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Three days later I was running around the backyard, playing with Germany's dogs. They are really, really big dogs and they like to lick my face all over. Sometimes Germany yells at me for smelling like wet Fritos.

Anyway, so I was playing with his dogs and I remember feeling something weird going on…I thought maybe I had to go to the bathroom, but when I tried to go I realized I just had an arousal. I started freaking out just a little since I didn't know why I suddenly had one. Like, what if I got one playing with the dogs? I didn't want to be a pedophile or someone with some weird fetish… I know Germany has a thing for bestiality, but I certainly wasn't into animals like that…or was I?

So, I ran to Germany's office bawling my eyes out, hoping that Doistu would help me…Too bad he was in a meeting with Prussia and the door was shut in my face. As I was walking away, I thought I heard some weird noises coming from the office, but I shook my head and ignored it. My imagination wasn't helping.

I took a nice long siesta until dinner and when I woke up it was gone…for the most part. After some good pasta for dinner, I took a long shower and decided to go back to bed…but when I lay down, I realized that I was slowly getting hard again...

I slowly rubbed at the space between my legs hoping that the rubbing would be enough for it to go down, but I didn't realize until after, that the rubbing made it worse. I needed to do something, and fast. I wanted to go further, but I wanted more to wait for Roma. I lay sprawled across the sheets in my boxers, trying to desperately ignore the tightening, pounding heat.

Over the next few minutes it got worse. A lot worse. Blood thrummed throughout my entire body and pushed against the pressure between my legs. Heat wave after heat wave washed over me and I was slowly being dragged into an ocean of bliss and pain as it pounded throughout my body. My eyelids grew heavy and just wouldn't keep open, so I just shut them, almost giving into the unknown source of pleasure coursing through my body.

When it go to be too much, my body arched off the bed, my fingers and toes curling into the bed sheets below and my heart racing as my throat opened on its own and a cry escaped from me.

Heat. I was so hot. I needed to cool off.

I barely managed to stumble out of bed on such weak legs and I staggered across my room to my door. Just as my fingers brushed the cool knob, someone opened the door and I lost my balance.

I let my body drag me through the air until my shoulder slammed into a smooth, hard chest. Slender fingers grasped my forearms as my mind became aware of the person calling my name.

"...ly...taly...Italy!" Prussia's voice rang throughout my head and I slowly looked up into his crimson eyes. "What's wrong?" he was asking as a worried expression was shattered across his face and he shook my arms a little. It took my mind a minute to register that he was asking me a question and my reply was just as slow.

"...mmh, Prussia...I'm...so hot..." I mumbled as more heat washed over my skin and trickled down between my legs. Prussia pushed me back to regard me in my state and I swear his eyes twinkled as he looked over me. If I think about it now, what he probably took notice of was not my dark chestnut hair, or my random ahoge of a curl, nor the fact that I was in only boxers, shirtless. What he really saw was most likely, my flustered face, teary eyes, obvious arousal under my thin sleeping shorts, and my bare slender legs, shaking from the exertion of my weight on them.

At that time, I was 'innocent'. I didn't know what was going through Prussia's mind or how I really looked to others. I just knew that I was so hot, so in heat, that I needed to get help. I pleaded with my puppy eyes, hoping that they would work on Prussia. In my mind, they did, since he just smirked at me and steered me into the kitchen.

"Sit here." I remember him saying to me as he pushed me into a chair and opened the wine cabinet. Clearly he knew me well enough to know that wine was the only alcohol I enjoyed, but at that time, I was baffled as to why he was going to give me wine. How could wine, a drink, cure me of my problem? Was it a medicine I didn't know of?

In my hazy thoughts, I didn't see him pour two glasses and set one in front of me. The other was set in the middle of the table and a small dark bottle was placed next to it. Prussia watched me eye the bottle and then reach out to grab the small thing for inspection. His hand, however, stopped me by the wrist as he shook his head, no.

"It's liquid aphrodisiac, not for you." He said slyly, drawing my hand away from it. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Smirking even wider, he sat down across from me. Squirming, I brought my attention back to my abandoned arousal. Prussia seemed to notice my discomfort.

