Two Weeks


Though you are a part of me now, I find it easier to address this to you rather than an abstraction. Writing letters to the those that will never read them sounds like something Mother might have suggested to a patient in the old days, but I suppose not all her suggestions are poison. Sinclair had several blank notebooks amongst the supplies aboard this vessel of his. Unfortunately whatever spare parts he may have stored were likely commandeered by splicers and it was damaged by the explosion. We can float, but only wait for rescue as our food and water dwindles. The girls are joyful to see the surface, but I worry.

Mother has been a ghost, hardly speaking since we surfaced. I had thought she would be angry or try to persuade me to her cause again, but she seems only hollow now. Despite myself, I am moved to pity her.



Three Weeks


I am beginning to feel that we will not be rescued. It has been too long and our water supply is falling perilously low. What fate! To escape the Rapture nightmare only to expire awaiting rescue. Mother has remained a shadow of herself. I try to make her understand that utopia cannot exist without freedom, but a part of her died in Rapture.

I hope we will be saved soon.



Five Weeks

Mother is dead. She'd been refusing food for some time, but I hadn't thought... I'm not sure how to feel, Father. You taught me to forgive, but I'm not sure she ever did. We gave her body to the ocean.

I think I have an idea that may save me and the girls. Our food is almost gone and a passing ship will be our only chance. We need to survive until one comes across us.

I am more thankful now for your presence than I can express,


Seven Weeks


The girls have enough residual ADAM left in their systems for this to work. I'm going to help the girls enter a state of hibernation, then I will join them. The ADAM will sustain our bodies until rescue comes. Then you will wake me, Father. It is our only hope. It is a desperate act, but also the only one that remains to me.

I have seen the world of the surface in your memories and I know it's not perfect. I'm ready, not just to survive it, but to make it better any way I can.

Ever your daughter,


We join you tonight to cover a breaking news story. A strange drifting submersible was recovered just outside Jump City Harbor. Several comatose individuals were discovered on board and have been transferred to a local hospital under the care of Dr. Ryan Lutwidge. There has been no word as to the origin of the craft, but authorities have...

When Eleanor awoke, her entire body felt extraordinarily stiff, as one might expect after over three decades asleep. On blind instinct, she began to stretch her limbs and arch her back. That was a mistake. She gasped as muscles kept still but not atrophied strained for the first time in years. Aches and the feeling of pins and needles erupted all over her body. Her eyes shot open only to be squeezed shut to the glaring brightness of the ceiling lights.

"Doctor? Doctor, the patient is awake!" In moments, she was surrounded by voices. When her eyes opened again, she was encircled by doctors and nurses trying to calm her down and stop her convulsions. When she saw the doctor directing a syringe to her IV, whose needle she was suddenly very aware of stabbing into her arm, she reacted just as one might expect a frightened and confused individual who had been the subject of genetic experimentation most of her life would react. She screamed and lashed out. Those attending her suddenly found themselves shoved by an invisible hand, shoved with so much force that they were lifted off the ground and thrown several feet through the air. Some lost consciousness, others began to scream and groan in pain, a few had the wisdom to scurry from the room as fast as they could. Eleanor had a few seconds to take stock of her surroundings. Cowering hospital personnel aside, the equipment and medical implements around her were strange, familiar but unlike anything she'd seen in Rapture. Her diving suit, freshly discarded, lay in a heap on a nearby chair. She gingerly removed the IV from her arm and reached for the suit.

That's when the universe decided to throw a curve ball.

The wall exploded. Eleanor covered her head long enough to realize she was unharmed. What scratches she had suffered were already healing thanks to her unique biology. Without another word she slipped out of the hospital bed and grabbed at her diving suit and armor.

"What's going on!?" Somebody shouted through the dust and smoky haze.

"It's on the news! Some strange girl going on a rampage across the city!" The response gave Eleanor pause. The fabric of her diving suit still clenched in her fist, she turned her head to look outside the new hole in the wall. What she saw was a shock. It was a city of light in the night darkness, unlike Rapture or anything in the memories she held inside her. The buildings were too tall, too smooth, this was not the surface her father had left behind for certain. Amongst the dazzling lights, she could see the source of the prior explosion. Not two streets away, a red haired girl was bombarding what her borrowed memories tentatively identified as a bus with some sort of green light sprining from her hands. Eleanor looked back at her diving suit and armor. People were in danger. This place was new to her, but her father had taught her well. She knew the right thing to do.

