A/N: Loving Willow

This is the first fan fiction I've ever written, so please excuse any hiccups. I got the name from one of my favourite films called Loving Annabelle.

The story is completely AU, Willow is a college student, Tara is a new teacher. There will be other Scoobies in the story as well.

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own any of the characters, I've just borrowed them for my own brain warblings.

Willows' knuckles were turning white as she gripped her skirt tightly.

"Buffy, do we really have to-"

"Not now Willow." Buffly interrupted as she lowered her foot down even more onto the gas.

"But it's just a parking space!"

The blonde took her eyes off of the road briefly to scowl at the red head. "This is more than just a space Willow! If I let her keep getting this space then what will I become? I will become a push over! This is a competition, one that our little Faith shall not win!"

Willow just rolled her eyes and decided to keep her mouth shut for the remainder of the journey.

As Buffy pulled into the car park, 40 minutes before other students would be arriving, she suddenly had to swerve to the left narrowly avoiding a woman in the way. The woman at the same time tried to move quickly out of the way resulting in her dropping the pile of books she was holding.

"See what you've done Buffy?!" Cried Willow as she jumped out of the car and sped over to the tall brunette stranger looking slightly flustered.

"I'm so sorry about this, I kept telling her to slow my down! My friend really isn't a very good driver" Willow babbled out as she stooped down to help pick up the books. "Anyway I hope you're okay? Are you okay?-"

The small red heads conversation was cut short when a hand came to rest upon her own. She looked up and and her eyes instantly widened as she took in the Goddess crouching down opposite her.

"I'm fine, honestly, just maybe your friend should take more care when driving like that in public." The older woman's voice sounded serious, but when Willow looked into her blue eyes she saw a teasing glint. Willow stayed gazing into her eyes for a second when she realised she probably looked quite socially inept.

"Yes! Yes definitely! Definitely won't help people live long and prosper and all that.. But erm, yeah. Willow!"

The other woman looked at her in confusion. "Willow?"

"Yes! I mean, yes, that's my name. Howdy!"

"Oh, I see. Well my name is Tara, but I suppose you'll be calling me Miss Maclay. I'm the new teacher."