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Time: One hundred and Sixty years later.

A Debt repaid,...

Fully awake he settled down beneath the covers and waited. It wasn't as though he could do much else, pinned as he was. Heat radiated from both sides and it was most decidedly a pretty good place to be. He wouldn't change anything, not for all the power in the galaxy. He recalled the words spoken by a tearful teenager more than century and a half ago. 'It's meant to be.' He still didn't believe in destiny, but perhaps she was right. An arm, slightly tanned, wrapped around his chest and a leg intertwined with own.

"Morning." Willow said, yawning. She rested her head on his shoulder and together the two of them waited.

"Morning." He echoed back, letting his cheek rest on her hair. He felt her hand move slightly downward. She knew how to tease. He smiled. This was most decidedly a pretty good place to be. He wasn't sure how things had ended up like this, but they had. All those years ago the woman had regained a normal life. She'd went back to school, made friends, and even dated. Ten years later she'd slowly stopped dating and the current arrangement had formed.

It hadn't been his idea, nor had it been Willow's. Shego was the one who had invited her. She had seen the young woman who was her friend suffering. Longing for something she could never had. So for some reason she had offered it too her. Later she would admit that she'd believed Willow's fixation on him was infatuation, no matter how long it had lasted. That after a short time the woman would find someone of her own. He didn't consider a hundred and fifty years to be a short time.

A figure stirred to his right and stretched. Her pale skin tinted a slight green.

"Morning Shego." He said, and Willow echoed the greeting.

"Morning." Shego smiled at him, her eyes lighting up. She reached for him. Some things never changed.

Later he settled back, between the two, glad he had comet powers. Neither was hesitant about what they wanted and each morning it was only those powers that saved him. He smiled. He wouldn't change a single thing.

A small light lit up in the corner of his eye. He stared at it and blinked. A message scrolled across his vision. 'Major Discovery. I Think This Is It.' He blinked and the message disappeared. He noted the glazed look on both Shego and Willow's faces, telling him they'd both gotten the same message.

"About time." Shego murmured. "We've only been here for sixteen years."

"But it's a debt to be repaid. So time doesn't matter." Willow replied, reaching out to run a finger down the former villainess' stomach.

He watched the movement and gulped. He knew neither of them were all that interested in women, but they were more than willing to use whatever means they had to provoke his lust.

They dressed and headed for the bridge. Though he had never named the ship they were on it was often called 'The Gift.' Ten kilometers in diameter it had a population of slightly more than seventeen million. Internally it was mostly run as a democracy, but Willow, Jenny and Sara formed a council that could override any decision. They decided what the ship did and where it went. Kim could have been one of them, but had chosen not to. She'd remained on earth with Mark. Their relationship was one of the few that had lasted through the long lifespan that Lorwardian technology now allowed humanity.

Vessels like the ship weren't uncommon. After the Lorwardian warship had retreated Global Justice had known they had forty years to plan. They'd studied the stolen technology and incorporated cybertronics into it. It had been a powerful combination. A small payload launched into space could, with enough energy, become a massive army of robotic workers. Within a decade ten billion of the Diablo Space Bots had been working on various projects, including factories for more Diablos. With exponential growth there had been twenty trillion after two decades. All capable of being any size from a few inches to more than twenty meters in diameter. Each able to modify its internal structure at will to produce whatever tools it needed for its current job.

Within thirty years there had been ten thousand vessels the size of 'The Gift.' Each able to carry, in luxury, a population of twenty million. Human population had doubled every thirty years, but with the ability to create such ships at will overcrowding wasn't a problem. The seven billion, once confined to earth, had blossomed into nearly three hundred billion spread out on more than fifty thousand ships. Few worlds were colonized. They weren't needed.

Lorwardia had been studied from afar, along with the number of ships it had. Given their world could only support a billion of the massive giants, it had come down to twenty thousand warships. Humanity had built a fleet of forty thousand battleships that had been used to track and destroy the entire Lorwardian fleet in a single surprise attack, leaving the home world of the psychotic killers defenseless. Those vessels of death had been nearly indestructible, but the battleships had each been a thousand time larger than the Lorwardian ships.

Deciding what to do with Lorwardia had been a larger problem than destroying their fleet. They couldn't be left alone, but genocide wasn't Global Justice's way. It was still being debated.

Ron scanned his messages. One of them was from Miranda reminding them they were throwing a birthday party for Jenny, Sara, and Willow. He smiled. In time Jenny had had her heart's desire too, Miranda. Like Mark and Kim, and He and Shego and Willow, those two had remained together through a century and a half. Given the Lorwardians had picked fetuses of a similar age it wasn't surprising they all had their birthday in the same week.

On the bridge they were greeted by Kim. He and Shego had named their first child after his best friend since pre-K. Given she'd been the one to carry the child it only seemed right. She had both comet powers and carried a teacher. With green eyes, pale skin, and black hair she was almost an exact image of Shego. She had a full sister named Anne who looked a little more like him, along with two half sisters, Jenny and Sara. For some reason he only seemed able to have daughters. Shego and Willow often teased him about it, but it wasn't something he was going to complain about. All four were precious beyond belief.

"What's the sitch?" He asked, looking at a huge display shown on one wall. They were in orbit around a planet more than two hundred light years from earth, that had once been a colony of the TiRGiTBiT. The people who had created the teachers. It was the only one of their worlds that still carried life of some sort, albeit only very primitive singled celled organisms in the small oceans.

"Take a look." Kim answered, changing the display.

He blinked. It now showed a squat, humanoid form. "Where did that picture come from?" He asked his daughter.

"We got lucky." She grinned. "From what I can guess the world once had massive ice caps. The Lorwardian's weapons might have obliterated nearly everything, but the ice caps reformed, and when it did one of the TiRGiTBiT corpses must have been frozen. Scanners show there's been almost no decay. It's been there from a few days after its world was attacked." She practically bounced around. "It's in perfect condition."

Ron smiled at her. "Excellent." He looked at the display. "Finally, we can repay them."

The Lorwardian computers had contained the genome of the TiRGiTBiT, but that wasn't enough to recreate their species. They, like humans, carried numerous symbiotic organisms. From the corpse below they would be able to study the gut bacteria, along with all the other symbiotes it carried. It would be enough for a new generation of TiRGiTBiT to be born. Their gift of the teachers would be repaid. Humanity had already chosen four worlds for them. Soon those worlds would carry the seeds of a race reborn, each carrying a teacher to guide them.

"I wonder if they will be friends again?" Kim said, staring at the image.

"They will be." Ron answered.

The four worlds of the TiRGiTBiT would not be alone. Humanity had managed to track the probes that had transmitted the WOW-2 and WOW-3 signals. The ones that had warmed them of the Lorwardians. The AeAeOiOi had made those, as well as given humans comet powers. They already had their four worlds, seeded from the material those probes had safely carried for over thirty thousand years.

"Their eight worlds will be close together." He said. "When they travel the stars again the first different race they will meet will be each other." He shrugged. "And if for some reason they aren't, then we will remind them of their history. That once they were friends."

End of Story.

I think you can see now why it was so important to keep cybertronic technology out of the hands of the Lorwardians. Even with just a single world they could have conquered the galaxy. Cybertronic workers would have provided more than enough ships.