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Chapter 1




Lieutenant Commander So'Gam had never come so close to actually experiencing the sensation of being nervous. It wasn't his first visit to Earth Space Dock, but it was an important one. He had just gotten his new ship, the U.S.S Justice. He could see out from one of the windows the inside of the docking bay. Dozens of ship were docked, but he could see his own. He could read out the registry number on the saucer section.


Of course, normally, an officer of his rank or inexperience would never be allowed to captain a starship. The war with the Klingons, however, necessitated the launch of as many Federation ships as possible.

He looked over at the party he was attending. It was in celebration of the defense of the Vega colony. The Borg had been driven off. For the moment. So'Gam found it illogical to celebrate at such a time, but he was starting to see the mood it was setting for every else. They were happy to live another day and opportunity to fight back. That seemed like enough for them.

For So'Gam, who had actually faced them at Vega Colony, it wasn't enough for him.

"So'Gam!" Admiral Quinn called out. So'Gam had been reporting to Quinn since he first gained command of the U.S.S Blue Streak. Quinn had been very helpful, mentoring the young Vulcan on the ways of commanding a starship. So'Gam quickly walked over to him. He was standing next to another man. As he came closer, he recognized who Quinn was with.

"So'Gam, I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the Federation's most important men. A former Starfleet officer and former Ambassador to Vulcan. This is Jean-Luc Picard."

The elderly Picard smiled warmly at So'Gam. He raised his hand and did the Vulcan salute.

"Peace and long life, So'Gam." He said.

So'Gam returned the gesture. "Live long and Prosper." He said before lowering his hand. "It is an honor to meet you. I had thought you were in retirement."

"I still am." Picard responded. "However, from time to time I am asked to come to treaty signings or social events such as this one. My…long history with the Borg seemed relevant to this occasion."

"Ah, if you gentleman will excuse me." Quinn said. "I have some business I must attend to."

So'Gam watched the admiral hurry into the crowd of people. He noted that something must have caught his attention. Curious…

"I heard you were given a new ship." Picard said, breaking So'Gam out of his contemplation.

"Yes, yes I was." So'Gam said. "A Constitution class refit. The U.S.S Justice."

"A reliable ship and a fine name. Though…I have noticed a bit of hesitation on your part."

So'Gam raised an eyebrow at him. "What do you mean?"

"I was the ambassador to Vulcan…I participated in a mind meld with Sarek and I could read Spock like a book, so I think I know a thing or two about Vulcans…you are unsure of yourself."

So'Gam's eyes wandered down for a bit to the floor. "I am…unsure of myself at the moment. Facing the Borg in such a manner was not something I was trained to do."

"No one is ever fully prepared for their first encounter with the Borg. They are relentless, and that means you must be as well. There is no time to hesitate. The more you do, the more time you give the Borg to adapt. You have to go into the situation with a plan, knowing full well that if the plan fails, you will not make it…The best you can do is use the Borg's predictable tactics to your advantage."

"I understand all that, Picard. It is just difficult to adjust to. I have a crew that will depend on my every order."

"You will learn." Picard assured him. "Where is your crew now? Shore leave?"

"Most of the other ships here have crews on shore leave. However, because I have a new ship, my crew has mostly elected to stay on Justice in order to calibrate and adapt to its newer systems. My first officer, Vi'cky, was quite relieved not to have to dress up for such a formal occasion. The only one here with me is my science officer, Yo'ana."

"You seem to have a very dedicated crew…Lieutenant, I see potential in you. Once you get over this uncertainty, I know you'll make a fine Starfleet captain."

"One can only hope so." So'Gam said. He looked over at Quinn and the man he was talking to. He noticed he was talking with someone, away from the crowd of people. It looked heated.

Quinn shook his head. "No, Harrison, I can't make that request happen. I've told you a hundred times that Starfleet will never allow you to see full technical designs of a modern Federation ship. You aren't in Starfleet anymore, and we can't have these security leaks."

The man he was talking to was tall, dressed in black and a long, black trench coat, and had a look of a man who was determined to make something happen. His black hair was only a little messy, his eyes staring straight at the admirals as he spoke.

"Quinn, you must understand how important it is that I get these documents. You know very well what technical designs I have-"

"It is not happening." Quinn interrupted. "Starfleet would not allow it. It would break every principle the Federation is based on."

"You have too much faith in these principles…" Harrison said.

"And you have too little faith…this is the last time we're having this discussion. We will not support Vengeance."

Quinn quickly made his way to another group of people, removing himself from the conversation before it heated up even more and caused a scene. Harrison watched him walk off. He now had to move to his last resort…

"That is why if you ever have a problem dealing with the Borg again, you contact her." Picard said.

So'Gam raised an eyebrow. "I have wanted to meet this…Seven of Nine before. I believe she still works at the Daystrom Institute."

"Her Borg Task Force was dismissed when the Borg threat diminished. With this attack on the Vega colony, though, I believe Starfleet will have no choice but to go to her for advisement."

Suddenly, So'Gam's commbadge beeped.

"Captain, we have detected a breach, someone has broken into the Justice, they're in Engineering!" Vi'cky said in a panicked state. It sounded as if she was running, which made sense to So'Gam. She was in charge of security.

"Understood." So'Gam said as Yo'ana quickly walked over to him.

"Captain, I heard them, we need to get back to the ship."

"This is Captain So'Gam, beam me and Yo'ana to transporter room 2."

So'Gam and Yo'ana ran down the corridors to get to engineering.

"Vi'cky, report!" So'Gam panted as they ran.

"Captain…we lost him. We only located him because he accessed a computer console…" Vi'cky's voice was small, her panicked state having died down to almost a whimper. So'Gam knew now that something bad had happened.

