Ultimate JLU

Last time: Ben got his own place on Bainbridge Island. Went to Kara's graduation and got to know some of the heroes on the Watchtower before the meeting.


(I don't remember Superman's speech and I am too lazy to look it up so I'm skipping it. Also we all know how Green Arrow got to the Watchtower do I really need to reiterate.)

J'onn was focusing on a moving red mass on one of the screens. He called John over to discuss what to do and who to send to take care of it. "It's some kind of nuclear incident the sensors are showing a massive amount of heat." J'onn said.

"Ok I'll go down and try to contain it with my ring." John answered.

"But that is what is weird about it. It is moving in a straight line." J'onn answered back. "Take Captain Atom he should be able to absorb some of the radiation."

"Ok I could also use some muscle for crowd control." John responded.

"Take Supergirl." J'onn easily replied. "She has to start sometime." He said at John's unhappy expression."

"Fine." John answered clearly unhappy about the way the argument went. "But if I am taking two new guys I'm taking someone with more experience that I trust."

"Who" J'onn inquired simply.

"Ben he can be a big help if anything goes wrong or something unsuspected happens."

J'onn just nodded, "take one of the Javelins, the transporters won't work near that much radiation."

John nodded and flew up then shouted, "Captain Atom, Four Arms, and Supergirl Javelin Bay in ten." Then flew off clearly unhappy about that last name.

"It's about time." Kara said then flew off after Green Lantern with Four Arms following behind.

When they got to the Javelin Bay they saw GL and a man in a silver suit with red gloves and boots waiting by one of them. As they got ready for takeoff GL asked, "Any of you ever been to Chong Mai?"

"it on the no fly list and a class three felony for an American citizen to go there." Answered Captain Atom.

"That place doesn't exist in my world." was Ben's response.

"Is it anywhere near Daytona Beach?" asked Kara earning a groan from Green Lantern.

As the ramp was about to close a green gloved hand grabbed it and got on the Javelin. Revealing Green Arrow climbing aboard the Javelin. "You are not going to leave me here on Mount Olympus?" he said in an almost whiny voice.

"Go back the way you came." Was Green Lantern's short reply.

"Oh no, no one is playing pinball with my molecules again!" exclaimed the emerald archer.

Frustrated and annoyed Green Lantern said, "Fine we will drop you off after we are done."

Green Arrow nodded accepting the answer.

With that all settled Supergirl asked, "So you're going to let me drive right?"

"Whoa, wait a minute has she been certified for a Javelin?" asked Captain Atom with a worried expression.

Supergirl turned to glare at him, "why don't you take the stick out Corporal?"

"It's Captain." Was the short reply. This earned a snicker and thumbs up from Green Arrow and Four Arms.

Then they took off on their way to earth Green Arrow leaned forward and asked, "Is that a containment suit?"

"Uh-huh. I'm not flesh and blood anymore; just living energy." Stated the Captain.

Leaning back in his chair with a frown on his face Green Arrow followed up with, "that wouldn't be nuclear energy, would it?"

"With a name like 'Captain Atom' what do you think?" was the annoyed reply.

"I think your what I marched against back in college." While crossing his arms.
"He is just going to be a thrill to work with." thought Four Arms sarcastically.

A little bit later in the Chong Mai countryside

It whole area looked scorched and destroyed all the hills, trees; even the grass was brown and smoking.

"Geez, what the heck hit this place?" asked Green Arrow.

"Lets do recon, if you see something try not to engage." Said Green Lantern as he surveyed the surrounding damage.

Standing at attention Captain Atom quickly responded with, "Roger that!" earning some incredulous stares and face palms.

Slightly taken aback, Green Lantern said, "You can just say ok."

"…okay" said Captain Atom as he walked off. With Four Arms and Kara walking in separate directions.

Watching them walk off; Green Arrow saw several men aiming RPG's at them.

"Get Down!" he yelled.

Hearing him the others quickly found some cover. Green Lantern hurriedly blocked a rocket with his ring making a shield. There were more bullets and rockets hitting the shield continually.

"The State Department really wasn't kidding when they said that they didn't like foreigners." Stated Captain Atom.

"It's crazy there is no reason for this." Said Green Lantern.

