed of an energy designed to stun, not kill.

Shego stood fuming. Staring up at the sky.

Beep! Code 090! Beep! Code 090! Beep! Code 090!

Shego jumped. The device, something like a Kimmuncator, that Global Justice had given her was sending out the alarm. What '090' meant she had no idea. While she was a Global Justice employee it was merely as a collector of dolls. She looked around. Melissa's face was white. As were the faces of several of the other agents.

"We're all to return to a point near the base." Melissa explained to Shego. "We're not to enter."


"Code 090 means that base security has been compromised. Agents returning in small groups could be overwhelmed if they entered the base. We're to form a group and enter in force."

Shego gulped. She had made good friends with several people now at the base. Including Miranda. Having friends made her weak. She knew that. But from the Buffoon she'd learned that was better than the life she'd been living.

The communicator lit up. Wade's face appeared. "Shego. Come to my place and get Kim's suit. Then get to Upperton and pick her and Ron up." The display went blank again.

Shego looked up. "Everyone back to wherever it is you're supposed to go." She hopped into the hovercraft and took off. It took her minutes to get to the nerdling's house. He had two gauntlets for her and the Buffoon. Kim's suit had one built in. Grabbing the items she got to the college in under two minutes. She probably left more than one broken window in her wake. The two were outside waiting.

Further orders gave her the location where the Global Justice personnel were gathering. She and the Buffoon hopped out. Kim remained inside to change. A minute later she too left the hovercraft.

Shego looked around. There were around three hundred agents. They had jets for transportation and could gather pretty fast. She knew there had been around fifty people in the base. It was understaffed like most of the organization's bases were. She spotted Dr. Betty Director and headed towards her. The Buffoon and Kim followed.

Dr. Betty Director looked up as they approached. "You three will go in first with fifty of our best agents. Level ten force will be authorized if needed. That means killing is allowed. The rest will follow and take positions in the areas you clear."

Shego was stunned. Global Justice was authorizing killing. "I'm not sure I'm willing to go that far." She spoke out. Stunned.

"That's up to you." The woman answered her. "Just be clear. While we think the enemy has left the base we're not certain. And they will kill." She leaned close to Shego and whispered. "Think of them as smaller versions of the Lorwardians." She turned to Ron. "I think you know what you're up against?"

Ron nodded. "I saw their files." He admitted. "Still. I don't think killing will be necessary." He wasn't sure he could kill someone, or something, that looked like a fourteen year old girl.

Dr. Betty Director sighed. "Fine. You three are the only ones we got on hand who are enhanced and will stand a chance of surviving if one of them is still in the base. Meanwhile my people in there are hurt and could die if we don't soon get to them."

From the time the first alert had been sounded inside the base to the time the three entered it had been fourteen minutes. Global Justice could move fast when the situation demanded it. What they found was one maimed person after another. All had serious injures, but none that would be fatal if they were treated by a modern hospital. It took the three of them over two hours to go through the entire base. Meanwhile Wade had accessed the security system and made sure only the proper personnel were moving around the base. Eventually it was declared secure.

By the time the two hours where through most of the maimed personnel had been either evacuated to the Middleton hospital or were being treated within the base hospital which was guarded by a hundred armed agents. It had been the first location Ron, Shego, and Kim had scouted.

Shego sat by Miranda's side. The woman's condition was stable. Other than that... Shego sighed. Her friend had each arm and leg broke in five locations. Her ribs were fractured in several places. Her flesh had been slashed in numerous places. Blood was being pumped into her, but it had been close. Another half hour and she would have died. She had been the last person they found. Clumps of hair had been torn from her head. She would never see from her left eye again. There were internal injuries.

Shego swallowed. She recalled how the girl had brought her raspberry flavored coffee the last time she'd been captured by Global Justice. She'd been so afraid of Shego, yet had gone out of way to be kind. That was Miranda in a nutshell. Kind. When Shego had joined Global Justice the two had slowly become friends. It wasn't unusual for her to join Kim and Shego when they went out shopping or just browsing the malls on their time off. She often showed up at their apartment and talked about coffee with the Buffoon. How someone could talk two to three hours straight about coffee she didn't know. But the two of them did just that.

Plasma flowed around Shego's hand. She brought it under control. She reached out and stroke a small portion of the girl's face. The only part that seemed to be unhurt. Those who had done this would pay. She looked over at Kim who was on the other side of the bed. She knew the redhead was thinking the same thing. Miranda had been her friend too.

"We should report to Dr. Betty Director." Ron told the two. He looked at the unconscious woman. The damage that had been done to her... Rage rose inside him. He gulped and turned away. He wondered if he would be forced to kill again.

The three stood in front of the head of Global Justice. She looked shaken. But then she had just been told forty-seven of her people were seriously injured. Some permanently maimed for life.

"The base is clear." The woman spoke.

"What did this?" Kim demanded. Her hand was formed into a fist and she seemed ready to kill.

Dr. Betty Director sighed. "We have a prison facility below this base. It something neither of you have seen though Ron and Wade did see the blueprints once three years ago. They hacked into our computer systems looking for something. They found it." Her eyes sought out Ron.

Ron took pity on the woman and started speaking. "It's a prison facility that is supposed to be escape proof." He looked at Shego. "If you had ever used your comet powers to kill that is where they would have put you. There would have been no escaping."

Shego gulped. "No escaping?"

Ron shrugged. "Just a short while I would have said that was the case. It seems I was wrong." He turned to look at Dr. Betty Director.

"The power surge knocked out several key relays for the prison." The woman explained. "It effectively knocked the system of sensors we had covering the facility off-line. With our manpower so depleted collecting those Diablo dolls we put off repairs. No one had ever got out before. They couldn't. They're in suspended animation."

