So, this is the last chapter of the third year. Yes, I am following by the actual plot of the Harry Potter series, because my idea for the fanfiction sort of just merges with it nicely, so I thought, 'why not?' The whole Sirius being related to Jude and Beatrice was planned out already and there is still some back ground to it. Some will be revealed in this story, but the good stuff will be saved for a Prequel I'm planning in the Maurader's era which I can't wait to write, because I have no plot I'm obligated to follow.

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He had sat through three changes of gauze and at least ten visitors and yet she still hadn't awaken. He looked at her arm and cringed. It brought horrible memories back to him when he'd seen a similar injury on her mother. Guilt surged through Remus Lupin when he continuously was reminded that it was he that inflicted both.

He felt as if he was reliving that moment. Adelpha sleeping in the hospital wing, him sitting at her bedside, wanting to be the first person she saw when she awoke. Now, it was her daughter, yet it felt just the same.

People call him a monster, and at times like these, he begins to believe it. Only a monster would hurt someone he cared about.

He stood quickly, as her eyes began to move, as visible from underneath her eyelids. Her eyelids fluttered open soon after, slowly, at first, then quick. Her eyes searched around the room, trying to make sense of it all before resting on him. Despite of all that happened, she smiled.

"I'm glad to see you awake," he said, in a failure to say something better. He wanted to apologize, but he didn't know how to. What was he going to say? 'I'm sorry I turned into a Werewolf, attacked you, and almost made you bleed out'? No, that wouldn't do.

Instead, she was the one who spoke first, "What happened? How long have I been here?"

"When...I cut you, you lost a lot of blood..." he managed, "Professor Snape managed to get you here before you lost too much and Madam Pomfrey tended you. You were unconscious for about two days after."

She moved her head, looking about the room again, "And where's everyone else?" her eyes widened, "And Sirius! Is he okay? Did they catch Pettigrew? Last I saw he transformed into a rat and hurried off!"

"Sirius is fine. He's in hiding now and no, we did not catch Pettigrew. As for everyone else, I suspect they're going about their day, you know, classes and all. They all wanted to stay here with you, but I told them it was best not to so you weren't overwhelmed when you finally awoke."

"And you? Why are you here?"

"I wanted to apologize," he said, "I really was trying to protect you. Your mother, she was...a very close...friend of mine. Very dear to me, she was. When I realized Sirius had escaped, I thought it was best to keep as much information about him away from you, for the fear of what might happen if you found out. And as for the Werewolf thing..."

"There's no need to apologize for that," she insisted, "You had no control."

He smiled, relieved, "I was hoping you would realize that."

She nodded, quickly, " knew my mother? I don't remember her ever mentioning anything about you...not that I'd remember much of anything about her, but still..."

"We went to school together," he said, "We were both sorted into Gryffindor and I was very good friends with your uncle. It was through him I met your mother. Very intelligent witch, she was. When I made prefect in my fifth year I was certain she was too, but it was her best friend, Harry's mother, Lily, instead. Not that she minded though. She was always very accepting, your mother, even when she found out about my condition..."

Beatrice smiled at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted by Madam Pomfery, "Oh good, you're awake!" she said, hurrying over. She inspected her left arm and peeking beneath her hospital gown to inspect her side. "The polyjuices are healing you nicely," she said with a smile, "As soon as you're well enough you may return to classes. You're brother left you a bag of clothes this morning in case you woke up. Now, you may feel a little pain for a few more weeks to come, but that's perfectly normal. Come and see me if it gets to being unbearable or if it seems to get infected."

Beatrice nodded as Madam Pomfery moved over to the next bed to treat a boy with a broken arm.

"On that note I think I shall take my leave." said Professor Lupin, getting up from his chair.

"What's your hurry?" Beatrice asked curiously, sitting up slightly.