"I'll help you." He said and pointed to the small bottle of supposed aphrodisiac. "That, is something you will slip to my little brother." Frowning, I made a face of confusion. He held up a hand for me to just wait as he blinked slowly and bowed his head slightly, acknowledging my confusion.

"Listen. I know what you're going through. Everyone does, it's really obvious." A flush bloomed across my cheeks. "The only one who can help you would be West; the only person oblivious to what's going on with you. Pretend that it's him you want. Seduce him. Let him guide you, let him help you."

I thought about what he said, and in my lusty state it sounded so reasonable that I slowly nodded and downed my glass of wine before standing up abruptly. I wanted to get this over with so that I could just go to sleep. I was so tired of constantly wanting my brother. I ached inside for him. I needed him, and if Germany would be able to temporarily fill my empty void, I was willing the take the risk that my brother would not be there when I…had my first orgasm…

I nearly stumbled as my thoughts stirred a deep sadness inside me, but Prussia's chair scrapped the bare floor as he lunged to grab me. He swung me up in his strong arms as if I was nothing more than a ragdoll and pocketed the bottle before picking up the abandoned glass and carrying me to my room. My head rolled back between my shoulder blades as he staggered up the stairs with my weight. My mind was starting to become dizzy, more hazed, more unclear, and the air was becoming heavy in my lungs as stronger and stronger surges of lust took over.

Sitting me upright on the edge of my tangled bed sheets, he fumbled through my drawers until he pulled out a white button-down shirt. He helped me into it and buttoned from the third one down, purposefully leaving the top two open.

"A very teasing view." He said in way of explaining with a wink when I gave him a funny look.

Honestly, I don't even understand how I remember much detail of that night. I was so dazed, and out of it, that you would think I would have just passed out, but the details are clearer to me than even my time with my brother.

Anyway, I remember Prussia telling me to get rid of my sleeping shorts. I shimmered them down my hips almost immediately. If what Prussia said was going to help me seduce Germany faster, I was going to do it. The next thing I remember was him spiking the drink with the aphrodisiac and sending me to Germany's room with the glass in my hand and the wine sloshing sophisticatedly.

"Ve…Germany…?" I had whined softly as his door.

I don't know what caused him to look up from the book he was reading, because he usually would never pay attention to his surroundings when he was reading a good book. Maybe it had been my tone of voice, or the fact that I whined, or maybe the sound of the wine in the glass made him look up. Worry crossed his blue eyes in an instant.

"Italy? What's wrong?" he had asked, shutting his book and placing it on the bedside table as he hurried to stand up and approach me. I remember smiling brightly, my lips stretching wide over my smooth teeth and holding out the wine glass.

"I p-poured me a glass, so I thought maybe you would want some too…"

Oh. I saw it in his eyes, the recognition of my buzz. At the time, I didn't think I was even slight tipsy, but only that one factor makes sense of the haze behind my eyes and the slowed time fall of what was occurring. Maybe that's why I remember all the details.

"Thank you." He had murmured with furrowed brows as a large hand reached out, nearly engulfing mine, and took the cool glass from my hot skin. I remember watching as he tipped back his head, the thick cords in his neck straining and quivering, and his Adam's apple bobbing as he drank the bitter-sweet alcohol in one fluid motion. It was almost magical the way my body jumped into to action and paled my face almost instantly. The blood drained and flowed down south, and before I knew it, I was sinking to the floor onto weak knees.

Germany must have taken notice of my slight trembles when he first walked up to me and, in an instant I was being supported by him and walked over his bed. I collapsed onto the sheets, unable to support myself. My arms fell around my head, and my knees knocked together as my shirt rode up higher on my thighs; hardly covering anything.

Something dark crossed over Germany's face as he turned to place the empty wine glass on the bedside table. Maybe it was lust, or confusion, or maybe, even, the aphrodisiac was starting to kick in, but the next thing I knew he had strode to his open door and locked it before slowly turning to me, a shadow over most of his face.