What hospital staff had not already vacated the rooms witnessed the mysterious girl, this strange girl from the sea, vanish in a flash of purple light, diving suit and all.

Robin had had better days. He thought he was off to a good start. He'd just subdued his first criminal in Jump City, so soon after striking out on his own, then an alien girl fell from the sky and started smashing things. The boy wonder's attempts to stop her had been less than successful. He looked to his left. Next, a green shapeshifting kid and a big guy in a sweatshirt with inhuman strength came out of nowhere to start helping. So much for working alone. Both crouched behind the bus beside him. The alien girl was firing off energy bolts erratically into the surrounding buildings.

"Girl's gonna wreck the whole city!" The sweatshirt guy yelled over the explosions. Robin was about the say something encouraging, when a flash of purple light cut him off. Suddenly a figure in rusty armor was standing directly in the path of the alien girl's rampage. Yet another would be hero. Was there some sort of gathering in this city Robin hadn't been told about? The girl took notice. She shouted something unintelligible and a bolt of green light fired from her bound hands. Surprisingly, the new figure leapt over the explosion a full ten feet in the air and when she came down her hands were sparking with blue electricity. Two rapid succession bolts of lightning staggered the alien, leaving her open as the armored being charged her with a hand poised, fire springing from its palm.

Or at least, she looked open. With an angry cry, the alien girl swung her bound hands and caught her opponent in the side of the head with much more force than the new fighter had anticipated.

"Ouch," Robin heard Beast Boy comment. The armored figure was sent careening through the air towards a brick wall, but vanished again in another flash of light. Robin nearly struck the new figure with a kick as it reappeared again, not two feet from him. If he had tried, he would have missed as it slumped to the ground in a heavily panting heap. From this close, it was apparent that the 'it' was a she. She had obviously not been expecting super strength. Robin peeked his head out from behind the flaming bus. The alien girl seemed to have tired herself out, sinking to her knees and panting heavily.

"Now's our chance!" He leapt out from behind the wreck and charged the vulnerable alien... Only to stop short as a great avian shadow rose from the earth to block his path, towering over the street. Robin tensed, prepared for another fight.

"Maybe... fighting isn't the answer?" The boy wonder turned about towards the quiet uncertain voice. Yet another mystery girl stood at the opposite side of the street, this one clad in a blue cloak. She shifted her gaze away awkwardly. Robin saw that the other three, Beast Boy, the bulky guy in the sweatshirt, and the armored girl, had stopped behind him, uncertain. Actually, only the first two were paying attention. The girl was fiddling with her strange round helmet distractedly, having suffered a sizable dent from the alien's blow. Robin frowned and focused on the alien again. She had attacked them only when provoked, in truth she seemed much more interested in the bindings on her arms... The bindings on her arms...

"Stand down," Robin had an idea, and he just prayed it wouldn't get him killed.

"What, you think you're the boss or something?" The man in the sweatshirt huffed.

"Just give me a chance," He took a breath and walked forward. When he closed on her, the alien girl leapt to her feet, fists raised and bolts of green light primed. Robin raised his hands in a calming gesture. "Easy, easy..."

"Gotah!" She growled and thrust the energy bolts closer to his face.

"My name is Robin, and I don't want to hurt you. I just want to help." He, very carefully, reached for a lockpick in his utility belt.

"Gotah! Gotah bu-ogna!" If possible, the girl's glowing green eyes shone more fiercely.

"Its okay," He raised the lockpick and smiled reassuringly. After a moment, the girl's eyes ceased to glow. Robin thanked his lucky stars for that as he took her bindings and worked the lockpick. In a moment, there was a solid thunk as her cuffs hit the street and she was rubbing her wrists. "There, now maybe we can be-" Then the alien girl abruptly grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss full on the lips... well, he didn't see that coming. Then, as abruptly as it began, she shoved him roughly to the ground.

"If you wish not to be destroyed, you will leave me alone!" Her eyes were glowing green again as she shot upward into the sky. He could only stare dumbly. Behind him, he heard Beast Boy turn to the other two.

"So, I'm Beast Boy, who are you?"