"What happened?" Ron prompted.

"It seems it wasn't just the relays for the sensors that malfunctioned. The system tried to draw power to keep the cells frozen. There wasn't enough and the alarm didn't sound. So it increased the temperature in each cell to just below freezing. We're not sure what happen but in three of the cells the temperature rose above that. When the power was restored to Middleton the rest of the cells went back to their normal temperature, thirty below. But we think one of the prisoners was free by that time and she set two of the other cells to wake their inmates up."

"Three people did that?" Shego asked.

"Not just three people." Ron told her. "Three enhanced people. People faster than either of us, and just as strong." He had read the file. Whatever Mrs. Dr. P had done to Kim to undo the work of the aliens it hadn't just kept her from going crazy, it had reduced her speed and strength a little bit.

"It had something to do with me, right? You and Wade made that obvious." Kim looked at Ron. "And there are three of them. There were three more people modified by the Lorwardians. That's who got out of those cells isn't it?"

Ron sighed. "You know. You're not half as oblivious as you once were. You're right. But they're not like you Kim. Your DNA was modified twice. Once by the aliens. Once by your mother. She made sure to protect you even when she didn't know what was going on."

"My mother?" Kim blinked.

"Yeah. We think she did some tests while you were still a fetus. Something must have indicated something was wrong. We're not sure what she did but whatever it was it kept you like you are now. A hundred percent human. The three that were in those cells aren't entirely human. They got alien DNA, or something like it, in their system." He looked at his best friend in the eye. "You're nothing like them. All the time I've known you you've only tried to protect people. Those three, they like to cause suffering. Just like the Lorwardians do."

"But..." Kim started.

Shego flared some plasma under her nose. "Not like you." She stated. "You're human. They're not. End of discussion okay."

Kim gave a small smile. "Until I talk to my mother anyway." She agreed.

Ron looked at her. She was tougher than she had been three years ago. She was okay. She had accepted her DNA was altered. If anything knowing her mother had played a role in it would help. She trusted her mother without question. Plus she had Mark and was living the life she'd dreamed off.

Kim asked the next question on her mind. "They like hurting people. And they are enhanced. But why are they considered so much more dangerous than villains who threaten the world?"

"All the villains who kill end up in that facility." Dr. Betty Director looked at Shego. "If you had killed you would be there now." She looked back to Kim. "But they are more dangerous than the villains you used to fight in highschool. One of them just before we captured her had broken into a high security bio-research facility. She was going to use a virus that would have caused millions of people to get sick. Some of them, maybe several thousand, would have died. A hundred thousand would have had permanent brain damage from the virus. Another was going to attack a chemical plant. It would have had pretty much the same affect as the virus. They weren't doing it to blackmail a country into submission. They were doing it for fun."

"That doesn't match with my theory the aliens were creating people they could fight on a personal level." Shego pointed out. When she had first heard the Lorwardians had modified several people that had been her opinion.

"I guess we can think of them as the first attack." Ron suggested. "Like their war machines. Creations to cause pain and misery. But not something to eliminate us. Perhaps the first ship couldn't stay but they wanted to leave a little gift behind. Then when they returned they could look down and see what misery those creations had caused before they got on with using their own war machines." He shrugged. "Just a thought. That virus, for example. It would have cause a lot of suffering, but it would have left things in place for the aliens to enjoy when they got back."

"Maybe." Dr. Betty Director admitted. She sighed. "If we could crack the computer system on that ship we might find the answer. As it is we're almost afraid to touch anything for fear of what it might do."

"We saw that the people were pretty badly injured. Just how bad is it?" Kim asked.

"They wanted to escape so they didn't have time to play much." The woman told them. Thirty-nine of the forty-seven will fully recover. The other eight will have some sort of permanent injury for the rest of their life. Miranda was the worst case."

Ron looked around. "And I guess it's up to us to stop them." He looked at Dr. Betty Director. "Though you did stop them before?"

"We did." She admitted. "We knew where they would be at and brought in overwhelming firepower. We can do so again, if we knew where they were going to be. We used several helicopters to bomb the area they were in with grenades that on exploding send out a hundred tranquilizer darts each. They can hold their breath for a long time so gas doesn't work. We had the helicopters saturate the area they were in with the grenades. Over fifty thousand for each of the three."

'Some of those grenades might be nice if we run across one." Kim said.

"I'm having a supply delivered as we speak. They will be here in two days." The woman answered her.

The three returned to where Miranda was. There wasn't much else they could do. The three girls could be anywhere by now.

Ron sat beside Shego, the two of them held hands. She leaned against him. Kim sat across from them. Ron was glad when Mark arrived an hour later. He watched as Kim leaned against him, and took his hand into her own. She would be okay.

He thought about Miranda. The two of them had spent a lot of time together. When she had tried his coffee she had pleaded with Shego to get him to teach her how he made it. Miranda had grown up in a coffee shop. She knew how to make a very good cup of coffee. His had been better. Over the last three years the two of them had spend hours just talking about the different coffee blends and flavors. They often worked together to develop a new combination that they then tested on the other three. It was fun.

They were all glad when she opened her one remaining eye an hour later. Physically, other than her left eye, she would be okay.

End of Chapter.

Hope the nightmare scenes weren't too graphic. Will be more of them. Won't be so much talk though of people maimed. If you think the scenes are too graphic let me know.

Poor Shego, spending three years looking for dolls. To put the difficulty in perspective. If each of the ten thousand agents needs to cover fifty thousand square kilometers with a sensor than can reach five meters in each direction they would need to walk 5,000,000 kilometers to cover the entire globe once. And of course many of them would still be undetectable. Covered under more than five meters of earth or water. Plus some would move into the already searched area. An impossible task.