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May 1st, 1923

Throughout the streets of New York city business men flew through the streets trying to by stocks before they all sold out. White families walked along the side walks, chatting about plans of they would like to do that evening.

But our story focuses on one particular family. Or more likely, one particular little girl.

A colored family of three walked down the side walk to the apartment they lived in. The father was tall and strong with dark skin and a shaved head. He wore a dark brown flat cap with an old black suit and dress shoes. His wife had a lighter skin tone and wore a pink and white striped shirt tucked into a pink skirt with white heels. Her curly black hair was pulled back into a bun hidden under her hat. Their 5-year-old daughter had her father's skin tone and her mother's curly black hair resting on her shoulders. She wore a simple blue dress with a white bow around the waist to match the one in her hair and her shoes. Unlike her dark brown eyed father and black eyed mother, the little girls eyes refused to say one color. They constantly swirled different shades of blue, green, and brown. Most people saw this as a strange trait to have, but her parents always told her they made her even more special.

They walked down the street, ignoring the glares they received from a few whites passing by and headed up the stairs to their apartment building. On top of the door in big black letters read 'Colored Only'. The little girl never understood what the sign meant but her daddy promised she'd understand on her own once she gets older. "Come along, Maeve." Her mother said giving her hand a small tug. "Coming, momma." She replied walking forward.

After walking up three flights of stairs and greeting a few neighbors they finally entered they're home. It was a small 3 roomed apartment with two beds, a couch, an old television (that rarely worked properly), one bathroom and a tiny kitchen. Even though it was small, old, and a little rundown, the family still loved living here and where luckier than most colored people.

Maeve squealed as she got scooped up into her fathers arms. He laughed at her shock and tossed her up and down a few times. "Higher daddy! Higher!" She squealed again, this time with joy. He threw her up a little higher a few more times before catching her and kissing her cheek. "Why don't you go get ready for dinner, sweetheart. I have to talk with your mother."

The 5-year-old nodded and ran to the bathroom.

"George for the last time you are not going for that job application!" His wife whispered so Maeve wouldn't hear. "Nicky I gotta try. We're supposed to be protecting Maeve. How can we do that with the little money we have?" Nicky took off her hat and shook her head. "You don't really believe that 'Daughter Nature' mumbo-jumbo that woman told us, do you?"

George scratched the back of his head a little sheepish. a hooded figure showing up out of no where in the middle of the night seemed pretty convincing to him. But Nichole was just to stubborn to accept it. Even though she more than gladly accepted Maeve. "it doesn't matter 'bout that. I'm talking about the blessing of how we finally got a child even after what the doctor said all those years ago." He replied. "And I want to make her happy as I possibly can."

"George she's happy now! You know the lynching mobs go out at night looking for colored people! Them what would happen if you got lynched?" Nicky said not realizing her tone was rising. George sighed and leaned against the sink. "I know the risk. But I gotta try." He said. "The whites are taking all the good jobs and the stock market is at its peak! Think of how much I could make!" Nicky sighed. "I just don't want anything to-" she cut off at the sound of a door slamming.

George sighed. The both knew it was Maeve who had heard the conversation. "I'll talk to her. Can you please start dinner?" He asked as he headed to one of the two bedrooms.

"Pumpkin? You in there?" He asked knocking on the door. Only the sound of the 5 year olds muffled voice replied. Taking it as an invitation to come in, he opened the door and walked inside. She was laying on her bed with her head hidden in her pillow so only a giant mass of curly black hair could be seen. He walked over to Maeve's bed side and sat down. She glanced up from the pillow, her multicolored eyes had small tears in them.

"Don't you cry, pumpkin." George said scooping up Maeve and setting her on his lap. "Your mama and I just had a small disagreement that's all." Maeve sniffed and hugged her father. "So you're not mad at each other?" She asked. "Of course not." He said brushing his fingers through her hair. "Good." Maeve huffed. "Cause Terry's momma and daddy got mad at each other now they ain't talking to each other no more." George sighed as he remembered their old neighbors who had gotten in a fight then soon after divorced. Their son, Noah, had been one of Maeve's closest friends but was forced to move away with his mother to California.

"Your mama and I are very happy together no matter how many disagreements we have. You remember that. Now how about we go help your mama make dinner?" George said trying to lighten the mood. "Ok!" Maeve exclaimed, happier now knowing her momma and daddy weren't mad at each other. The five year old jumped off his lap and ran to the kitchen as he followed from behind.

XXXXXXX Lazy time skip XXXXXXX

Maeve stood on one of the kitchen chairs next to the sink as she helped her mother with the dishes. Maeve hummed as she dried the dishes from their meal. "Whatcha humming, baby?" Nicky asked as she rinsed off a plate. "I dunno. Just a song." Maeve replied while setting down one of the three plates she had to dry and took the last dish from her mother.

George walked into the kitchen wearing his finest suit and favorite flat cap on his head as it always is. Nicky sighed quietly. She had given up trying to convince George to stay home and let him go for the job interview, no matter how much she hated the plan.

"I'm heading out." He said grabbing the key to the apartment. "Daddy! daddy! Will you tuck me in first?!" Maeve exclaimed jumping down from the chair. "Pleeeeeeaaaase?" She added. George looked at the time on his hand-me-down watch. He still had 30 minutes.