"Well, whoever she was, she sure knows how to leave an impression." The large metal man mused. With the alien girl gone, Raven was weighing whether or not to make her exit as well. It didn't seem clear where this impromptu team would go next.

"I...-elp...get-..." The girl in the diving suit had opened some sort of panel at the base of her helmet and was fiddling with wires, some sort of radio system damaged by the alien girl's strike. Raven, nor anybody else she suspected, could hear her voice through that helmet.

"I think we made a good impression," Clearly Beast Boy, as he'd introduced himself, hadn't heard her at least. "Crazy space girl is gone, the city's saved, mission accomplished!" He turned to Robin. "Right sir?"

"Seriously, stop calling me that," Robin was unamused.


"I-...-ould rea-...-elp," The girl kept fiddling, and still nobody heard. Raven wasn't sure what to do about it. Repairing electronics was not really her skill set. She returned her attention to the famous boy wonder.

"I appreciate the help," He said as he walked in the direction the alien girl had fled.

"You're going to track the alien?" Raven asked uncertainly.

"I have to find out if she's a threat," Beast Boy ran after Robin, leaving the three remaining superpowered youths in the street.

"More like find out if she'll give him another ki-," The metal man began to grumble, but the sharp squawk of an aged radio speaker interrupted him.

"IF IT WOULDN'T BE TOO MUCH TROUBLE, COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS THING OFF?!" The following silence was deafening. The metal man stared wide eyed at the girl in the diving suit, the source of the sudden blast of sound. She raised a hand and waved awkwardly in embarrassment.

"Um, hold on," Raven concentrated. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" Dark energy engulfed the rusted and dented helmet. With a metallic screech, Raven wrenched it from her head to reveal the matted black tresses of a pallid girl. She let out a breath in relief and her bright blue eyes found Raven.

"Thank you kindly, this suit is about at the end of its life, I think." She breathed and smiled gratefully. Raven noted her British accent, not clear in the loud screech earlier.

"You're welcome," The emotions Raven could sense from the girl were a bit... peculiar. There was determination, a sense of certainty about what she should do. Then there was the uncertainty, she was quite bewildered by her surroundings. Not as much as the alien girl, but Raven doubted she was local. Beneath it all was the sense of knowledge not quite her own, odd. Beast Boy ran back towards them then, looking dejected.

"You guys want to get a pizza?" The metal man's response was to do an about face and walk away. Raven shied away from the green boy..

"I shouldn't..." Her exit left the other girl looking between Raven and Beast Boy, unsure of who to follow. Eventually she graced Beast Boy with an apologetic smile and followed after Raven.

"Excuse me, uh" She jogged after the cloaked girl. "I don't believe I caught your name."

"...Raven." The girl tilted her head at the strange name. "Yours?"

"My name is Eleanor," She placed her hand over her heart to indicate herself. "I'm... new in town."

"So am I actually," Raven had just recently arrived from a different dimension herself. She hoped Eleanor wasn't expecting a guided tour.

"I see," She looked the cloaked girl up and down. "Your clothes do seem... odd. Anyway, may I ask you an odd question?"

"You can ask..." Raven gave the girl a puzzled look. "I'm not sure I'll know the answer."

"Yes, well..." Eleanor cleared her throat awkwardly. "How long has it been since 1968?" Raven blinked.

"...What?" Raven was going to contemplate the implications of the other girl's question when a massive shadow came over them, came over half the city really. Eleanor looked up first and Raven saw her eyes widen and her jaw drop in shock. When Raven looked up, she saw why. A massive starship was flying low over the city. She saw that Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg, as Beast Boy had started calling him, had stopped at the end of the street. They all watched as a massive spike shot down from the craft and embedded itself on an island in the bay. A titanic hologram emerged from it, an alien that looked like some sort of humanoid lizard with red eyes and uneven sharp teeth loomed over the city.

"People of Earth," It began. "We come to your planet hunting an escaped prisoner, a very dangerous prisoner. Do not interfere and we will leave your city with only minimal damage, but if you attempt to assist her, your destruction. Will. Be. Absolute." With those words, the hologram vanished. Doors along the sides of the spike opened to reveal an army of the lizard aliens.

"That's a big ship," Cyborg noted.

"And those are some scary looking aliens!" Beast Boy squirmed nervously. Eleanor frowned.