"Italy…" He called warningly. His mouth was drawn tight and his blue eyes were hard. "What did you put in that wine?" His voice was hardly above a dangerous whisper and his deep words sent involuntary shivers down my spine.

Had I been sober, for I was easily drunk by that one glass of mild wine in my weak, aroused state, I would have cried an tried to pull a bullshit excuse out of my ass; one that would probably annoy the German just enough to let me leave without much consequence. However, in my drunken state his slight anger was only paper to my fire and I clamped my thighs together as he approached the bed.

I remember thinking about all of the reasons why I would have listened to Prussia in the first place and gotten myself in this trouble with Germany. One reason burned out all of the others and a single word, a single name stood out in my head.


I had to remind myself, that in that moment, I was doing this so that I would keep myself sane until the moment I was granted to see my baby brother again. I needed some sort of relief from this pressure that had built up so endearingly between my thighs.

Ignoring Germany's question, I parted my lips and whispered as seductively as I could. "Germany…I'm so hot…please…"

Cold blue eyes bore into me. I knew he was watching every motion, every movement that I made. My tongue snaked out and slid along dry lips and I closed my eyes as a small needy whine escaped my parted mouth. I pressed a half-curled fist to my temple and tangled the fingers of my other hand into my soft, cool locks. My body arched up and words that belonged to the Devil slipped out in the German tongue.

"Please…help me." I pleaded. Who could have thought I knew even that much of the Germany language. I guess living with two Germans was enough to pick up on a few things here and there. "I don't know what's wrong with me…i-it hurts." I nearly moaned.

"Italy…" He had said. His deep voice had rumbled through my chest and I had shivered in the anticipation of the moment. He was going to devour me. I could tell by the gleam in his eyes, the one that shone brighter the moment he leaned over me. It was definitely the aphrodisiac kicking in for sure this time. "I'm going to kiss you now." He said huskily.

The next thing I knew, he had slammed his lips to mine and nearly knocked all wind from my lungs.

I hardly had a moment to react before he pressed his tongue to the seam of my lips and, at my grant of access, delved inside my mouth. It was a very sloppy kiss with the strong scent of old wine being exchanged in the intermingling of our billowing breaths. My arms reached up and tangled around his thick, strong neck. In an instant I had pulled away and arched up into his broad chest, moaning in the contact of body heat against my own. I tossed my head onto the sheets below me and pleaded into the hot air for Germany to help me, to get rid of the fire burning within me. The aphrodisiac had been transferred from his saliva to me through the kiss. I could nearly feel its slight burn as it rolled down my throat and seeped into my bloodstream as fast as I got drunk. My cries were the drug rolling off of my tongue and voicing its own desires.

And, oh, did he take the hint.

He reached up a hand to grab the top button of my shirt. In a moment, his arm tensed and his muscles bulged, and before I knew it, he had effectively ripped off my good Armani button-down.

Had I been sober, I would have cried and whined over the fact that my favorite shirt was now ruined beyond repair. I would have thrown myself at Prussia's feet, since he was the one to choose my particular shirt, and I would have pleaded with him to find a replacement. I would have made a fool of myself, had I been sober.

That same hand that had torn the shirt off of my skin reached down and palmed at my already hard, leaking arousal. I threw back my head in pure pleasure and moaned so loudly, so sweetly that Germany grunted at the noise. I think he actually knew he wasn't going to get any attention from me in the way that I was getting from him. I think he knew, even then that I was a virgin and this was my first time I had opened myself to anyone but myself and my brother. I had hoped he knew then that I was only doing this for my own selfish reasons, and that this was only a mutual agreement until the moment I was sober.

Hot, hard kisses trailed down my bare chest and those burning lips kneaded the sensitive skin of my nipples. It felt so good, and my body was being washed away in wave after wave of pure pleasure. My mind kept on reminded me that this was wrong, this wasn't Roma's doing, but my body didn't care. It was getting was it wanted, what it craved, what it desired and nothing was going to ruin the moment of my first building release.