"I'll go give them a reason!" Supergirl answered slightly peeved. She was about to fly off when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't Kara that will only make it worse." Said Four Arms, "give me a sec and I'll take care of it."

"How is that going to be any different than letting her take care of it?" inquired Green Arrow.

Ben's only response was to smirk and tap the Ultimatrix, there was the usual flash of green and standing there was a black and blue velociraptor. In a black and blue blur he was gone only to return with a pile of weapons.

"There that should take care of it," said a slightly accelerated version of Ben's voice. Then the heroes heard a helicopter landing near them. Out stepped an older gentleman in full military garb marking him as a general. He said, "My apologies for the fireworks." He went on to say that the Colonel in charge didn't know who they are and that the accident was a minor problem but that they thanked them for offering their assistance.

Later that night in the Javelin; Green Arrow was in the back absolutely livid, Captain Atom was calmly waiting for orders of what to do next while Ben went to a secluded space to let the Ultimatrix recharge for a while.

And that where he was when he heard Kara shout, "Lantern Arrow's gone!"

"And so is the Geiger counter." Captain Atom added in.

Groaning Ben changed back into XLR8 and got ready for what he knew was coming.

They found Green Arrow at a bridge saving a man from a truck that was about to fall over the side. What they didn't expect to see was a giant robot with a flaming skull shooting radiation blasts from its hands. They flew in with Green Lantern saving Green Arrow from getting vaporized and Ben now as Jetray. Green Arrow motioned to some people who were trapped between the robot and a cliff.

"I'll try to drain it!" Captain Atom shouted to his teammates.

While he did that Green Lantern made a bridge with his ring for the people to get to safety, while Green Arrow shot explosive arrows at the robot.

"Kara help Green Lantern by carrying the carts and animals across, while I help Captain Atom!" Ben yelled as he tapped the Ultimatrix.

After the customary flash of green light there stood a purple Cyclops creature made of stone with pink spikes at the shoulders. He then flew up to help Captain Atom in draining the robot.

Unfortunately the Captain seemed to have reached his energy limit just as Chromastone arrived to help. There was a small explosion between his hands he fell to the ground. Ben went to check on him, but in his distraction the robot smacked him into the side of a mountain where he landed unconscious and turned back to normal. Enraged at the robot for smacking her friends around like that Supergirl flew up to the robots face and smashed her fist into it. It was with great surprise and shock that she realized it could with stand her attacks. In that moment the robot struck sending her into the side of another mountain opposite of the one that Ben flew to.

A few hours later

With a groan Ben sat up rubbing his head. Once he got his bearings he changed into Jetray and flew off in the direction of the Javelin.

When he landed he heard shouting and made his way inside the Javelin. When he got inside he saw Green Arrow and Captain Atom shouting at each other with Kara separating them.

"Hey if you two can't stop this stupid argument long enough to search for our missing teammate or help John, then how do you expect to beat that robot!" Kara shouted getting fed up with the two arguing like children.

"Yea seriously this argument isn't helping my headache at all." Said Ben with a smirk as they saw him standing in the doorway.

"Ben your ok!" Kara yelled as she rushed to make sure he was ok and give him a bone-crushing hug.

"Ugh who the heck are you kid?" inquired Green Arrow. With Captain Atom nodding behind him.

Ben pushed up his sleeve revealing the Ultimatrix. Does this answer your questions. When they saw the black and green hourglass symbol it clicked this eighteen year old was Four Arms, XLR8, and all the others.

"Now what happened to John?" asked Ben when he saw that Green Arrow and Captain Atom recognized the symbol on the Ultimatrix. They led him to the infirmary and in one of the beds was a battered, bruised, and burned John Stewart.

"Ok so a straight forward head on attack obviously won't work we need to find out its weakness." Said Ben as he thought out loud.

"I passed some guys in hazmat suits on my way to the bridge they should know something." Said Green Arrow.

"Then that is where we start looking. Also could you guys keep my identity secret please?" Ben said. Leading the way out of the infirmary.

A little bit later in the remains of a village

There were several soldiers guarding scientists in hazmat suits. They instinctively raised their guns when they saw Four Arms, Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Captain Atom walk out of the tree line.

"What are we up against?" Captain Atom asked one of the scientist in a hazmat suit.

When the man didn't answer Supergirl got angry, "He asked you a question!"

