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September 1st, 1935

New York streets where less crowded with cars and more crowded with people. Banks where closed and businesses went bankrupt. Families struggled to get food, and men left for different states to find jobs. Why where these problems happening? Six years ago, on the 29th of October, the Stock market crashed. Hitting America with the Great Depression. President Herbert Hoover had made attempts to fix the economy to no avail. Franklin D. Roosevelt was put into office in 1933 and established the "New Deal". Everyone is hoping the economy will turn around and are horrified of what the future will bring.

Well, everyone but the Street Rats.

"You need to catch up, frizz-head! You're starting to lag behind!" Skyler yelled behind him while jumping onto one of the construction transportation cars. "Is that so old, wrinkle-face? Ya need to look ahead more!" A teenagers voice replied. Sky turned around surprised to see the voice owner standing three trucks ahead on him.

She had curly black hair that frizzed up a bunch pulled back into a ponytail under a dark flat cap. She was wearing a men's white collared shirt with dark blue overalls that where rolled up to above her knees to go with her knee length dark brown boots and black socks.

"Now that there is cheating, Maeve!" He yelled at the 17 year old. She only laughed and jumped on the side of a near by abandoned apartment. "What'd ya gonna do? Get Tony to turn me in?" Maeve yelled back walking across the window ledges. "Or have Alex give me another lecture?" "I might as well! Ya stole part of my ration for today!" Sky yelled back at her. She laughed and jumped onto a passing by cement truck heading to construction.

"I'd give it back to ya, but I already ate it all!" Maeve yelled while walking along with the movement of the truck. Sky rolled his eyes and hopped a few trucks to catch up. "Ah, I don't need the carbs anyway!" He called. "I'm trying to slim down a bit!" Again, Maeve laughed. "What ever you say, old man!" She replied. "Hey! 30 is not that old!" He said. "Older than 17!" Maeve retaliated. "Younger than 50!" He shot back. "But why should I care?!"

Maeve jumped back to the same truck Sky was on. Laughing they linked arms and side stepped crossing one leg over the other whilst singing:

Why should we worry?

Why should we care?

We may not have a dime.

But We got street savoir faire.

They cut off at the familiar sound of a run down motorcycle following from behind. Turning around they saw a large, buff man with grey hair riding an old retired police motorcycle. Sitting behind him was a short scrawny man with messy blonde hair and enough freckles to replace the stars in the sky. Siting in the run-down side car was a fat man who's head was balding and had a large mustache under his nose. The blonde haired man joined in the singing.

Why should I worry?

Why should I care?

It's just be-bopulation.

And I got street savoir faire!

"Ya said it, Chuckie!" Maeve yelled to the 20 year old. "You're both acting like children!" The balding man yelled at them. "Get down from there before you hurt yourselves!" "Alright, Alright, Al! keep ya mustache on!" Sky called sliding down the side of the truck and hopping onto the motorcycle. "Geronamo!" Maeve yelled cannon-balling onto the motorcycle right on top of Sky's lap. The old machine shook and creaked before going back to normal. "Watch it, Maeve! This is the only bike the force could afford. I don't need you breaking it!"

She only laughed and ruffled his buzz cut. "Aw, Tony, ya'll could fix it easily." Maeve replied. He grumbled remembering the many weeks he and Alex had spent fixing up the old rust bucket. "Let's roll T-bone!" Sky yelled pointing ahead of them. Tony rolled his eyes and drove back to their home.

XXXXXXX lazy time skip XXXXXXX

"Home sweet home." Chuckie said walking onto the abandoned boat they now called home. It wasn't much but it was all they had after that fire took out the apartment building they used to live in a few months ago.

"Yup. Sea sickness galore." Maeve agreed sitting on one of the chairs they found in the junk yard. She was the only one who truly hated living on the boat, being the only one having trouble adjusting to the rocking of the water during her sleep. The others grew used to it quickly and easily but Maeve often found herself leaving the small boat and sleeping on top of a nearby building. Only to be followed by Sky claiming he 'just wanted to keep her company'.

"Aw, don't cry, Maeve." Sky said rapping his arm around her head and getting her into a head lock. "Ya stomach will get used to it by the time you're my age." She furrowed her eyebrows while she squeezed her way out of his grasp. "I don't get seasick that badly, Sky." She said feeling her face turn red. "Oh, leave the poor girl alone, Skyler." Alex interrupted them while wagging a finger. "She goes through enough already living on the streets with you imbeciles for nine years."

Maeve snorted while Chuckie and Sky scoffed. "Excuse me, but curly top here would be dead if it weren't for us 'imbeciles'." Sky said matter-of-factly while crossing his arms. "And Tony is the farthest thing from an imbecile." Maeve added while criss-crossing her legs. "Thank you, Maeve." Tony said happy someone recognized his sanity.