Germany's mouth moved further down my body, down my skin, leaving a hot trial of fire in its wake. My hands reached down and tangled into his hair, upsetting the neat order of when he had pushed it back with a generous amount of hair gel. It didn't hit me until he had nearly touched there with his lips, as to what his intentions with his mouth were. Shock registered in my mind and I became frantic.

"No-!" I cried, my hands desperately trying to find security in his hair. I gripped the blond strands between my fingers and sighed when he stopped to look up and regard my expression.

"Italy…?" he asked worried. "Am I hurting you?...Or do you not want this?"

"No…" I nearly moaned as his hand had continued to mold into my erection. "I w-want this…just…not t-that…not with your m-mouth." Taking the hint, he moved back up the length of my body and leaned over me, supported by his hands flat on the bed beside my head.

"Then I'll just do it with my hand." He said, staring right at me, through me. He got off me and crawled onto the bed so that his back was against the headboard; legs spread wide and butt on the pillows. "Come here," he said, motioning for me to sit between his parted thighs. "sit with your back to me…"

Half-aware of what was going on, I dragged myself over to him and sat accordingly. My body slumped against his broad chest and he situated my limbs the way he wanted; spreading my legs open and throwing one over his tone thigh, while one of my hands rested on his other thigh and the other hand curled into the sheets below. I closed my eyes and hoped that this could be over quickly.

Large, calloused hands trailed hot fingers up the skin of my thighs and my first instinct was to snap my legs together.

"Relax." Germany had whispered into my ears and I forced myself to take a breath and relax into his touch. The higher he went, the more frantic my breathing became, until I was panting fast but quietly. My thighs trembled under his touch and when his hand reached between my legs I knew this was it. This was the moment my body longed for, the moment my mind dreaded.

Softly, so gently, his fingertips grazed my straining muscle as he breathed hotly into my ear.

"Italy." He growled lowly. It was almost possessive, and if I hadn't been in such a state, I would have run away as far as I could. I was not Germany's and no matter what I let him do to me, I was not going to have him think I was any part of his. My only response was to open my mouth and moan a sinful word that set the fire dancing in my gut long before anything much really happened.

"Lovino." I moaned sweetly into the hot air. Behind me, Germany tense and then relaxed. I guess that it was in the moment he really understood the gravity of my situation and the only reason I had come to him was for my own selfish desires. That did little to discourage him though. Being the proud German that he was, he was going to finish what he had seemingly initiated.

I cried out sweetly as his hands suddenly took into motion, and his skin kneaded forbiddingly into my virgin flesh. He kept on working at my arousal and I let myself get swept away in the intensity of my first real hand job.

I focused hard on the image of baby fratello that I had kept so dearly burned into my mind's eye. His dark, mahogany hair, those piercing hazel eyes; that's all I really remembered of the details of him…oh and of course, the prominent curl that rose up and stood tangent to that natural fall of his hair.

As the broad chest behind me rose and fell, and as wave after wave of hot breath washed over my skin, I found myself closer to the edge of darkness. The closest I had even been, and god, did I wonder hard as to why I never let myself venture out of my promise to fratello. And at the slightest sensation of someone tugging my curl, wrapping it around their fingers, I found a sheet of white stars scatter my vision and then I don't remember anything more.

I don't remember Germany putting me to bed and tucking me under his sheets, I don't remember curling up to his side after he cleaned me up, I don't remember why I was so drunk off of only one drink that night.

What I do remember is that I woke up with the weirdest hangover, and my body, for once, felt relieved of a great burden. I stumbled out of bed in a groggy state and walked down stairs. I remembered, for the most part what had happened the night before, but I was supposed to be an airhead, so I pretended nothing happened when I nearly tripped at the kitchen entrance and wrung my arms around Germany's neck.

"Ve~! Germany~! Can we have some pasta this morning~?"

"Nein." Came the reply. "You cannot keep eating pasta all the time. It's not that good for you." A hesitant pat was delivered to my head.

I whined, begged, and cried.

Germany sighed. I guessed he realized that some things never change.

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