"Wait, hold a moment," She interrupted. "We are talking about extraterrestrial life forms? Beings not of this earth?"

"Uh, yeah?" Beast Boy tilted his head at her. Eleanor glanced between the other four teens, dumbfounded.

"An alien invasion... it's just," She was flustered. "You all seem to be taking this rather well."

"It happens more often than you'd think," Cyborg deadpanned.

"They told us not to interfere." Raven said to the group at large. From their position, they could see the alien forces flying towards the shore Cyborg turned to Robin.

"You're still going after her, aren't you?"

"Can we come too?!" Beast Boy immediately piped up, there were practically stars in his eyes. A half-smile came over the boy wonder's face.

"I suppose I could team up, just this once." That brought a wide grin to the green boy's face. Cyborg and Eleanor smiled, even Raven found herself looking a bit less gloomy.

"I'm new to the world," Eleanor said, uncertainly at first but with growing confidence. "But I certainly don't want to see it trampled by scaly invaders." She joined step with the rest of the group but Raven found herself lagging behind. Becoming involved with these people... It just seemed like it would lead to tragedy down the road, considering what she was.

"You in?" Robin's voice struck her from her thoughts. She turned away from them.

"I'm not really the hero type. Trust me, if you knew what I really am, you wouldn't want me around." She felt a hand on her arm and was slightly surprised to find it belonged to Eleanor.

"You've proven yourself with your actions," She looked back over her shoulder. "And they've shown both kindness and insight, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah, I think we know enough." Robin smiled. Despite herself, Raven smiled back.

Several minutes later, Cyborg found himself peering out of an alley with the other five teens. The lizard aliens were making a mess of the street, tearing up cars and firing explosive bolts of energy from their spears. It bothered him more than the others. Unlike the rest of the motley crew, he was a local.

"Alright," Robin said after they had pulled back into the safety of the alley. "We need to find some way to track-"

"She's near," Raven said abruptly, prompting bewildered looks from the rest of the group. She looked embarrassed. "I can sense things..."

"I'll see if I can pick up her scent!" Beast Boy transformed into a hound and began sniffing around the alleyway. Eleanor jumped and stared openly at the transformation. Cyborg realized it was her first time witnessing the weird green kid's powers, having arrived late to the prior fight.

"Yeah, the little dude does that," He told her as he began tapping at the interface in his arm.

"You must be entirely rearranging your genetic code instantaneously and reverting it without any major damage! That's amazing!" The green dog became a green boy again instantly and beamed at Eleanor.

"You think I'm amazing!?" Cyborg groaned at his enthusiasm.

"Now you done it..." He refocused on his arm. "I've got a sonic analyzer built into my arm, if she's around I'll hear it." It was just a matter of sorting through all the nonhuman heartbeats for the one not belonging to the lizard freaks... or present company for that matter. He got results quickly. "I can hear her heartbeat!"

"Things are looking up," Robin noted as he led the way down the alley.

When the team finally found the red haired alien girl, she had burned her way into a video store and was devouring sugar and popcorn at a frenzied pace... some of the candy bars still had the wrappers on them.

"Uuuh, those taste better without the wrapper," Beast Boy observed with a slightly nauseated expression. The girl froze, then whirled on them with eyes flaring and energy bolts in her hands.

'It's alright!" Robin raised his hands in a calming gesture as the team backed away from the alien. "We're friends, remember?" Instead of calming down, the alien girl advanced on them vicious as ever.

"Friends? Why? For what purpose did you free me!?" She growled.

"Just... trying to be nice." Robin said sheepishly.

"Nice? We do not have this word on my planet. Closest is 'Rutha'! Weak!"

"I'd say that says a lot about how your people view the world..." Eleanor muttered quietly. The other four teens were in agreement

"Well around here, nice means nice," Cyborg grunted and jabbed a finger at the girl. "And if you want us to keep bein' nice, you'd better tell us why the lizard king took you prisoner!" Strangely, this outburst seemed to get through to the girl. She dropped her arms and the green light faded from her eyes.

"Not prisoner," She said somberly. "I am... prize. The Gordanians deliver me to the Citadel, to live out my days as their servant." The whole team's faces took on a grimmer cast.

"And the Citadel are?" Raven asked.