He sighed, leaning on the chair, "Parents aren't going to be to pleased with a Werewolf teaching their children. I've turned in my resignation, Beatrice...before any letters start coming in. Dumbledore's been through enough trouble just to get me the position, now that this happened...there's no way to ignore it."

"I didn't lose you your job, did I?"

"No, not at all. This would've happened eventually, just sooner than expected, I suppose," he sighed deeply, offering her a small smile, "Now, you best get dressed, I'm sure you're friends are anxious to see you."

Beatrice nodded, "Um, two things before you, can you pull that curtain around for me? And two, let Jude know I'm alright, will you?"

Remus Lupin smiled and nodded, "My pleasure, Miss. Mitchell."

The school year was drawing to a close, quickly. Before she knew it, it was time to go home. Beatrice's wounds still weren't fully healed by then, so Jude took the liberty of lifting and loading her trunk, not that he minded, that is. In fact, he had been more than happy to dote on her, always coming to attention when she so much as whimpered. To be honest, it was starting to get a little annoying.

In other news, Beatrice wasn't exactly ready to face Cedric, knowing what she had done with Fred. Fred...yet another person she was trying to avoid. She hadn't laid eyes on him since that day in Hogsmeade, and to be honest, she was glad, knowing she'd be at a loss for words if they ever were to find themselves in each other's company.

Seeing as she was trying her best to avoid the boys, Beatrice found herself spending the majority of her time with Ginny and Hermione, both of whom knew just about everything. She had left out the part about kissing Fred, she decided it was best just to say that she might have feelings for was the truth, just it kept her reputation intact. They chatted about it on the train home.

"I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that although you've got Cedric Diggory, probably the hottest guy in school, you're considering" she cringed at the last word.

"It's not like Hermione has a crush on Ron or anything." Beatrice said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

Hermione blushed, but smiled nonetheless as Ginny fake gagged, "Seriously! What is it with my friends and my brothers?!"

All three of the girls giggled.

"Well, what about you?" Beatrice asked, "Who has luck been with Harry?"

This time it's Ginny that blushes, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Hermione and Beatrice smile knowingly, "Come on, Ginny, you know exactly what we're talking about."

"Well, in all honesty, I've actually been taking a fancy to someone know, seeing as Harry seems like hopeless wishing..."



The girls squealed, "Oh my gosh! Seriously?!"

Ginny smiles, "I'm not for sure yet, but yeah...he's cute."

Again the girls broke into a fit of giggles, gossiping and chatting about anything and everything. It was great. For once, Beatrice actually felt like any normal girl. Not a worry in the world, free to speak her mind.

No matter how hard he tried, Cedric just couldn't seem to get her out of his mind. I mean, yeah, she was his girlfriend, but something was bothering him. He'd seen her quite frequently, but every time he saw her she seemed uneasy, as if she wanted to tell him something, but couldn't bring herself to.

He'd been at her side almost the entire time in the hospital wing when she was unconcious, only when he was physically kicked out, did he leave. Now, that she was almost fully recovered, she seemed even more distant. Now she wouldn't even meet his eye when he caught them.

He knew he'd have to talk to her, but not now, even if he wanted to, he couldn't find her anywhere. He stood for the longest time at Hogsmeade station looking for her, but to no avail. Eventually, he gave up and went to go find his own compartment.

Since he had waited for so long, pretty much all of them were full. Finally, he came across one in the back that had an empty seat. Two girls and a boy were already occupied it, but he didn't mind. Sliding the compartment door open he muttered absent-mindedly, "May I sit here?" he pointed to the empty seat next to one of the girls, a Ravenclaw with lovely, long, black hair.

The girl across from her, another Ravenclaw with wild, curly, read hair answered for her, "Sure, go ahead," she watched him as he took the seat next to her friend, "I'm Marietta, by the way. And these are my friends, Roger," she pointed to the boy next to her, "And-"

"Cho," the girl next to him said with a smile, holding out her hand for him to shake, "Cho Chang."

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