The doors slid open for them as they ran into Engineering. There were a number of security officers standing around the scene of the crime. There was also a medical team, but they also stood back, knowing now that there was nothing further that could be done. So'Gam parted through the small crowd to see what had happened.

It was at the main engineering console. There, lying on the floor was So'Gam's Bajoran chief Engineer, Loran. On his knees next to him was one of Loran's protégés, Car'los. He had his hands together, eyes closed, whispering something to himself.

"What is Car'los doing?" Yo'ana quietly asked her captain. So'Gam didn't respond, however, his eyes fixated on the death of one of his friends. His first casualty.

"A Bajoran death chant." Vi'cky finally replied.

Car'los stopped the chant for a moment. "Do not worry, Captain, I only know a few lines of the chant, it will not be two hours long…Loran would have wanted this…"

So'Gam didn't know what to feel. He shouldn't have felt anything at all, he was a Vulcan. The sight of his dead friend, however, had awoken something inside of himself that he had thought he had purged. Anger. A swelling rage at whoever was responsible for this. He knew someone was responsible for this. Someone who showed no mercy. He could tell from the way his head was turned. A broken neck.

Vi'cky could tell that So'Gam was struggling. She still had to do her job, though, and give him a report.

"Sir, I'm still not entirely sure how, but whoever did this was obviously a Starfleet officer, possibly a former one. He knew exactly how to get on board the ship undetected, disable any tracking technology and cut off the video feed from the security cameras. We have no idea who he is."

"John Harrison."

Everyone turned around to look at the entrance. Admiral Quinn was standing there. "He's the only one I know who would do something like this."

"But why?" Vi'cky asked him.

"I'm assuming that nothing was stolen. The only thing that happened on that console was access to this ship's technical designs."

"That's right, sir." Vi'cky responded. "He couldn't have gotten far. There isn't a ship docked here right now that's ready to launch that quickly, not for a quick getaway. He'd have to use a runabout."

"Harrison came on board a runabout, that much I know. So'Gam, I hereby order you to disembark from space dock and find that runabout."

So'Gam turned to the admiral. His feelings hadn't changed, but now he at least had a name to go by, and a mission that may bring him to light. His bridge officers could see So'Gam's returning confidence. "All bridge officers, meet me on the bridge. Vi'cky, let the crew know we will be separating from space dock immediately. Car'los, you are acting chief engineer. I want all power directed to the warp nacelles and impulse engines, we will not be needing much firepower to disable a runabout. You have your orders."

The space doors opened as a lone runabout flew out of space dock with Harrison on board. A few moments later, the U.S.S Justice followed suit, its impulse engines pushing the ship as fast as it could. The runabout's warp nacelles started to glow, suddenly pushing the shuttle into warp. The Justice did the same.

Admiral Quinn had joined So'Gam and his officers on the bridge of their new ship. Quinn was standing behind the captain's seat.

"We're still tracking him." Yo'ana reported from her station. "I don't understand. He knew exactly how to sneak on board the ship, but now we're catching up to him because he's in a measly runabout."

"Obviously, he has some sort of escape plan." So'Gam said.

"Open fire on that runabout, destroy it now!" Quinn suddenly commanded.

"Not yet, we must apprehend him so that he can stand trial for what he has done." So'Gam said from his seat.

Quinn walked over to the captain's chair. "I gave you an order. I see the look in your eye…I thought this was what you wanted…"

So'Gam never broke eye contact with the view screen. "I…What I want is irrelevant. Federation law dictates that if we are able to capture him alive, we must do so."

"You're making a mistake, So'Gam."

"Open a channel with the runabout, first officer."

"Understood. Channel open." Vi'cky replied. "Audio only, he isn't transmitting video."

"This is captain So'Gam of the Federation starship Justice. Drop out of warp and lower your shields. Prepare to be beamed out of your ship."

"So'Gam?" The deep, intimidating voice replied. "I suppose I have you to thank for supplying me with what I need. Farewell, captain. Maybe we'll cross paths again."

"Sir, the runabout is cloaking!" Vi'cky reported. They could all see on screen as the runabout disappeared from sight.

"Look for the usual signs of cloaking, science officer."

Yo'ana worked quickly. "Stand by…I can't detect any subspace variance. His cloak is perfect. We've lost him…"

"Impossible…" Vi'cky looked down at her console. "I'm getting nothing…nothing on motion sensors, no trace particle elements from the cloaking device. Starfleet has only had one other encounter with a perfect cloaking device such as this. The Scimitar had one."

So'Gam stood up from his seat and turned his head to Quinn. He had an intensity to his stare.

"Why does that man have a perfect cloaking device?"

"I don't know." Quinn responded. "If I had known that he had one, I would have told you. We should have destroyed that runabout when we had the chance."

"That is not how we operate, admiral…science officer, what was his heading?"

"Sensors indicate he was traveling to the Klingon neutral zone."

"We'll never be able to track him there." Quinn said. "You should have killed him when you had the chance. Whatever he does from here on out is your fault…"

"I will bear that responsibility, admiral, if it means adhering to the Federation principles we all took an oath to uphold."

So'Gam knew that it wasn't that simple, however. He wanted to catch Harrison, and the fact that he got away only increased his own feeling of anger even more. He needed to get away and meditate, calm and repress his emotions before it got out of hand. As Car'los said, it was what Loran would have wanted.



Harrison looked around the highly experimental bridge. It looked dark, foreboding. Lonely. After 3 long years, his ship was complete.

"Now….shall we begin..."

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Chapter 2

Enterprise Gone Wrong

Authors Notes: Yes, in Star Trek Online, the first U.S.S Justice was a retrofit Constitution class ship.