"Not nice,"

"I'm not one to let someone be dragged into slavery." Eleanor stood boldly ahead of the group. Slavery, to be utterly subject to the whims of another, was something she understood better than most. "I'll not let it happen."

"It won't happen," Robin assured, stepping past Eleanor, closer to the alien. "Not while I have anything to say about it."

"Um, don't you mean we?" Beast Boy had a valid complaint, and everyone might have considered that, if a great explosion had not ripped through the wall at that precise moment. Everyone was thrown violently from their feet, smoke filled the room.

"Seize her!" The Gordanians had arrived, their bulky scaly forms filled the new hole in the wall. The poured through the gap. The six teens scrambled to their feet and charged without another word. Together they hit the aliens like a force of nature. Cyborg smashed his way through them with immense strength. Robin weaved through them with his bo staff striking. Raven pummeled them with telekinesis. The alien girl wielded superhuman strength and threw energy bolts with her hands. Eleanor surprised them all; flinging her opponents with telekinesis, then firing bolts of lightning and flinging fire with her hands as she leapt, punched, and kicked with inhuman strength and agility. The Gordanians dropped like flies and were forced back out into the street. At first they thought the fight would continue to rage, but suddenly their scaled enemy leapt into the sky and retreated toward the island spike. The alien girl turned to the rest of the of the teens, wearing a warily grateful expression.

"I believe your expression is 'Thanks,'"

"Happy... to help," Eleanor panted. She suspected her body had yet to recover fully from its induced suspended hibernation.

"Ah, man!" Cyborg complained, picking at the rags that had once been the sweatshirt and pants hiding his metal form, burned away by the energy bursts of the Gordanian's weapons. "My suit!"

"So? I think you look way cooler without it!" Beast Boy offered with a helpful grin. The metal man gave a skeptical look.

"Yeah, because I'm going to take fashion advice from the guy in the goofy mask,"

"Goofy?" He grabbed his masked head in dismay. "B-but my mask is cool!" He looked to the others for support. "Raven? Eleanor?" Raven shook her head at him. Eleanor only tilted her head and bit her lip.

"Well, I have seen worse I suppose..." Of course, she was thinking of the bloody, corroded and torn animal masks some splicers used to cover up their deformity. It was hard to get worse than that.

"W-what about my secret identity?" He was clearly deeply shaken by this obvious revelation.

"What secret identity? You're green." Raven said with a note of incredulity. Beast Boy sputtered for a few moments but had no answer to that logic and removed his mask to reveal a mess of hair even greener than his skin. Just then, Robin and the alien girl interrupted the little fashion critique.

"This isn't over," The boy wonder warned. "Now that we've interfered..." The alien girl jumped in.

"Trogar will strike harder, it is only a matter of-"

"Fools!" The team's gaze was drawn upwards. The massive Gordanian hologram had returned to tower over the skyline, more ill tempered than ever. "The Earth scum were warned! Insolence will be punished! Your city. Shall. Be. Destroyed." With his word, the massive ship descended closer to the city and before their eyes the largest cannon any of them had ever seen slowly deployed from its belly to aim at the city below.

"That... that is an extraordinarily powerful particle weapon, isn't it?" Eleanor forced out. Whatever memories from genius physicists she had were scrambling to quantify the amount of damage such a weapon could do to a city. It was... not nice.

"Great..." Raven sighed.

"So..." Beast Boy had his eyes glued to the ship above. "After trashing a pizza place and a perfectly good video store... Now we've managed to make a humongous space gecko angry enough to vaporize an entire town!?"

"Go team..." Cyborg deadpanned. The alien girl rounded on Robin angrily.

"All the fault is yours! I commanded you leave me alone, but you insisted on the 'being nice'!" Robin turned on her, equally enraged.

"My fault!? You blast me! You kiss me! But you never stop to mention that they have a gigantic particle weapon?!" They continued arguing loudly back and forth. As they did, Beast Boy turned on Cyborg.

"We are doomed! I can't believe I let you talk me into this!"

"Say what?!" Cyborg yelled back. As for Eleanor, she was transfixed by the cannon in the sky, her mind overwhelmed by the memories within her trying to make sense of such a monstrous weapon.

"The destructive radius after impact will be... hundreds of yards... miles?" She was muttering to herself without realizing it. Even the most brilliant and terrible minds of Rapture had not churned out terrors on this... scale. Meanwhile, Raven was rubbing her temples. The ruckus was doing no favors for her eardrums.

