Jack tried to roll over, although he something was restraining him. He felt something warm push up against his back, and noticed something wrapped around his waist. Then whatever was holding him moved from his waist to his stomach and tightened it's grip, not painfully tight, almost a protective embrace. Then something started to rub his neck. It felt cold and wet. He shivered slightly at it and he tried to look at it, the room was pitch black. Jack felt it kiss his neck and lick it gently, it's tongue was rough and long- like an animals. He also noticed whatever was covering him was covered completely in fur, or at least, every part touching him at the time. Then one, hand? Paw? , moved from his waist and started to caress his groin. The animal started to kiss his neck again and he heard an extremely small growl come from it, not threatening, almost like a groan. Jack sub-consciously let out a small groan himself, although tried to stifle it immediately. As soon as he did the animal's growl became louder and much lower, Jack was getting slightly scared at the sound. Then it started to add more pressure to his groin, and Jack felt it pressing it's groin against his backside.


Jack jumped and sat bolt upright in bed, all he could hear was his own fast heartbeat. He was breathing heavy and his head was spinning, his eyes burning and he could hardly see.

"Just. A. Dream." Jack breathed, rubbing what he thought was just a bit of conjunctivitis out of his eyes before getting out of bed. He didn't realise it was a mixture of black and gold sand, an almost blinding amount of the stuff.

He got dressed and sat on his bed, holding his head between his knees. His head felt like it was splitting open, and in all honesty it could have been after the last year. He went to lay back on the bed although he missed the pillow and his head hit something hard. He lazily turned around and picked it up. He studied it for a few seconds through his red and blurry vision before realising it was a coin. He couldn't tell how much, or even what colour it was to be truthful, although he slipped it into his pocket and walked into his bathroom.

He ran the tap and splashed water into his eyes for several minutes. After a while of splashing and cleaning his vision was almost normal and he dried his face with a towel. He then studied the coin in his pocket.

'It's shiny'

Jack thought to himself, holding it to the light and having it almost blind him from the reflection.

"Bloody hell." He said, moving it out of the light slightly to stop the reflection. He noticed a face, slightly different shape to a normal face. Then he made out ears, big ears poking out of the top of the animals head.

'A rabbit?'

Jack studied the coin for several seconds before placing it back in his pocket, unknowing of the rabbit listening on the roof.

"Turn it over, TURN IT OVER" The rabbit muttered to himself, hearing Jack rummage around with the coin. He smelt the boy was still only curious one the one side, not at all bothered about anything else. Then he heard the boy place it in his pocket and leave the room. "Shit."

Author's Note:

Just a quick translation: Unless you don't know, conjunctivitis is (I think) what some people call pink eye. I used it because it was the only reason I could think of to have crusty eyes other than dream-sand.