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Not as it seems

Chapter 15

Once in the air, the group handn't talked much at all since they left the town yesturday. Jet had kept glancing over at Zuko to make sure she was okay, but she kept a good hold on Jip as he fell asleep over her chest. Jelously filled his head.

Lucky bastard.

To get to the Western Air temple, they had to cross a few miles over ocean to get to it. However, Lady Luck wasn't on their side today.

"Fire nation ship!" Aang called out. Appa graoned in fright, wanting to turn around. "No Appa! We can't turn back now!" Aang yelled trying to calm his bison down. Katara leaned over the side of the ship and narrowed her eyes. In the distance, she caught a pale blue miterial waving in the wind by one of the fire nation soilders.

Katara's eyes widden and a smile appeared on her face.

"Anag! It's not the fire nation!" She called out joyfully. Everyone was giving her mixed expressions at her. "Fly down!"

"Katara! Have you lost your mind!" Sokka cried out. A glare cut him off from saying anything more. Weridly enough, no attack was sent their way as they delcinded down from the air and onto the ship. Katara was the first to jump off and she made a run to a man in a fire nation suit and helmet. Before Katara could reach him, he removed his helmet to reveal himself.

"Dad!" Sokka cried out jumping out of the sadle. Katara latched onto Hakoda tightly, followed by Sokka.

"Sokka. Katara." He said, hugging them back. "I've missed you both so much." He pulled back to marvel at them. "You've both grown so much."

"Dad." Katara sniffed and hugged Hokoda tighter. "I thought I would never see you again."

"It's okay. We're together again now, and that's all that matters." His head then raised to the small group that was watching the three hug. "And I believe you are my son and daughters friends?" He smiled and walked towards them, "I'm Hakoda, leader of the Southern Water Tribe."

"We are!" Aang grinned. "I'm Aang the Avatar, and this is Toph my earth bending teacher."

"Yo." She waved.

"That's Jip. He's new to the group, but he's also an earth bender too."

"Hi!" Jip smiled. Zuko walked up behind Jip and gave a blank expression, along side Jet who was smirking.

"That's Jet. We ran into him a few months back, but now he's with us."

Jet tipped his head. "S'up."

"And finally!" Aang smiled. "My fire bending teacher," Hokoda's eyes widen, when Aang said fire. "Zuko."

"Prince Zuko?!" Hakoda yelled astonished. Zuko continued to give a blank stare but returned her name with a nod.

"Exile-Prince Zuko to be more prosisticed." She corrected in her ushual gruff tone. Hakoda didn't know whether to laugh or be angry at the person that was right in front of him. The son of the most horrible and monstrous man was right there, and something held him back from attacking him.

"Ya' might wanna know tha' she's a gal." Jet inputted with a grin, reaseaving an elbow to the rib by an annoyed Zuko. Hakoda stared in disbelief.

"Why!? Does my gender seem to shock so many people?! It's not that important!" Zuko yelled in frustration.

"Careful. People may think ya' on ya' period." Jet teased. Zuko growled and stomped his foot into the metal making the surface under Jet's feet come up like a small bump and cause him to fall on his ass. Hakoda gasped at what he had just seen. The Fire nation Prince or Princess or whatever just bent metal!

"Y-you just," Hakoda stuttered.

"Yeah dad. I couldn't believe it either when she did that the first time. But looking on the bight side," Sokka grinned. "We now have two avatars to kiss the Fire Lords ass!"

"*Sigh* It's never going to get through to you that I'm not the Avatar!" Zuko growled.

"Get used to it, Sparky. Snoozles is as dum as a fish." Toph sniggered.


"I have ta' agree." Jet smiled getting up.

"You would agree with Zuko on everything!"

"N-no I wouldn't!" He defended.

"I think Jet likes Zuko." Jip announced with a smile.

Zuko blushed crimson. "J-Jip!"

While Hakoda couldn't help but feel at ease now with the fire bender near, he had notice how Katara wasn't linking herself into the conversation or more so how he noticed her give Zuko dark looks every time she spoke.

Something's not right with her... I will have to speak to her when I have the chance.

Hakoda smiled, "We'll I suggest we discusses this in a private area with the others, shall we?" Hakoda suggested.

To be continued...

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