"QUIET!" She finally screamed. Everyone fell silent and looked to Raven in shock. The cloaked girl blanched and waved at the group awkwardly. "Hi..."

"...It doesn't matter how we got in this mess." Robin finally spoke, taking charge. "We're in it, and we will get out of it, together." The teens were jolted from their stupor and one by one they nodded in agreement to his words, smiling in approval. "Come on," Robin smiled back. "We've got a city to save!"

It was on the way to the alien ship that Eleanor finally had some time to reflect on her situation. She was still trying to make sense of this bizarre world, where alien invasions were not unheard of and people with strange powers were evidently not only accepted but celebrated as heroes. Some of them anyway, she doubted the surface was free of abuses of such abilities. On the subject of abilities, she had surprised herself earlier. When first she charged the alien girl in the street, Eleanor had tried to summon fire to her hands. Instead, lightning had arced from her fingertips. She had never had such an ability... but she knew one who had. She must have acquired more than her father's memories from his ADAM...

Whatever the issue, she just hoped her powers wouldn't act unpredictably when it really mattered. She did not want to let down or harm her impromptu companions. Of them, she was still deciding what to think. They clearly cared for others and used their abilities to defend them. In a way, she considered, that made them like Father... except with more jokes and hijinks. Robin seemed a righteous type. Beast Boy was enthusiastic if a bit bumbling. Cyborg grumbled but wouldn't back down for a moment. Raven did not wear her heart on her sleeves as much as the others, but from what Eleanor had see she was an insightful and compassionate soul beneath the gloom. Even the alien girl, who had yet to give her name, was stepping up to defend the city. Between them, they could stop the cannon from destroying the city... Maybe... Possibly. Well, if they couldn't, Eleanor's time on the surface would be depressingly brief.

Raven wrapped the team in her dark energy and brought them through the floor of the ship. It was an... odd sensation to say the least. Eleanor felt weightless, smothered, and couldn't tell whether she was hot or cold. When the darkness parted, the six teens were standing in a corridor of the Gordanian vessel.

"Ugh," Beast Boy rubbed his shoulders shaking. "That dark energy stuff gives me the-" He cut himself off as Raven's icy gaze fell on him. "Eh, I mean, it's cool!"

"As I thought," Eleanor murmured. "Bumbling is the word."

"We have to get to the firing controls," Robin lead the way down the corridor. "There isn't much time." The alien girl and Beast Boy followed close behind him but Raven lagged behind. Eleanor was not alone in noticing this. She exchanged glances with Cyborg and the duo stopped beside her.

"Mind telling us why you're always by yourself?" Cyborg asked. The cloaked girl frowned.

"You heard the kid. I don't exactly fit in." Despite himself, Cyborg quirked a smile at that. He put a hand on her shoulder.

"He's green, half of me is metal, and she's from space. The only kinda normal person here is her." He indicated Eleanor.

"And I was born on the bottom of the ocean," She supplied helpfully. They raised eyebrows at her, then Cyborg continued.

"See? You fit in just fine." With that, they hurried down the corridor to catch up with the others. They had stopped at a corner. Robin and the alien girl were talking when Beast Boy paled and pointed beyond them.

"Uh, guys? I think they know we're here!" Gordanians brandishing spears rushed down the corridor. Eleanor turned around as more lizard aliens moved in behind them.

"Everyone move!" She shouted as she vanished in a violet flash. As the other teens began to attack the enemy, she reappeared on the other side of the Gordanians. She summoned fire to her hands and leapt into the air. Battle was joined. The aliens were large and strong but they fell easily between the teen's strength. Beast Boy transformed into a green triceratops and smacked aside a pair of aliens, charging towards the bridge with the rest of the team in pursuit, picking off the stragglers. Then they arrived at the door. Cyborg punched one of the two guards so hard he flew straight into the wall and collapsed in a heap. The other fired a bolt of energy from his spear at Beast Boy, but the he returned to his humanoid form and ducked below it. The spear was suddenly wrapped in dark energy and twisted in half. The alien dropped it in time to receive a bolt of green energy to the face and a fireball to the chest, knocking it off its feet. Robin approached the door with an explosive in hand. The raised voice of the Gordanian in charge was audible through the door.