"Alright, pumpkin. I'll tuck you in." He said picking up the cheering 5 year old. He walked into Maeve's bedroom and helped her put on her nightgown then brush her teeth. Maeve crawled into bed and George pulled the hand made quilt up to her chin. "Daddy why are you going out?" She asked. George chuckled nervously. "You ask a lot of questions for a 5 year old." He said sitting on her bed side. "Please daddy?" Maeve practically begged. George sighed. "Honey I'm going out for a job interview so we can get more money." He took off his favorite and only flat cap and stuck it on Maeve's head. "I'll come back tomorrow morning. But you can hang on to this till then alright?"

"Really?" she gasped. Everyone who knew George knew he loved that cap more than any other object in his possession. Maeve has always wanted to wear it. she gasped in surprise as the hat fell over her eyes because it was to big. George chuckled and pushed the hat back so he could see Maeve's face. "Really. Sleep tight, pumpkin." He said while kissing her forehead. "Good night, daddy." Maeve said curling up into a ball under the warm covers still wearing his hat.

She would get to see her daddy tomorrow and give it back. She wanted to wear it as long as she could and keep it safe till she gave it back.

June 12th, 1926

She hated him. God, how she hated him. Ever since her momma had met him 2 years ago Maeves hated him. And he hated her back.

Maeve remembered that morning when she was five. She walked out of her bedroom into the kitchen to find her momma crying at the kitchen table. When she asked what was wrong, her momma could only say her daddy wasn't coming home. Only a year later she had forcibly learned he had been lynched by a group of white men.

Maeve was eight years old now. She was still scrawny and her curly black hair grew very frizzy to the point where she kept it up in a pony tail most of the time. She wore skirts and white blouses now instead of dresses. And he daddy's old flat cap. She almost never took it off and if she wasn't wearing it, it was at her side at all times. Most mothers would be against this, but Nichole could care less. It made her happy to see Maeve still loved her daddy.

After a years worth of mourning, her momma went out looking for a new man. Of course, she needed to. As hard as she tried, her job wasn't enough to get by on. And then she found him. The devil himself.

Todd Matthews.

He was big, 6 footer, with light brown hair and beetle black eyes and who was proud of himself for being 25% white. Both he and her momma had lighter skin, so he classified them as "higher-ranked color folk". Maeve, however, had her daddy's dark skin and he thought she was an atrocious disgrace because of it. Maeve could care less what he thought of her skin tone. Her daddy had taught her to stand proudly no matter what insults where thrown at her. Todd always tried to break this pride. He even tried to convince her momma to get rid of her because of her skin tone but got slapped hard across the face and kicked out for the night just for suggesting it. So he took his hate out on her in a different way: he abused her.

Whenever her momma was out for work, Todd would hit Maeve on the back of the head or shoved her against the wall till she cried. He threatened to beat her momma if she told so whenever she was asked about her bruises and black eyes, Maeve would say she fell down the stairs or ran into the door. She was clumsy enough even before Todd came into the picture for her momma to believe her.

Maeve didn't think it could get any worse. And oh Lord was she wrong. Last year Todd proposed to her momma and she said yes. Last month they got married with Maeve as the flower girl. She had to hide her hatred towards Todd to keep her momma happy. It was all she could to keep herself from kicking him right then and there.

Now Todd was really after Maeve. On top of what he used to do, he'd bang her on the head with his fist or kick the back of her legs repeatedly or slap the back of her head so hard it'd knock off her flat cap and say she was stupid for keeping it. She just got back up, dusted herself and continued her day no matter what he did, just like her real Daddy taught her. Well, normally she did.


Todd was sitting in their living room watching the new TV while Maeve walked quietly to her room, keeping to her self as always. She had spent the day outside like everyday so she was still dressed in day clothes and her daddy's flat cap even though it was already past dinner time. "Momma should be back from work any minute now." Maeve thought. "Just stay strong..."

"Hey, scum." He barked slapping the back of her head with an empty can. "Sticks and stones, Maeve sticks and stones." She thought repeatedly. After 2 years of this, it was getting hard to hold back her anger. "Get me another drink." Todd snapped as he changed the channel. "Get it yourself." She grumbled while she rubbed the back of her head. "What did you say?!" Todd barked at her. Tired of being kicked around Maeve snapped at him: "get it yourself, ya lazy fat ass!" She had learned quiet the colorful vocabulary while Todd watches sports. Her step-father glared at her before standing up and walking into the 'master' bedroom. Maeve felt proud of herself for finally standing up to him. She was reflecting on her glory as Todd walked out of the bedroom...

...with a bike chain.

Maeve didn't know where he had gotten it, but all she cared about was that he had it. Her eyes grew wide and her face paled. Whatever Todd was going to yell at her, he didn't get the chance. Maeve bolted out the front door as fast as her scrawny legs could take her. "GET BACK HERE YOU PIECE OF TRASH!" He yelled after her. The eight year old didn't look back or even dared to think how close Todd was. She sprinted down the steps three at a time and ran out the apartment complex's door and into the streets of New York. Even then she kept running cause,

she had the devil himself right on her heels.

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