Ultraman Zenith, the Cerinian Days


As dawn rose upon the village, weeks of rebuilding were finally beginning to show their progress. Most of the rubble had been cleared, and the homes rebuilt. The people who had been captured by Kendall had been released after the tyrant's death and his son demise, especially since the rumors that a titan had appeared and smote Kendall himself were proven to be more than that when Zenith himself released the prisoners from their cages and cells. The people of the Eagle tribe offered no resistance as the people of the Sun tribe went home back to the forests of the south. After clearing and burying their dead, they set to work on rebuilding everything they had lost. Some still had supports to hold them up as they were being reconstructed, like Xetulu's home. The repairs were mostly completed, save for the roof and parts of the second floor, and has been made livable again. The family, now reunited, awaken to a new day. Saber was the first to wake up, and bounded out of his parents' room and down the stairs. Support beams have been place to hold up the second floor until repairs are done, the kit weaved around them and bolted out the door. As he made the dash outside, he grabbed a stick that was standing against the doorframe, and wielding it like a sword, he bolted toward the field where he can see two figures standing next to each other. Ashe got closer, he slowed down to a walk, then crouched in the tall grass and snuck up behind them. He could see Krystal and Zenith, their backs turned to him, looking up at the morning sky. He could hear them talking as they looked up. "It's almost time."

"Do you have to go?" Krystal asked, holding onto his arm.

"They gave me an order to return to M78 and report what had happened here. After that…" Zenith shrugged, then looked back at Krystal. "I promise, I will think of you as I'm gone." The vixen looked back at Zenith, tears in her eyes as she spoke.

"You may not be gone long, but it may be a lifetime here." Zenith swallowed hard. What if they wanted him to stay on M78 for a week? A week there could be…

"I'll try to visit every chance I get."

"Is that another promise?" she asked. Zenith nodded. All his preparations had been made, and his belongings had already been sent to M78 when he received orders to return. He made his farewells to Xetulu and Neera in the night when Krystal and Saber were asleep. He didn't want them awake when he said goodbye to Krystal, he didn't want them to see the look on her face. He placed a soft hand on the side of her face, and kissed her on the forehead. He stepped back from her, and looked to where Saber hugged the ground and smiled. Krystal looked as well, and went to her brother. Saber picked himself up and walked towards the Ultra being.

"Are you gonna go away?" he asked. Zenith shrugged and smiled.

"Not forever," he replied. "I'll come back."

"When?" he asked. Zenith could tell he was getting choked up.

"I don't know," he replied. "But I will." Saber went to Krystal's side as Zenith stepped away from them, and smiled. "Sayonara." The one word he learned from his native language, meaning 'farewell', and he used on them. He then looked up, and his body became a bright red ball of light. Gradually it rose, then quickly took off like a rocket into the sky, becoming a red dot like a newborn star. As Krystal held Saber close to her, she felt tears coming down her face as she looked up.

"Sayonara, Zenith-Chan." she replied with a smile. He wasn't the only one who picked up his native's language.