"The Earth-scum shall learn!" The entire ship began to hum with the energy buildup of the main cannon. Robin placed his charge on the door and sprang away. "It takes more than six juvenile heroes to defy the mighty lord Trogar!" With a cacophonous boom and a cloud of smoke, the door exploded into the bridge.

"We're not six heroes," Robin stepped towards the largest alien in the room. "We're one team." The Gordanians snarled and charged. Eleanor fired a bolt of lightning at the closest alien, charging and flooring it with a kick. Its partner took a swing at her. She did a back handspring away and came up with a fireball. After the alien fell, she saw that her new teammates had made short work of most of the Gordanians, but the largest of them wasn't going away so easily. Beast Boy, in the form of a kangaroo, was dealing out powerful kicks likes nobodies business until Trogar leapt at him and punched him with such force he was launched painfully into the wall across the room. Raven came to his defense, blocking the lizard's punches with hurried shields of dark energy. Three of the massive alien's punches were enough to bring her to her knees. Eleanor made her move. In a purple flash, she was beside the alien and delivered a crushing uppercut with every ounce of her considerable strength. Trogar stumbled back in time for Robin to leap in and get ahold of the alien's neck, but Trogar grabbed the boy wonder by the cape and flung him away. The teenage girl fired a flurry of fiery projectiles. The first two met their mark with agonizing screams of pain. The third was dodged and he lashed out without warning, catching Eleanor in the side and sending her into the wall. She saw stars and slumped. Before she knew it, Robin had joined her, slamming into the wall next to her.

"Robin!" Eleanor heard the alien girl shout. When her vision cleared, she saw Cyborg and the alien girl going at Trogar together. By the time she had risen shakily to her feet, they were crashing to the floor next to her. Robin rose, holding one arm.

"Can you rewire that thing into a weapon?" He was staring at Cyborg's damaged right arm.

"I can try," The metal man stood as more Gordanian's filed into the room, surrounding them. Trogar grinned down on the team in triumph.

"Get away from my friends!" It was Raven, glaring defiantly at the alien warlord. "Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!" Eleanor was blown clear off her feet by the force of the psychic blast. The roof of the bridge was blown clean off and the ship shuddered as it crashed into the bay below. When she recovered, all the Gordanians were face down on the deck... or so she thought. Trogar stood shakily, heaving with rage. He stood over Raven and Beast Boy.

"No!" Before she had a chance to think, she had teleported in front of her new friends with hands crackling with lightning. She was about to let loose... When a pulse of blue energy slammed into the large alien and he slumped in a heap. Beyond him, Cyborg stood with his arm transformed into some type of cannon.

"I'm only going to say this once," He grinned. "Booyah!"

By sunrise, they had made it to a nearby island in the middle of the bay. Eleanor found herself standing with her new friends, watching her first sunrise in several decades. It was over a strange new city and her bruises were still healing, but it felt good.

"That's quite a view," Raven remarked quietly.

"I don't think I could tire of it," Eleanor sighed to herself. Much was uncertain at this point, but this felt right.

"Somebody outa build a house out here." Cyborg joined in.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy nudged Raven with an elbow. "If you like sunshine and the beach..." The cloaked girl chuckled.

"You know, you're kinda funny." Beast Boy instantly lit up.

"You think I'm funny?! Ohoho, dude! I know some jokes!" The dire look on Raven's face said that she already regretted her words.

"Please..." They heard from behind them. The alien girl had exchanged her black clothes and armor for purple clothes and much more exposed skin. Style had definitely changed since the 1960s. "I look, 'nice'?"

"I..." Robin approached her. "Still don't know your name."

"In your language, it would be 'Star'... 'Fire'." She introduced herself. The rest of the team smiled.

"Welcome to Earth, Starfire." Robin gave the formal greeting. Eleanor felt as if she could use the same, but said nothing.

"I thank you all for your bravery and help!" Starfire smiled brightly. "And I wish to ask permission to remain here, where the people are most strange, but also most... Kind." She blushed and, Eleanor realized, so did Robin. She shifted her feet awkwardly, now she felt like she was intruding.

"You don't need our permission." Raven told her.

"But if you want our friendship, you've got it." Robin added. Eleanor stepped forward.

