Chapter 1

"You can't do this!" Sheldon cried.

"Oh yes I can." Her eyes blazed a bright white. Once a beautiful hazel, now her eyes seemed so lifeless.

So dead.

"Sheldon run!" Leonard screamed. He, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette faught against the nooses that were slowly pulling their bodies upward.

"Get out while you still have time!" Penny shrilly agreed.

"No one will escape! Not even Sheldon!"

"Please!" Sheldon begged.

"It's too late for them Sheldon." She said, white eyes blazing. "Unless you choose. Choose now!"

"Sheldon!" Penny's words were caught off by the rope tightening around her neck.

Sheldon stared at the screaming forms of his friends as he tried to decide what to do.

3 weeks prior-

Dr. Rothman's office left a lot to be desired, thought Sheldon grumpily.

And yet, the eccentric genius refused to hand it over to Barry Kripke. Sheldon had been in his new office for a week and with every day he hated it.

For Sheldon, it was impossible to ignore the gaping hole in the wall, the noisy geology department right above his head, and the annoying wind chimes and mockingbirds. As soon as Kripke had seen the picture of Sheldon's head stuck in the wall (which Leonard had posted on Facebook) he had laughed and begged Sheldon for the office back, thinking that Sheldon wouldn't want the office due to that incident. He didn't, but that was beside the point.

Sheldon sat at his new desk. On the bright side, the naked presence of Dr. Rothman no longer posed any inconvienience, as he was taken to a mental hospital just the day before. It was a relief to the physics department in general.

Out of nowhere, Sheldon suddenly realized that the location of his desk was not perfectly aligned with the window behind him. He didn't know where that idea came from. But this was Sheldon, and Sheldon like everything perfect. After examining the desk's position, he concluded that it was four inches past alignment. So he got up, and attempted to scoot the desk over a little bit.

The lanky physicist sighed in exaustion after moving it only a few centimeters. Proffesor Rothman's desk was quite heavy.

"All right then, heave ho, and the lumberjacks say." Sheldon grumbled under his breath, and with a grunt, managed to move the desk an inch, before there was a grating sound of metal on metal, and a crack.

Surprised, Sheldon stopped pushing, got on his knees and looked under the desk.

A golden chain was wrapped around one of the desk chair's legs. Curiousity getting the better of him, Sheldon reached over and began to tug on it. After a few tugs, the chain was untangled and the deskleg was free.

Putting it under the light so he could see it better, Sheldon examined the necklace. It turned out to be a golden locket. The locket part had cracked, and the inside of it was visible through the split gold. Sheldon, with a slight shock, recognized a black and white phote of a much younger Proffesor Rothman holding a baby wrapped in a blanket.

"Curious." Sheldon muttered.

He didn't hear the voice that was silently cursing. He didn't hear the voice that said-

"That's my necklace."

A/N-This is totally AU, if you hadn't guessed already. After I saw the episode where Sheldon and Kripke fight for Rothman's office, I immediately thought 'what made Rothman go insane?' Don't ask me why, my mind's weird that way. Review if you like it, don't be mean if you don't, and I'll try to post the next chapter soon.