Frannie entered the Berry home with a forced smile. She followed Hiram into the living room where they found Leroy lounging on the sofa. Frannie internally grimaced. She looked on the bright side though; at least both of Rachel's dads would know. "Our daughter's back from her date," Hiram stated nonchalantly, taking a seat beside his husband. "She seems to have had a good time."

"Did she? That's good." His eyes traveled to Frannie who was nervously shifting from foot to foot. "Why don't you take a seat?" he offered, motioning towards one of the armchairs available to her.

"I think I'll stand." Easier to run away if need be. "I'm guessing you have some questions."

"A bit," Hiram admitted. "But we've kind of put the pieces together ourselves."

"Well okay, but I just want to point out that I was not for this." Frannie paused for a second, realizing that her words didn't ring true. "What I mean is that I didn't encourage this. I have no problem if they're… if they, you know… if they like each other." Frannie began gesturing with her hands, tossing her arms up wildly as she tried to defend herself. "I'm okay if that's the case, but I'm just… and they…" Too caught up in her own words, Frannie barely registered Hiram and Leroy's approach until she felt hand on her shoulders leading her to a seat.

"Calm down Francine. We're not mad at you."

"You're not."

"No." Hiram shook his head.

"Of course not," Leroy agreed. "Although, we are a bit upset that you didn't mention any of this to us." Frannie ducked her head. It's not difficult to feel guilty, especially with two men who have felt more like parents to her than her own.

"I'm sorry about that," she muttered out in slight shame. "I didn't know what to do. I kind of… panicked," she explained. Frannie looked up to find both men nodding their understanding. It helped her feel better. "I guess I just wanted to make sure that they were sure about how they felt about each other before telling you. It's not like they can really be sure about these things at their age, right?"

"That's not a simple yes or no question Frannie."

Frannie sighed. "Of course it's not."

Upstairs, Rachel and Quinn were busying watch a movie. They were cuddled together on Rachel's bed simply enjoying the closeness of the other girl. Rachel's head was resting on Quinn's shoulder. She had seen couples use the same position in multiple movies and TV shows and could easily see why it was a preferable position. At that, a thought came to mind. "Quinn?" she murmured.


"Are we a couple now?" Rachel hadn't considered that before, and if they couldn't kiss before becoming a couple and she was certain that they couldn't do other couply things either. She frowned slightly at those thoughts; why did people have to make up such complicated rules about being a couple? Rachel looked up to see Quinn contemplatively chewing on her lower lip. Rachel imitated the action while she waited for a response.

"I think so," Quinn answered uncertainly. "I hope so."

"Me too." Rachel snuggled closer to Quinn and brought her attention back to the movie. Quinn wrapped an arm around her, placing her hand over hers and interlacing their fingers. Yeah, Rachel definitely liked this whole being a couple thing. The only thing that bothered her, aside from the complexity of it all, was that Rachel didn't all the details of what being a couple entailed. She would surely need to do some research as there would definitely be some perks that she was unaware of. But for now, being close to Quinn would be enough.



"I was thinking…" Quinn began trailing off, suddenly sounding shy and insecure. She felt a fluttering in her stomach which made her feel sick, in an oddly good way. Rachel looked up at her, eyes full of concern. She gave her hand a firm squeeze and encouraged her to continue. "So I was thinking that maybe we should…"

"That we should what?" Rachel scooted away to look at Quinn fully. "It's okay Quinn."

"I thought that maybe… we should make a plan." She ducked her head for a moment before looking back up to gauge Rachel's reaction. Quinn couldn't help but laugh at the befuddled expression on Rachel's face. Instantly the butterflies in her stomach were gone, although Quinn still wanted to know what Rachel thought. "I know how you like to mark your calendar, and you've already got your future mapped out. So I thought that we could plan us out…"

"Okay," Rachel agreed. "How?"

Quinn shrugged. "I don't know; you're the one that always plans everything out," she pointed out teasingly. Rachel crossed her arms over her chest and shifted on the bed so her back was to Quinn. Quinn couldn't see it, but she knew that Rachel had that adorable little pout on her face. She came up behind her and took her into a hug. "Oh come on Rachie," she cooed, rocking them back and forth. Quinn could feel Rachel relax into her. She knew how that nickname affected the brunette. "I just want to make that I'm part of my girlfriend's plan to go to New York." Rachel's body stiffened and Quinn wondered if she had said something wrong.

Rachel shifted in her arms until she was facing her. She looked up at Quinn with big doe eyes. Clearly Quinn hadn't said something wrong. "You called me your girlfriend," she said. Quinn went over her words and indeed she had.

"I did. Is that okay?"

"Yes, but I thought you didn't know if we could be girlfriends yet." Again Rachel was confused.

"I don't," Quinn admitted. "But I don't care about the rules right now. You are my girlfriend and I'm your girlfriend, and no one is going to tell me any different," she announced proudly. Rachel beamed at her words and leapt in for a kiss.

"Yay! I was tired of waiting." A pause. "Quinn, what else do couples do?"

Downstairs Frannie was finishing up her talk with the Berry men. They had some concerns, for both Rachel and Quinn, but that happiness they felt for both girls outweighed their worries. They gave Frannie their blessing to continue escorting Rachel and Quinn out on their little dates (so long as they continued on with them) but only if she promised not to keep secrets from them.

Frannie had eagerly agreed to their terms. Although her first experience had been nauseatingly cute, she had enjoyed the day very much. Besides, Frannie knew that Quinn and Rachel would continue to explore their feelings for one another even without her presence. It'd be easier if she could be around to help them navigate that fickle little thing called love. And, even though she would never say it aloud, Frannie really hoped that the two of them would end up together.

She got up from her seat and bid Hiram and Leroy goodbye before heading towards the door. "Rachel! Quinn! I've leaving!" she called upstairs, waiting to give them a proper goodbye. The pair exited Rachel's room. Rachel raced downstairs with Quinn following close behind. Rachel jumped into Frannie's hug. "Take care of my sister okay? I'll pick her up tomorrow," she said as she reached behind Rachel to ruffle Quinn's hair

"Don't worry Frannie, I won't let anything bad happen to my girlfriend." Frannie broke the hug and giggled. Girlfriend? Really? That fast? Next thing you know… "Hey Daddy, how old were you when you and Papa got married?" Okay… Frannie took that as her cue to leave. She got up with a nervous laugh and grin.

"I should get going. Be good Quinn." Frannie was out the door before another word was said. She shook her head as she went for her car. "Jeez, at this rate I wouldn't be surprised to come back tomorrow to find that they already have three kids." A pause. "Ew. Why am I even thinking that?"

AN: So I have made my decision and I am going to end this here and will write a new fic that jumps ahead a few years. A few of you have voiced concerns about Quinn becoming a bitch, and none of you have to worry about that. I write this primarily to for the simple joy of writing fluffly fluffiness with extra fluff. The squeal to this (What is a squeal of squeal called?) will still be fluff but it will contain some of the drama that comes with teenage-hood. It will also still be Frannie-centric. Thus far I have 3 parts thought up but not yet written.

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