But before the scientist answered a soldier yelled out, "Don't answer them that is classified informa-ah." He didn't get to finish his sentence because Supergirl's patience had worn out.

"I have had it with you guys and your classified information crap." Supergirl said while glaring at the soldier. "You have till the count of five to tell us what that thing is and how to stop it."

"One. Four." Her eyes began to ominously glow red. The soldier's uniform started smoking.

"I would answer her if I were you." Captain Atom remarked.

"It was supposed to protect us from the foreigners." Said the man in the hazmat suit as he removed his helmet.

"Ok then I'm guessing you lost control? Right?" asked Green Arrow

The man nodded then pointed over his shoulder "we have carbon rod dampeners, but we can't get close enough to put them in."

"Where is the reactor?" Captain Atom asked the man.

"The front part of the upper torso but it's too hot you won't make it." He answered.

"Let me worry about that." The Captain said as he grabbed some of the carbon rods and walked away with the other heroes.

"Do you got a plan Captain?" Asked Ben now Jetray as they flew after the robot.

"Yeah you guys distract it while I shove these dampeners into its reactor." Was the answer Ben got.

"That is not a bad plan but I think you should give some of them to Green Arrow if you can't get them in then maybe he can make the shot." Replied Ben while looking at the Captain.

"That's not a bad idea, you ok with it? Captain Atom asked Green Arrow.

"Yea the kids got a point it is nice to have a backup plan." Said Green Arrow.

Captain Atom handed a couple of the rods to Green Arrow who put them in his quiver.

"now let's do this!" said Kara excited to pummel the robot.

They caught up to the robot who was blasting the surrounding countryside. "the heat could fry you are you sure you want to do this Captain?" asked Green Arrow.

"I know what could happen and yea I'm sure I want to do this. Answered Captain Atom as he prepared to takeoff.

"Captain!" Captain Atom turned to see Green Arrow holding out his hand he hesitated for a second then shook it."

"ok I got a form that can take over machines so I'll to either shut it down or slow it down for you captain." Said XLR8. Who received a nod of understanding.

"Then lets go!" XLR8 exclaimed as he raced off to do his part. When he was close enough he taped the Ultimatrix. Upgrade then jumped onto the robot trying to control it but the heat was too much. His circuitry was starting to melt! He quickly detached himself, and turned back into XLR8 to recover. He looked up to see Captain Atom fall then fly up and explode form the tear in his suit. Enraged Supergirl started to pummel the robot. But it just knocked her aside.

"that is it no more nice Mr. Tennyson!" Ben thought then he tapped the Ultimatrix. There was a bigger than normal flash of green light and in his place stood Way Big. He charged and started to beat up the robot up the robot hit back then shot Way Big in the chest he fell back. then got up and raised his arms and crossed them at the wrists. He shot a cosmic energy beam at the robot they were even in power till Way Big started to increase how mush he used. This caused an explosion knocking both combatants back. Way Big charged back in and grabbed the robot from behind restraining its arm cannons.

"Arrow take the shot, take it now!" his voice boomed like thunder. There was a carbon rod flying but it didn't fly straight it missed a little to the right the nest missed a little bit left. The robot then slammed its head back into Way Big's making him let go . then he shot him in the chest and knocked him unconscious he reverted back to Ben lying in a Way Big sized crater as the robot raised its cannons. Then Supergirl flies in smashing into the robot it turns it attention to her as another carbon rod tied to an arrow to let it fly straight nails it right in its reactor destroying it then for added measure and Captain Atom; Supergirl gives a wicked uppercut to knock the skull shaped head clean off. She turns to see Green Arrow give her a thumbs up that she returns before flying down to check on Ben.

A little while later on the Watchtower

Ben as Four Arms and Kara watch through a window as Captain Atom's energy is but into a new suit. They see him give them a weak thumbs up, which they return before walking away. Kara sees John and asks if he is going to tell her she did a good job. He glares, rebukes, and threatens, her then says, "and coincidently you did a good job."

AN: I'm not going to do the rest cause we all know that Green Arrow gets a radiation shower, talks to Batman, sees Black Canary and decides to stay. And I don't feel like going into a lot of detail over that. Because as cool as he is he isn't one of the main characters in this story. Also please review or PM me feedback is appreciated cause I have all of these ideas in my head but your suggestions would be helpful also.