... (time skip)



Gray yawned as he walked through the house.

His eyelids were heavy; it was getting hard to keep them opened.

He will never ever accept a mission out of country.

The train ride there and back, were awful.

He now knew how the Dragon Slayer felt like on the train, except the barfing part.

His back ache, as did the rest of his body.

How much he longed for his bed.

The comfy cushions, feathered pillows, and shaved-ice-like mattress.

A smile made it's way to his face.

The Ice-user could just image the feel of his bed.

The soft texture on his achy body.

That was all that he needed; something soft and smooth to relax on.

Light was turned off as he entered the bedroom.

The blue blankets were laid messy on his bed; he never thought of making it before he left.

His clothes were removed from his body; sometimes his stripping habit were useful.

Gray laid on the bed, taking in the comfort of his bed.

It smelled fresh and clean; he gotten lost within it's scents.


His head lifted up to search for the creator of that noise.

He opened his eyes, all he could see was black.

After getting use to the dark, he was able to see in his room.

The window lead light inside of the room.

Dark objects were across the wall.

But that wasn't what his attention was on.

A bump was inside of the blanket.

Not a small one like a pile of clothing; no, it was the size of Gray, himself.

He lifted the blanket, hoping to get a look at the object making this bump.

Something shifted in his hand.

An ice spear.

Ready to attack the object located in his bed.

He fully pulled back the blanket.

The object snored.

Gray's jaw dropped.

Long pink hair was shadowed on the feather pillow.

Drool dripped through it's lips.

It moaned as it tried to receive the blanket back.

Gray grunted and pushed the object off of his bed.


"Ouch! What was that for?!" Natsa exclaimed.

She landed on the ground, rubbing her butt.

"What are you doing in my bed?!" Gray shouted.

Now he was wide-awake in the middle of the night.

She sent him a glare, "Because it's comfortable."

She say it like it was the most basic thing in the world.

"You got your own bed!"

"Mine's not comfortable though!"

"And?" Gray questioned her.

"So I'm sleeping here!"

"No. Leave."

He pointed to the exit.

"No, Ice-Block."

"Yes, Flame-Queen."


"AHH!" Gray yelled in the morning.

Natsa was laying on top of him.

Drool dropped on his chest, and her head on placed on his shoulder.

She was clinging onto his body.

She tighten her grip at his scream; mumbling words through her lips.

Her fist rose.

She punched Gray on the head.

"It's too early to get up..." she moaned, snuggling into Gray.

The ending was a bit iffy, she thought Gray was a alarm clock (KarouUchiha idea). It's Gratsu Week (Day 4: Gender Bender), so this is my story for it. You know how Natsu sleeps in Lucy's bed, well it would be funny if Fem!Natsu sleeps in Gray's.

If you have read my other stories (Wilting/Burning/Freezing Flowers), this is also in that collection. Any of my titles with 'Flowers' is for Fem!NatsuxGray (with some Fem!NatsuxEdo!Gray).

I making a opposite one, with the same concept, except with Edo!Gray and setting in Edolas. I wonder if that would count as Gratus too?

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