"Yeah, sure, ya'll go on ahead and ignore me!" Chuckie spit out bitterly. "Aw, ya know we love ya, Chuck." Maeve laughed while hugging the small man from behind. "I am pretty great, aren't I?" Chuckie replied flashing his proud buck-toothed smile. "It's surprising how you're able to stand up with you're head so big." Alex muttered while rolling his eyes. "Hey, I heard that!" Chuckie barked at the burnet.

Tony sighed and stood up. Maeve followed pursuit wanting to avoid getting dragged into an argument. "Home sweet home." He muttered while they walked outside. Maeve laughed. "Sea sicknes and arguments galore." She added.


Maeve sat up queasily and held her stomach. The slow rocking of the boat made her gut form a tight knot and her face felt pale. Damn it, she hated this piece of tin! Quietly getting onto her feet, the seventeen year old walked off the boat and to the closest alleyway.

Opening a random trash can lid she leaned over and threw up her and part of Sky's ration from today. Stupid sea sickness. Wiping her mouth with her sleeve, Maeve put the lid back on and leaned against the wall hoping she wouldn't get sick again. Pausing her bitter thoughts toward the boat she looked up at the sound of metal clanking. "Hello?" She asked standing up and looking around. Maeve skimmed the alleyway still seeing nothing. Shrugging it off, the Street rat headed back to the boat.

The moment her back turned she heard someone screaming: "AHHHHHHHH!" Whipping around she saw a small figure charging at her with a metal pole. "Woah! Hey, bud take an easy!" Maeve exclaimed grabbing the pole just before it could hit her head. The little boy continued to try to hit Maeve, but she grabbed the pole out of his grasp and tossed it aside out of his reach. "Hey how about ya calm down and stop trying to hit me!" "Go away! You're gonna hurt me!" The boy exclaimed. "Why would I hurt a little kid like you?" She asked squatting down to the boys level hands raised.

"You're a negro! My momma told me all about your type!" The boy snapped. "Oh? And where's your momma now? Why would she let a little kid run loose this late in New York?" Maeve retaliated feeling a little bitter that a kid this young could already hate black people. This made the boy stop and think giving her a better look at his face. He had bright red hair and as many freckles as Chuckie. "Well?" She asked raising her eyebrows. The boy scowled at her. "I don't need to answer you! I-" "listen little man." Maeve said holding her hands up. "I swear on my life I, or anybody else, won't hurt ya. But ya gotta stop swinging metal poles at my head."

"Why should I trust you!?" He asked. "Because who else do ya got?" Maeve asked. The boys face suddenly dropped and he looked at the ground. Realizing how harsh she sounded, "Listen buddy, I wanna to help ya. But ya gotta let me." She told him calmly. "I'll even introduce myself. I'm Maeve Adair. I'm 17 years old and I've been living on the streets for nine of those years. I was lost on the street myself at one point when I was eight and I know how scary it is. All I want to do is help ya like how my big brother helped me."

The boy didn't look convinced by her story. Sighing, Maeve rubbed the back of her neck. "Are you cold?" She randomly asked just noticing the boy was shaking. He nodded truthfully but still didn't . The 17 year old slipped off her oversized trench coat and rapped it around the boys shoulders. "Come on. I'll take you back to where I live. We have food and its warm." "We?" He asked. "My brothers and I. Their white though so don't worry about being with a bunch of black people." Maeve replied standing up and holding out her hand. "So you com'in or staying out here?"

Maeve could tell the boy was Going through the same thought process she was when she was eight and Sky offered her the same question. Finally he came to a conclusion he needed shelter and food and she was his best option of getting both. Hesitantly, he reached out took Maeve's hand like it was covered in spikes. She smiled. "Right this way, sir." lead him to the Tin Can.


"Hey, boys! Get up! We got company!" Maeve yelled as she and the red haired boy walked onto the Tin Can. She heard groggy replies and a few swears as the boards creaked at the footsteps of the male Street Rats getting up. "Curly-top, why in gods name are you waking us up this early?" Sky asked dragging his feet with him. "Yeah, Maeve. It's to early." Chuckie complained while rubbing his eyes.

"Boys meet -uh- well I didn't get his name but I found him in the alley way. He needed food and a place to stay." Maeve answered while gesturing a hand at the red headed boy. "Y'all woke us up because of a kid?" Chuckie asked slightly outraged. Sky smacked the back of the blonde's head. "Where's ya hospitality, Chuck?" He asked. Sky then turned to the red haired boy. "Pleasure to meet ya, Mr. freckles. I'm Sky." "Nice to meet you, Mister." The boy said holding out his hand which Sky shook.

"The soup kitchen two blocks over is giving out rations in twenty minutes." Alexander said looking at his old pocket watch. "We can go there and grab something to eat." "Alright then. C'mon freckles I'll carry you." Sky said picking up the red head and placing him on his shoulders. Maeve felt a little bitter inside due to the kids politeness towards Sky. "Racist kids..." She thought bitterly heading for the exit with the others.

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