"From what I've gathered, we could all use a few new friends."

"Yeah!" Beast Boy smiled. "And besides, we made a pretty good team." Robin looked like that was exactly what he was waiting to hear and removed four circular devices from his belt.

"I thought we might want to keep in touch." He offered them to Starfire, Raven, Eleanor, and Beast Boy. Eleanor examined hers, it would be difficult to use if she ever replaced her helmet. Perhaps she could integrate it. "So Cyborg and I designed these."

"Made them out of my own circuits." The metal man added.

"When there's trouble," The boy wonder told them. "You know who to call,"

Dr. Ryan Lutwidge was not supposed to be at the port. He was supposed to be at home, sleeping after all the exhaustion of arranging for the semi-perminant stay of over a dozen coma patients and the violent escape of the eldest. Instead he was poking around the old and strange craft that had bared the girls to shore. He had told the authorities he was there to look for any clues about the girls' condition. The true purpose to his visit? A unique chemical compound discovered in the blood work, it was amazing, it was... familiar. He recalled his grandfather's journals, much of it encoded or rambling about a 'Rapture'. But there was also description of a remarkable substance...

"Blasted rust bucket..." He growled as he searched the cabin. Unfortunately, his endeavor had proven fruitless thus far. He had already gone through what the authorities had confiscated, which was not much. He had hoped to find something they missed. Lutwidge groped under a control panel and found the answer to his prayers, a switch. When he flipped it, a panel in the floor opened up and there it was. Crates filled with hypos, both red and blue. Vials filled with more red fluid. Another held schematics for a number of devices, but a jar, tucked into a small box in the corner caught his eye. Suspended in the water within was black slug the size of his forearm, pulsing red splotches dotted its skin. Adorning the jar was a label.

"ADAM slug," Lutwidge murmured. "I have a feeling that you and I are going to change the world..."

Six Months Later

It was a quiet night in Jump City, that is, until the alarms started going off at the local prison. The villain known as Cinderblock had smashed his way inside despite the efforts of the guards. The massive concrete villain marched right into the central jailhouse only for a certain green shapeshifter's voice to echo through the facility.

"You know, Cinderblock, normally the bad guys break out of jail."

"And I can think six good reasons you don't want to break in." Robin leapt down to land on the ground in a crouch. "One!"

"Two!" Starfire swooped down beside him.

"Three!" Beast Boy pounced into the room as a tiger and resumed his human form.

"Four," Raven levitated to the ground.

"Five!" Cyborg landed with a loud crash as his weight cracked the concrete floor.

"Six!" Eleanor shouted the number with a smile, though none could see it behind the green porthole of her new helmet as she leapt in beside her new friends. With some help from Cyborg and Robin, her entire ensemble had been replaced with a similar but upgraded outfit. Her armored gloves, boots, and upper torso gleamed like bronze, with high tech upgrades like enhanced durability and an on board computer to boot. Even her new white body suit was made from material that could take a beating. A new outfit,a new life...

"No matter how you do the math, it all adds up to you going down." Robin threatened Cinderblock. "So, are you going to go quietly?"

And a new name.

"...or is this about to get loud?" Cyborg finished. Cinderblock roared his response, charging the team with raised fists.

"Titans, go!"

Siren, it would do. It would certainly do.

Author's Note: There you have it, Eleanor Lamb as a founding member of the Teen Titans. Its a bit rushed but I was mostly just trying to get the idea out. I recently finished Bioshock Infinite for the first time, which got me in the mood to play the previous Bioshock games. As I finished Bioshock 2, it occurred to me that Eleanor's life in and escape from Rapture would make for a pretty good superhero origin story. A plot bunny was born. Ever have a plot bunny that sinks its teeth into your jugular and just won't let go? So I eventually thought of my favorite superhero cartoon from when I was younger. The idea is that most chapters will be fairly self contained "episodes", like the show. It will be a mix of original episodes and some converted from the show like this one was. I won't be working on this much accept as something to turn to when I hit a block on my other two fics, I just needed to get it out of my system.

Siren: It should be noted that I did not come up with this name for Eleanor. It was borrowed, with permission, from a Bioshock-Young Justice crossover by ptabs0101, and was in turn originally suggested by a reviewer to that Fic called Mister. Enigma.

As the pig says, that's all folks.