The rain poured, and poured, and poured incessantly onto the streets of New York, making blurs of the taxis speeding by underneath Adam's apartment. Kurt rubbed at his collarbone – he and Adam were both in night robes after having spent the afternoon there - as he looked out into the storm. Isabelle had said there would be another storm that night, but he hadn't anticipated the magnitude of it. Rachel was at Brody's, no doubt performing some kind of sexual ritual, and Santana was in Lima trying, no doubt, to woo Brittany back. Sighing heavily, Kurt though of how lucky he was to have someone like Adam to love him.

He felt strong muscular arms wrap around him, and the British stubble nuzzling into his neck "What are you thinking about love?" Adam asked, his breath sending waves of excitement up and down Kurt's body.

"You, incidentally." He replied, turning to face his beau.

"Come off it, you can't be thinking of me all the time." Teased Adam, his grin making the storm seem a thousand miles away.

"Is that a challenge, Mr Crawford?"

Adam pulled him closer "It may well be."

"Challenge accepted." Kurt kissed him quietly, smiling at the sweet plumpness of his lips, and the slight tickle he got from the unshaved chin.

At that moment, a clap of thunder and bright flash of lightning came from outside the window, and Kurt nestled in closer.

"You don't like the storms much, do you?"

"No" Kurt purred "I much prefer it here. It's all cold outside."

"Come here baby." Adam led him down to the couch, and wrapped a blanket around him "Now I'm going to go make us some hot chocolate, cocoa, whatever the hell it is you call it, while you look for something good on the telly, okay?"

"Hmmm… only if you make the cocoa like this." Kurt undid Adam's robe so he stood there in just his tight-fitting boxers.

"Deal struck." Adam smiled and kissed him again, before wandering back to the kitchen.

Trying not to be distracted by the site of Adam's ass wiggling around, and failing miserably, Kurt flicked through the channels, trying to find anything of interest, and settled on The Devil Wears Prada. He turned to see Adam's muscular defined back as he stirred two mugs of cocoa, and gazed at the tight body as he returned, set the mugs down, and slipped into the blanket beside Kurt.

"Hmm, this is where I feel most comfortable." He whispered into Kurt's chest, kissing the smattering of hair lightly.

Kurt closed his eyes and smiled. And there was a moment, of those two, made for each other, wrapped up in their lives, so chaotic, being able to pause, and love each other, just a little bit more…